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Lifan is the Chinese corporation founded in 1992. Today she is engaged in release of cars, and also buses and ATVs. The company name can be translated as "ability to go in full sail". The main office of Lifan Industrial Group is in the Chinese town of Chongqing. This corporation exports the cars to the different countries – beginning from the United States and Canada, finishing with the countries of Europe and CIS. Met 2006 of Lifan solemnly – and it isn't surprising, after all from sales of the production it gained 1.6 billion dollars so only due to export the brand earned over forty million dollars.

By the end of the 90th production expanded to the unprecedented sizes: by then already more than ten plants made production of Lifan Industrial Group. And in 2001 the central plant of corporation which soon trained for a new profession on production of cars of the Lifan brand was state-of-the-art re-equipped. By the way, about 10 000 people work only at this plant today, and it isn't surprising, after all the area of plant exceeds 60 square kilometers.

Till 2005 the enterprise wasn't engaged in production of cars, but in 2005 everything changed. Then I debuted more than perspective development under the name Lifan 520. The car was created within cooperation with the famous producer from Japan – the Mazda company. As the Chinese market couldn't make for the enterprise astronomical profit, by 2006 export of the first automobile car in the history of the company to such countries as the USA, Mexico, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and even France was adjusted.

The Lifan 520 car presented by the enterprise in 2005 was started in a mass production in 2006. Then there was also an export option of the car which differed in nothing from the original, besides the name – Lifan Breeze. The car was equipped with 4-cylinder engines from 1,3 to 1,6 liters and "horses" with power from 89 to 116. Also on all cars of this model mechanical five-step boxes of gear shifting were established. The maximum speed of the most powerful of "Breezes" reached an indicator in 170 km/h.

In September, 2007 Lifan "reached" and the next Russia, and in December the updated version of the Breeze model was published. By the way, it was modified specially under the Russian owner. The design of the car became much more interesting, also its operational characteristics improved, but the increase in clearance became the main change. The road gleam after updating made from 15 to 18 centimeters.

At the beginning of 2008 the joint venture between Lifan Industrial Group and the Russian producer of off-road cars – the Derways company was created. Within this joint venture the Russian enterprise began assembly of the updated Lifan Breez in the city of Cherkessk which is made at plant of 21 square kilometer. Capacities of plant allow to release about 50 000 cars a year.

2008 I remained in memory of directors and expansion export opportunities. The largest countries in which sales of "Breeze", Republic of South Africa steel, Kenya, Venezuela, Peru and Greece began. However the presentation of a new 5-door hatchback of Lifan 520i which was equipped with engines of two types became the most important achievement of year: 1,3-liter 89-strong motor, and also 106 horsepowers 1,6-liter unit. By the way, practically at once this model appeared and in Russia.

By the beginning of 2009 the number of the plants belonging to the Lifan company considerably increased. Today total number of floor spaces of this producer already exceeds 15 units. At the same time also rates of production grew that positively influences profit of the enterprise.

2009 was marked by issue at once of several models capable to interest Europe. First of all, the speech about the car of a class "A" of Lifan 320 and, certainly, about the crossover, the first in the history of the company. Already on presentation these cars subdued China, and shortly promise to make furor in other world.

Today the Lifan Industrial Group manufacturing enterprise is included into one hundred the largest non-state companies of China. The similar success for so short period of time was possible at the expense of several factors. First, the enterprise doesn't go in cycles in the same production, making, besides cars, lorries, buses, motorcycles, scooters and even ATVs. And secondly, Lifan offers buyers an excellent combination of the price and quality of finished goods. Still, after all today Chinese use the most modern production technologies, doing thus the cost of the development more than available.

Lifan 320 Lifan 320
Lifan 320 13l Elite Lifan 320 13l Elite
Lifan 320 13l Entry Lifan 320 13l Entry
Lifan 320 13l Lf 7132 Lifan 320 13l Lf 7132
Lifan 520 16l Ex Lifan 520 16l Ex
Lifan 620 Lifan 620
Lifan 620 Talent Lifan 620 Talent
Lifan Effa M 100 Lifan Effa M 100
Lifan Lf Series Lifan Lf Series
Lifan X60 Lifan X60
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