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Lotus — the English firm specializing on production of sports and racing cars. Since 1996 belongs to Malaysian concern Proton. The firm was founded in 1953 Anthony Colin Bruce Chapmenom and carried the name "Lotus Engineering To". Well-known "Lotos-Seven" was soon created, and in 1957 its mass production began.

In 1954 there was sports "Lotus-8" for races, then easier and short model "9" followed. In 1955 Chapmen even participated in 24-hour races in Le Mans, however it was comprehended by failure — avty flew off the track.

In 1955 streamline "Lotus-11" with the four-cylinder motor (1098 cm3) 84 hp on which there began career the well-known racer Graham Hill, the two-time world champion in a formula 1 subsequently is created. At an average speed of 160 km/h of car I passed 11,5 km on one liter of fuel.

In 1982 Colin Chapmen suddenly died. He worked without rest, really very hard, and lived only fifty four years.

Having lost the ideological inspirer, the vigorous leader, the firm endured recession. However, Zh. Dyukaruzh and P. Wright designed the 99T model. The car with a double turbo-supercharging one of the first was equipped with the active suspension bracket operated by the computer. On it in 1987 young Ayrton Senna was included into the three of prize-winners of a formula 1, and the team won the third place in the Constructors championship. But further business there were all worse. "Lotus" didn't participate in a season of 1995 any more. Production of serial cars too experienced recession.

In January, 1986 the firm was got by GM concern.

In 1996 it is bought by English automobile firm Proton, as a result of it recently affairs at Lotus were on the mend: in 1997 2248 cars that is three times more, than in the 1996th were assembled. The most part of sales fell on a double roadster of Elise. Except it, in the program Lotus have one more model – Esprit which is let out since 1975 without considerable changes.

Lotus 10 Lotus 10
Lotus 100t Lotus 100t
Lotus 107 C Lotus 107 C
Lotus 11 Lotus 11
Lotus 11 Le Mans Lotus 11 Le Mans
Lotus 12 Lotus 12
Lotus 16 Lotus 16
Lotus 16 Climax Lotus 16 Climax
Lotus 18 Lotus 18
Lotus 18 Climax Lotus 18 Climax
Lotus 19j Ford Lotus 19j Ford
Lotus 2 Eleven Lotus 2 Eleven
Lotus 20 Lotus 20
Lotus 23 Lotus 23
Lotus 23b Lotus 23b
Lotus 23b Porsche Lotus 23b Porsche
Lotus 24 Lotus 24
Lotus 25 Lotus 25
Lotus 25 Climax Lotus 25 Climax
Lotus 27 Lotus 27
Lotus 30 Lotus 30
Lotus 33 Climax Lotus 33 Climax
Lotus 340 R Lotus 340 R
Lotus 340r Expose Lotus 340r Expose
Lotus 38 Lotus 38
Lotus 381 Lotus 381
Lotus 41 Lotus 41
Lotus 41 X Lotus 41 X
Lotus 49 Lotus 49
Lotus 49 Ford Lotus 49 Ford
Lotus 49 R3 Lotus 49 R3
Lotus 49b Lotus 49b
Lotus 49b Replica Lotus 49b Replica
Lotus 51a Lotus 51a
Lotus 56 Lotus 56
Lotus 61 Lotus 61
Lotus 69 Lotus 69
Lotus 7 S2 Lotus 7 S2
Lotus 7 S4 Lotus 7 S4
Lotus 72 Lotus 72
Lotus 72 C Lotus 72 C
Lotus 72 E Lotus 72 E
Lotus 72 Ford Lotus 72 Ford
Lotus 77 Lotus 77
Lotus 77 Ford Lotus 77 Ford
Lotus 78 Lotus 78
Lotus 79 Lotus 79
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