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In 1947 Francesco Laverda living in Bregantsa, the small town in the north of Italy decided to begin motorcycle business. For this purpose the Moto Laverda company was founded. It was originally planned to make only mopeds and motorcycles with engines of small power.

The Laverda-75 motorcycle became the first model of the company. This in Italian graceful model was soon improved and could take part in races, such as Motojiro di Italia and Milano-Taranto. There was it and at long road distances. Especially for it the factory team into which four racers originally entered was created. At the first competition all four Laverda motorcycles reached the finish, having taken quite good places. Already then Laverda declared itself to all Italy. During the subsequent period of 1952-1956 the company continued to achieve sports progress.

The model range of brand was also replenished. Two new cars with capacities of engines of 75 and 100 cubic centimeters were released. They very much were pleasant to public. Popularity of development of the company all grew. By the beginning of the 60th years the enterprise returned to initial ideas. Only small-capacity models were issued. The quite famous Laverdino motorcycle equipped with the four-cycle engine only 48 cubic centimeters can be an example. I didn't remain unnoticed and the small scooter with the same engine displacement.

In 1961 the engine capacity of the let-out models started growing. The model with the two-cylinder motor in 200 cubic centimeters went on sale. It should be noted that, in principle, it were two cylinders connected with each other, everyone on 100 cubic centimeters.

Huge part in affairs of the company was taken also by the son of the founder of Laverda Massimo Laverd. In particular, he was sure that the company has to switch to more powerful cars to take surer position in the market. Thus, release of new model with the engine in 650 cubic centimeters was begun. She with delight was met by the Italian buyers.

Further – it is more, after all the real success waited for the car with the motor in 750 cubic centimeters.

It was exported to various countries of the world and repeatedly copied, having become a prototype for many sports models. Also creation of a series F with engines in 750 cubic centimeters became successful. All motorcycles of this series were painted in bright orange color. They remained on sale till 1976. The same year the presentation of the new racing SFC model which within several years took permanently high places on tracks in various competitions took place.

Hundreds of letters from admirers of brand with requests for creation of even more powerful motorcycles came to the postal address of the company. Therefore the decision on start in production of models with engines more than a liter was made. This series is known for such cars as 3CL and Hota, but the Laverda-1000RGS motorcycle – incredibly powerful, with the engine in 1000 of cubic centimeters became the best. It won love of general public.

Also other sports Laverda models - 750SF and RGS enjoyed not smaller popularity. Pleased also motorcycles with a smaller engine capacity – in 350-500 cubic centimeters. It is worth allocating with separate article cars for cross-country races with motors in 125 cubic centimeters which were created especially for ambitious young drivers. It is worth mentioning also the Laverda-2TR model which by right is considered one of the most expensive road motorcycles for those times.

Laverda 100 Sport Laverda 100 Sport
Laverda 1000 3c Laverda 1000 3c
Laverda 1000 Jota Laverda 1000 Jota
Laverda 1000 Rgs Laverda 1000 Rgs
Laverda 500 Laverda 500
Laverda 750 Laverda 750
Laverda 750 Gt Laverda 750 Gt
Laverda 750 S Laverda 750 S
Laverda 750 Sf Laverda 750 Sf
Laverda 750 Sf3 Laverda 750 Sf3
Laverda 750 Sfc Laverda 750 Sfc
Laverda 750 Sport Laverda 750 Sport
Laverda M 112 Laverda M 112
Laverda Sf 750 Gt Laverda Sf 750 Gt
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