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In 1987 the management of the largest Japanese carmaker Toyota based the new Lexus trademark which was initially created for the purpose of production and implementation of luxury car sales in the territory of the USA. However by that moment as society heard about the birth of new hope of world automotive industry, the first prototype of the LS-400 model (the LS index designated "luxury sedan", and 400 – engine displacement in 4 liters), which, nevertheless, was presented a bit later – on January 2, 1988 on an auto show in Los Angeles, was already developed by the USA.

The decision on creation of a new trademark was made even earlier – in 1983 when Toyoda at meeting of directors suggested to show the cars developed by the company from the new party. Therefore Lexus was urged "to throw down a challenge" to the leading global manufacturers of magnificent and prestigious cars.

Development of the first car of new brand lasted some years and it appeared the most serious test for the staff of Toyota carmaker. They should study not only the market, but also preferences of the American buyers in this connection, highly experienced and highly qualified specialists for years developed the concept, proceeding from the data obtained from potential consumers and automobile dealers of such cities as New York, Washington, Los Angeles and others.

After a successful debut of Lexus LS-400, the model was presented and on other automobile shows then 80 dealers who acquired the rights to sell development of the neogenic company were defined. At the beginning of 1989 one more model – ES-250 ("executive sedan" equipped with the 2,5-liter power unit) was published. Practically right after the presentation both models started being produced serially. And in the first month of sales in total to car dealers managed to sell more than 4100 copies of Lexus.

The next some years the company reaped the fruits of fruitful work of the 80th. Cars of the company (first of all, Lexus LS-400) received an award behind an award. Among them – a rank of the best car of year according to a rating of J. D. Power and Associates and the Car & Driver magazine, and also a title of the best import car of year according to Motoring Press Association. At the same time active sales of production of the Lexus company in Canada and Great Britain began. To fall of 1990 the total of the sold cars made more than 63 000 copies.

In the first half 1991 debuted the sporty coupe (SC) with the 4-liter engine which received the corresponding SC-400 index, and is closer to fall also 3-liter modification of this car (SC-300) was published. It should be noted also one more development 1991 – ES-300 which became analog of the Toyota Windom car. At the beginning of 1992 Automobile Magazine, Motor Trend, Motoring Press Association and Car & Driver magazines honored development of the Lexus company with the attention again, having awarded models of previous year with honourable "titles". But the exit of the company to the first place on sales volume among all auto makers exporting the luxury development to the USA became more important event of the 1992nd. The total of the sold cars for this year made nearly 93 000 copies.

In 1993 I debuted a sports sedan of GS-300. Besides, year was remembered by the next recognition of development of the Lexus company the best in the classes. In the next some years of awards it became more increasing. Respectively dews and sales level of luxury cars. In 1995 the J. D. Power and Associates magazine in the fifth time in a row put the car of the Lexus company on the first place in a rating of cars on the level of satisfaction of owners.

1996 marked new progress of the company. The next "luxury" development, only two months later after the beginning of its sales, became the most popular SUV in the USA. It is about the car of the LX-450 model which became the first representative of a model line of Lexus in this class. It should be noted, numerous awards and ranks didn't keep themselves waiting long – by next year the SUV equipped with the 4,5-liter engine by quantity of titles could be compared to the best Japanese fighters of "sumo".

At the end of 2002 I debuted the Lexus GX-470 car which became analog of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 120. The control of this car became simpler and comfortable. Literally at once, in March, 2003, also the RX-330 model which introduced a new highlight in the design of the luxury SUVs developed by the Lexus company which became already classical was published. Models with 3,3-liter power units weren't delivered to Europe therefore, in essence, the European RX-300 option simply replaced the design.

One more conceptual Lexus High Performance Crossover car which began a new era of development of cars of a SUV class in the USA was presented in New York in May, 2003. In 2004 development of the RX series within which models with 3,5-were presented and 4-liter power units proceeded (the last option for the first time in the history of the company was equipped with the hybrid engine). 2006 I gave start to new generation of the LS series. At first the developer presented the car with the 4,6-liter petrol engine, and then passed and to release of the cars of this series equipped with hybrid motors. The latest version of LS-600h is equipped with the 5-liter power V8 unit which also has "electrocomponent" on 165 kW.

The debut of a midsize sedan of ES-350 took place in 2007. It was preceded by start of a mass production of IS-250 and IS-350. At the same time I started also diesel option of the IS model equipped with the 2,2-liter engine. The last today development of the Lexus company are the LX-570 SUV which incorporated all the best from the previous versions, and also the new conceptual car which received the LF index. According to experts, for this expert the future of what we will be able to be convinced already soon.

But what car would be no this concept car, one is clear. The Lexus company entered on the American and European markets with great strides, and isn't going to leave from them, continuing to strengthen the already sure positions.

Lexus 2054 Ev Lexus 2054 Ev
Lexus Ct 200h Lexus Ct 200h
Lexus Es Lexus Es
Lexus Es 250 Lexus Es 250
Lexus Es 300 Lexus Es 300
Lexus Es 330 Lexus Es 330
Lexus Es 350 Lexus Es 350
Lexus Gs Lexus Gs
Lexus Gs 300 Lexus Gs 300
Lexus Gs 350 Lexus Gs 350
Lexus Gs 400 Lexus Gs 400
Lexus Gs 430 Lexus Gs 430
Lexus Gs 450 Lexus Gs 450
Lexus Gs 450h Lexus Gs 450h
Lexus Gs 460 Lexus Gs 460
Lexus Gx 460 Lexus Gx 460
Lexus Gx 470 Lexus Gx 470
Lexus Hs 250h Lexus Hs 250h
Lexus Is Lexus Is
Lexus Is 200 Lexus Is 200
Lexus Is 200 Sportcross Lexus Is 200 Sportcross
Lexus Is 220d Lexus Is 220d
Lexus Is 250 Lexus Is 250
Lexus Is 250 C Lexus Is 250 C
Lexus Is 300 Lexus Is 300
Lexus Is 300 Sportcross Lexus Is 300 Sportcross
Lexus Is 350 Lexus Is 350
Lexus Is C Lexus Is C
Lexus Is F Lexus Is F
Lexus Is F09 Lexus Is F09
Lexus Is250 Coupe Cabrio Lexus Is250 Coupe Cabrio
Lexus Lf A Roadster Lexus Lf A Roadster
Lexus Lf C Lexus Lf C
Lexus Lf Ch Lexus Lf Ch
Lexus Lf Xh Concept Lexus Lf Xh Concept
Lexus Lfa Lexus Lfa
Lexus Ls Lexus Ls
Lexus Ls 300 Lexus Ls 300
Lexus Ls 400 Lexus Ls 400
Lexus Ls 430 Lexus Ls 430
Lexus Ls 460 Lexus Ls 460
Lexus Ls 460 L Lexus Ls 460 L
Lexus Ls 600h Lexus Ls 600h
Lexus Ls 600h L Lexus Ls 600h L
Lexus Ls650h Lexus Ls650h
Lexus Lx 450 Lexus Lx 450
Lexus Lx 470 Lexus Lx 470
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