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Initially Ludwig Zander was engaged in assembly of various cars. In 1893 the enterprise constructed the first experimental diesel engine, and in 4 years, in 1897, the first-ever efficient diesel motor was created. In 1908 the firm was restructured and received the name Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nurnberg AG (Machine-building Factory Augsburg Nuremberg of the joint-stock company), or in abbreviated form – MAN.

In 1915 the mass production of trucks in Nuremberg was started. Cars with a loading capacity of 2,5 - 3,5 tons were equipped with the cardan drive. In four years let out the model especially for cleaning of garbage supplied with a body with the motor and hydraulic drive.

In 1920 the MAN factory united with the large company Gutehoffnungshutte. Then the forefront on sale of lorries was developed. In 1921 the Nuremberg enterprise let out a car under designation 3Zc, equipped with the 4-cylinder engine in 40 or 45 horsepowers. Loading capacity of this model made 3 tons.

In 1923 not simply efficient, diesel motor ready for operation supplied with direct injection of fuel was designed. It was the 4-cylinder four-cycle unit with a power of equal 40 h.p. At once re-equipped with such engine the MAN-3Zc truck. At the same time development of the diesel bus with the underestimated frame began.

In 1925 the company presented the 5-ton car supplied with the cardan drive. This fact caused considerable changes in automotive industry: many producers refused use of the chain drive. Besides, the design in which the drive and the bearing axis were separated, became characteristic for trucks of the MAN company. Then with all design features constructed the ZK5 model – a tanker of 4 thousand liters (at the loading capacity of 5 tons). The MAN ZK5 car was equipped with the 50 and 55 engine of "horses".

In 1926 the model range was expanded with new two-axis cars with a loading capacity of 3-8 tons, and then and the three-axis car on 10 tons of payload equipped with the 150 horsepowers motor. This 10-ton truck received again special design which in the future became a basis for many heavy cars of the MAN company. The hinged driveshaft was carried out directly from a transmission. Brake drums are taken out on outer side, and on back axes the gear drive is installed – such is there was a heavy truck of 1926.

In 1927 in Cologne at the international exhibition of buses and trucks the company presented some cars assembled on the bus chassis with a low frame. It were two 150 h.p. three-axis cars with a loading capacity of 8-10 tons equipped with 6-cylinder carburetor motors. Also at an exhibition showed also the two-axis car with the same loading capacity, but with the 4-cylinder engine diesel or with carburetors. The same year designers of MAN firm suggested to start 6-cylinder carburetor units which power made 80-120 h.p. in production. These motors were supplied with the production Riccardo combustion chamber.

In 1929 easy and more high-speed cars with a loading capacity of 2-2,5 tons were released. In 1930 the company constructed the six-ton car equipped with the 100 h.p. engine. The motor was supplied with system of direct injection. Also on this model established back De Dion Bridge on gears and used ZF-R transmission.

In 1931 there took place the next exhibition of cargo cars and IAA buses in Berlin. Then the MAN company showed to visitors a series E – lorries with high road performance at small costs of operation. In family under designation E the most various models were presented: van, watering machine, dump truck and others. MAN-E cars were constructed on a stamped profile frame with laminated quite wide springs. Generally these cars completed with a 3-seater cabin.

In 1932 the company let out the most powerful in the world at that time the truck which was equipped with the S1H6 motor the power of equal 160 horsepowers. At the same time light was seen by the next 5-ton model supplied with the 6-cylinder engine which power made 100 "horses". In 1933 the truck tractor designated as DT, with a loading capacity up to 4,5 tons was presented. Power of the motor of this truck made 80-90 h.p.

In the winter of 1969 the MAN concern became the owner of 50 percent of shares of the BUSSING company. In 1970 the agreement with Daimler-Benz firm on production of motors and various technical knots was signed. In a year the MAN company received complete control over the BUSSING enterprise therefore all equipment of concern was decorated by an emblem of the acquired firm.

In 1972 released the truck tractor equipped with the 320 h.p. engine. The car was also equipped with a back pneumatic suspension bracket. At the same time planetary and synchronized transfers and bridges came to a mass production. In 1974 the jointed SG 192 bus 16 meters long was presented. First of all, this car took to the streets of Seattle as city transport.

In 1976 the MAN concern secured the large order from armed forces of Germany. Along with it the decision on export to Syria was made. Then D25 series trucks with 6-cylinder motors were released. In 1977 the MAN company signed the contract on release of small lorries of family G together with the Volkswagen company, having divided production of various knots among themselves. In 1978 production of Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nurnberg AG concern was awarded by a rank "The truck of year 1978".

In 1979 the G90 series, joint with the Volkswagen company, is presented. Various plants of MAN concern from this year received different specialization because of continuous growth of the enterprise. For the beginning of the 1980th MAN owned already 39 branches, and in the countries of Europe about 300 dealers at the same time acted.

In 1982 the MAN and Volkswagen companies started the all-wheel drive off-road truck 8.136 FAE in production. Then the agreement on export of nearly 400 buses to Istanbul where they received the name MANASh was signed. In 1987 all models with a loading capacity of 6-10 tons made earlier together with Volkswagen are transferred to MAN Salzgitter plant. But cooperation on it didn't stop: cabins were still delivered from Volkswagen plant, and also G90 9.150F vans were started in a mass production.

In 1989 designers of the MAN company presented the V12 engine with a working volume of 22 liters. Power of this unit made 1 thousand horsepowers. The next model of the jointed NG 272 bus equipped with the 270 motor of "horses" was the same year let out.

At the beginning of March, 1992 the 500-thousand diesel motor is released. The low-floor bus and the city SLW 2000 truck were the same year presented at an exhibition in Nuremberg. In 1994 in Berlin the heavy F2000 truck is shown, and the Lion's Star bus is awarded ranks "The long-distance bus of year".

In 1997 the contract on creation of the joint Belarusian-German venture JSC MAZ-MAN is signed. And in April, 1998 the first car under the auspices of MAZ-MAN was already assembled. In 2005 also loaders for different works in the most various industries and a national economy entered a model range of joint venture.

Man 10210 F Man 10210 F
Man 10220 Man 10220
Man 10224 Man 10224
Man 12163 Man 12163
Man 12232 Srchem Man 12232 Srchem
Man 14225 Lc Man 14225 Lc
Man 16304 Man 16304
Man 16320 Fs Man 16320 Fs
Man 17192 Man 17192
Man 18 220 Man 18 220
Man 18 Fls Man 18 Fls
Man 18423 Man 18423
Man 18460 Man 18460
Man 19 280 Man 19 280
Man 19 361 Man 19 361
Man 19 362 Man 19 362
Man 19 403 Silent Man 19 403 Silent
Man 19 463 Man 19 463
Man 19 464 Man 19 464
Man 19281 Man 19281
Man 19292 Man 19292
Man 19320 Man 19320
Man 19321 Man 19321
Man 19362 Man 19362
Man 19372 Man 19372
Man 19403 Man 19403
Man 19414 Commander Xt Man 19414 Commander Xt
Man 19422 Man 19422
Man 19462 Man 19462
Man 19463 Silent Man 19463 Silent
Man 19464 Man 19464
Man 19502 Man 19502
Man 215 Man 215
Man 22320 Man 22320
Man 22321 Man 22321
Man 22331 Man 22331
Man 22361 Man 22361
Man 25320 Man 25320
Man 25372 Man 25372
Man 25480 Man 25480
Man 26 240 Man 26 240
Man 26 292 Man 26 292
Man 26 331 Man 26 331
Man 26291 Man 26291
Man 26362 Man 26362
Man 26430 Man 26430
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