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Maruti Udyog Ltd. is a recognized company in India specializing in automobile manufacture. It is engaged in production of models which are based on Suzuki.

The factory was formed in the suburbs of New Delhi in 1973. The company was established in 1984 as joint venture with Suzuki Motors.

The most mass production model of the company is Maruti 800 or Indian Volkswagen. It is a licensed version of Suzuki Alto/Fronte SB produced in 1985. Soon the model was improved and modified. It was much cheaper than the Ambassador sedan. The car was equipped with a three-cylinder engine. The new models had a five-stage gear box.

A 4-cylinder Maruti Zen with five doors is the representative of Suzuki Alto models. The car boasts of 1.0 l 16-valves engine developing up to 60 h.p. power. Maruti Zen has been manufactured since 1993.

Among its sport cars, the most popular model is a three-door racing car with a retro appearance.

In 1994 the company introduced a 4-meter sedan of 1000 and 1300 Esteem model modified three years later. It featured a Quadro audio system and a climatic system. Later it was improved and resulted in creation of the AX model with a distributed injection and a 4-valves engine.

Soon the company released Gypsy off-roadster featuring a 1.0 l engine developing up to 45 h.p. and capacity of 500 kg. It was significantly developed and presented as Gypsy King equipped with a 1.3 l engine. It was designed for seven passengers and had five doors. These models are widely used by police. In cooperation with YGM studio, the company is going to launch Grand Vitara off-roadster.

Since 1984 the company produced two minivans known as Omni E and Omni High Roof based on the 800 model. The model of Omni E was modified in 1998.

The most popular cars ever produced by Maruti are a Baleno sedan manufactured in 1999 and Baleno Altura station wagon manufactured in 2000. Next year the company introduced an innovative Versa model equipped with 1.3 l engine developing up to 823 h.p. power.

During 2000 the company managed to manufacture 286.5 thousands of passenger cars.

Maruti 800 Maruti 800
Maruti 800 Actg Maruti 800 Actg
Maruti 800 Dx Mpfi Maruti 800 Dx Mpfi
Maruti Alto Maruti Alto
Maruti Esteem Maruti Esteem
Maruti Gypsy Maruti Gypsy
Maruti Omni Maruti Omni
Maruti Swift Maruti Swift
Maruti Swift Dzire Sedan Maruti Swift Dzire Sedan
Maruti Versa Maruti Versa
Maruti Wagon R Maruti Wagon R
Maruti Zen Maruti Zen
Maruti Zen Estilo Maruti Zen Estilo
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