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The Lola Cars International Ltd company was founded by the engineer Eric Bradley in 1958 in the city of Huntingdon, England. In the first years of the existence the enterprise proved as the leading supplier of the chassis for racing cars. However after development of own small-sized racing cars, and also single cars the company let out the "kuper" equipped with the Ford V8 motor. Became interested in Ford in this car and paid Bradley temporarily to stop work of the company and to unite his practices with Rob Lannes's drawings that as a result presented to the world the most interesting Ford GT40 model.

A year later Bradley was succeeded to escape from contractual obligations with Ford. The Lola Cars International company returned to creation of the own car, having let out as a result Lola T70 sport car, and also two of its variations: T16 and T22. These racing cars were successfully used in all rally races, beginning from World Endurance Championship, and finishing CanAm, up to 1973. At once 6 automobile lines (T212, 28, 29, 38, 39) were presented on various race circuits, and Lola cars happened to compete successfully with the best development of the companies Chevron, March and many others.

The Lola Cars company, using also restyling Formulas-500 cars, I became one of the dominating suppliers of equipment for the racing CanAm series restored in the late seventies. Nevertheless, many racing fans considered that based on single Formulas-500 "kuper" cars weren't the real rally cars, despite existence of the corresponding innovations prepared especially for the races CanAm.

In the early eighties the Lola Cars company presented to the public the cars of the T600 and T610 models intended especially for races of the IMSA GTP series. This new equipment was equipped with one of a number of the most interesting engines delivered by the Cosworth, Mazda and Chevrolet companies, and also absolutely new power unit from the Polimotor company.

With arrival of the 1990th years the Lola Cars company released a number of cars in style of the races Le Mans. The first representatives of this series was the B98/10 model which perfectly was on sale in the territory of Europe though in the market of the USA I didn't equal hopes for high sales. And here already following car of the B2K/10 model with the central headlight reminding a Cyclops or the huge locomotive I had bigger demand, than it was let out units. If in races of the first class the demand in production of Lola Cars was low in comparison with such monsters as BMW V12 LMR or Audi R8, in the second class, including the American Le Mans series, Lola cars practically dominated.

Especially for the British company MG Cars in 2001 the car with the 2-liter 4-cylinder engine with a turbo-supercharging of AER firm was constructed. The car went by the races Le Mans for factory team as MG-Lola EX257, and for sales in the private market the name Lola B01/60 was used. Further development of this car was connected with replacement of the engine by V8 and installation of the new chassis.

In 2005 there was a car for the races LMP2 under the name Lola B05/40 (known also as MG-Lola EX264/265). The car quickly became the main contender for a victory in 2005 and 2006 in the races Le Mans with the Ray Mallock Limited team. Also success was achieved in the American Le Mans version – Intersport Racing – within the same two years, including the second place in race 12 Hours of Sebring. In 2007 the car was comprehended by essential changes in the chassis, and also installation of new details of Acura from Fernandez Racing. Besides, B07/40, a new prototype for LMP2, was created only to build in it the updated Mazda engine based on AER. The new version of a sport car were used only in the American B-K Motorsports.

In the LMP1 series in 2006 there was B06/10. The car was used in the American and French Le Mans series by the Dyson Racing and Chamberlain-Synergy Racing teams respectively. Thus French successfully used B06/10 and in the next two years – until in 2007 there was no new car of the B07/10 model.

The last today projects of the Lola Cars International Ltd company. there were sport cars under the B08/60 and B08/80 indexes with the closed cabins. And on July 21, 2010 it was declared the beginning of construction of the B11/40 model specially under requirements of new regulations of LMP2 in 2011. Among innovations of this car engineers note the following major nuances: carbonic fiber became material, there was an open top, and also some innovations directed on increase of safety of the driver.

Some time of the T600 and T610 model had a certain success among drivers of IMSA and races of a series C. However a little later the Lola Cars company began to let out racing penalties specially under the order, considering all requirements of customers. Nissans were so made for races of group C and cars according to the Chevrolet Corvette GTP program. The T92/10 model became one more car especially for group C, but the championship collapsed even before official release of a sport car.

Lola 497 Lola 497
Lola A1 Lola A1
Lola A1gp Lola A1gp
Lola B05 40 Aer Lola B05 40 Aer
Lola B06 10 Aer Lola B06 10 Aer
Lola B08 60 Aston Martin Lola B08 60 Aston Martin
Lola B2k 00 Ford Lola B2k 00 Ford
Lola B2k 00 Mercedes Lola B2k 00 Mercedes
Lola B2k 00 Toyota Lola B2k 00 Toyota
Lola B98 10 Lola B98 10
Lola Ev Lola Ev
Lola Ex257 Aermg Lola Ex257 Aermg
Lola Hart Thl 1 Lola Hart Thl 1
Lola Judd B98 10 Vaillante Lola Judd B98 10 Vaillante
Lola Lc89 Lamborghini Lola Lc89 Lamborghini
Lola Mark I Lola Mark I
Lola Mk 5a Lola Mk 5a
Lola Mk Ii Spyder Lola Mk Ii Spyder
Lola Mk1 Lola Mk1
Lola Mk4 Lola Mk4
Lola Mk6 Gt Chevrolet Lola Mk6 Gt Chevrolet
Lola Mkiv Gt2 Lola Mkiv Gt2
Lola T 292 Bmw Lola T 292 Bmw
Lola T 292 Ford Lola T 292 Ford
Lola T142 Lola T142
Lola T160 Lola T160
Lola T190 Lola T190
Lola T212 Lola T212
Lola T290 Lola T290
Lola T294 Lola T294
Lola T492 Lola T492
Lola T600 Lola T600
Lola T616 Lola T616
Lola T70 Lola T70
Lola T70 Mkiii B Lola T70 Mkiii B
Lola T711 Lola T711
Lola Thl2 Lola Thl2
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