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The Taiwanese company Kymco, founded in 1963, is known in the global market of motorcycles, as one of the leading manufacturers. Initially it is a subsidiary of the corporation Honda. Only with the advent of the 90s Kymco become independent and start its own development and production of motor vehicles of the original structures and models. Kwang Yang Motor Co - the full name of the company, which gave its name to the acronym brand. Its main production and headquarters are located in Taiwan. Export your Kymco motorcycles beginning in 1992. Products immediately became popular among customers for their high quality and reasonable price.

Now the range of Kymco scooters has more than 50 different models. Every year since its production lines coming over half a million units of motor vehicles with different volumes of engines. The Taiwanese are constantly upgrading their products, improving production technology and introducing into it new technical solutions. It Kymco first to equip their scooter lock braking system, brake system UBS, electronic fuel injection and liquid-cooled engines. Today, motorcycles are sold in most countries, and its factories and research centers are located in six major states.

Quality Kymco motorcycle technology confirms the European ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. In the Russian Federation, the company's products a two-year unlimited mileage warranty. Kymco motorcycles equips its advanced digital technologies here include power mirrors and electronic control panel with LCD screen. The quality and reliability of the product brand Kymco - the result of a full production cycle, the company manufactures all the components directly to the factories.

Kymco Agility Kymco Agility
Kymco Agility 125cc Kymco Agility 125cc
Kymco Agility 50 Kymco Agility 50
Kymco Cobra Racer Kymco Cobra Racer
Kymco Dink Kymco Dink
Kymco Djr 50 Kymco Djr 50
Kymco Grand Dink Kymco Grand Dink
Kymco Movie Xl Kymco Movie Xl
Kymco People Kymco People
Kymco Sooner Kymco Sooner
Kymco Top Boy Kymco Top Boy
Kymco Venox 250 Kymco Venox 250
Kymco Xciting Kymco Xciting
Kymco Yes Kymco Yes
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