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Jiangling Landwind Motor is a known Chinese automobile company which in a short form is called as Landwind. It was organized in 1968. Today this firm is a part of Jiangling Motors Co corporation., Ltd., thus the administration of the company is in the Province of Jiangxi.

The main production of this firm are pickups, and also SUVs and powerful trucks. The Baodian pickup became the most known Jiangling Landwind Motor model, also the Light Duty Truck truck is in demand. Besides, the Landwind X6 SUV released according to the license of the Japanese Isuzu brand base for which was Isuzu Rodeo is extremely popular with buyers.

After invasion of Landwind it became clear that local car makers had extremely strong competitor. Landwind tries to correspond to the European quality of automotive industry, offering the goods is cheaper, than at many European firms that allows to create cheaper production and to restrict the competitors in the market of cars.

Landwind Cv9 Landwind Cv9
Landwind X Pedition Landwind X Pedition
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