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Despite a popular belief that the Maserati company was founded in 1926, actually this sign event in the history of the Italian automotive industry occurred much earlier – in 1914. Then came to Alfyeri Maserati living in Bologna with the brothers to mind to register the Officine Alfieri Maserati company which was engaged in development of cars and power units to them. However as before, and after, carried out the activity of Alfyeri itself, and together with brothers: Carlo, Bindo, Mario, Ettore and Ernesto. All these six names are brought by gold letters in history of the Italian industry of the beginning of the XX century.

The senior from brothers, Carlo, died long before the beginning of production. Nevertheless, his ideas were fundamental in further activity of blood followers. The first serious success expected Maserati in 1925 when the family created the 2-liter motor which became basic for one of the most successful at that time racing models of a car. The first start of own child of brothers is dated is there was a serial Maserati Gran Prix 1500 car April, 1926.

Large victories on various racing competitions which were gained, mainly, by Ernesto Maserati promoted special public awareness of the company. Production of especially racing cars and engines to them became the only specialization of activity of brothers during the same period of time. It quickly yielded good results. In 1929 the Tipo V4 model gathered speed in 246 km/h which became record at that time.

The beginning of the 30th years of the last century was marked by the small crisis which is directly connected with tragic death of Alfyeri Mazerati who was lost in a road accident. As often it happens to great people, the passion took away life from the genius. Nevertheless, the burden of responsibility for success was assumed by the most younger brother who began independent development of engines. It turned out it at it rather not bad, but Ernesto couldn't pull everything on the shoulders. In 1939 the company became part of Orsi corporation as a part of which got over from Bologna to Modena. Further achievements of racing automotive industry of Italy are connected with modensky plants.

World War II practically didn't affect operability of the company at all, but on a twist of fate after its termination the brothers of Maserati who survived at that time founded the new company specializing on release of racing cars which, nevertheless, didn't get special success.

During the same period of time under a brand "Maserati" the line of the class GT started. The first the A6 1500 model which was issued both in racing and in road options debuted. However to say that release was carried out in a series, it is impossible as each separately taken copy had essential differences in comparison with "colleagues". And already in the mid-fifties the management of the company declared termination of work over racing cars. Thus, "Maserati" changed the traditions, having actively undertaken production of serial road cars. The model 3500 GT which was possessing the 6-cylinder 3,5-liter engine, and existed till 1964 became the first-born. For these years more than 2000 Maserati 3500 GT cars descended from factory conveyors of the company. Much less sympathies among motorists I caused model 5000 GT.

The 60th years – an era of blossoming of the company. At this time active work both on design of the subsequent models, and on their technical characteristics was conducted. Then the management made the decision to create the luxury most comfortable car which became the faultless sedan of "Quattroporte" equipped with the 4,2-liter V8 engine for the first time presented in the mid-fifties. Besides the Quattroporte model, designers of "Maserati" during the short period of time licked into shape and prepared for representation such cars as Maserati Mistral, Maserati Mexico (analog of Quattroporte) and Maserati Ghibli. To each of these cars was than to be proud, and they with confidence won hearts of millions.

The new stage in the history of "Maserati", apparently, had to begin in 1968 after heads of Citroen concern became owners of a controlling stake of the company. But the partnership which existed till 1975 reminded of itself only during release of the Indy 2+2 A model next year the Quattroporte III model which was at once called the best representative car of Italy for all history of automotive industry was published. It is also worth noting that the whole 70th years of the past century passed under the sign of improvement of ergonomics. So Maserati Bora became the car allocated with unknown characteristics of convenience and luxury. However high-speed qualities of the car didn't suffer from it at all.

The new era of the company, after all, began. But there was it a bit later – right after acquisition of the company by Fiat corporation. There was it in May, 1993, and in 1996 the new model "Quattroporte IV Evoluzione" which right there became the leader of sales among solvent buyers was presented. However in 1997 management of "Maserati" tidied up the management of "Ferrari", once main competitor of a child of great Italian brothers to the hands. Transition to a new century was marked by updating of production relics of the company and release of new cars. Especially it should be noted the Maserati 3200 GT and Spyder GT models which are let out in 1998 and 2002 respectively.

Today activity of the Italian company with the rich history several times changing the specialization is directed on production of superfast cars with unsurpassed design, high quality of production of details and the highest level of comfort.

Maserati 150 S Maserati 150 S
Maserati 200 Si Maserati 200 Si
Maserati 200s Maserati 200s
Maserati 222 Maserati 222
Maserati 222 Turbo Maserati 222 Turbo
Maserati 224 Maserati 224
Maserati 224v Maserati 224v
Maserati 250 F Maserati 250 F
Maserati 250f Cm1 Maserati 250f Cm1
Maserati 250f Cms Maserati 250f Cms
Maserati 250f Replica Maserati 250f Replica
Maserati 26m Maserati 26m
Maserati 300 Maserati 300
Maserati 300 S Maserati 300 S
Maserati 3200 Gt Maserati 3200 Gt
Maserati 3500 Gll Maserati 3500 Gll
Maserati 3500 Gt Maserati 3500 Gt
Maserati 3500 Gt Coup Touring Maserati 3500 Gt Coup Touring
Maserati 3500 Gt Spider Vignale Maserati 3500 Gt Spider Vignale
Maserati 3500 Gt Spyder Maserati 3500 Gt Spyder
Maserati 3500 Gt Vignale Spider Maserati 3500 Gt Vignale Spider
Maserati 4200 Maserati 4200
Maserati 4200 Cambiocorsa Maserati 4200 Cambiocorsa
Maserati 4200 Coupe Maserati 4200 Coupe
Maserati 4200 Spyder Maserati 4200 Spyder
Maserati 420m Maserati 420m
Maserati 422 Maserati 422
Maserati 430 Maserati 430
Maserati 450 S Maserati 450 S
Maserati 4cl Maserati 4cl
Maserati 4clt Maserati 4clt
Maserati 4clt 48 Maserati 4clt 48
Maserati 4cm Maserati 4cm
Maserati 4cs Maserati 4cs
Maserati 5000 Gt Maserati 5000 Gt
Maserati 5000 Gt Michelotti Maserati 5000 Gt Michelotti
Maserati 6c Maserati 6c
Maserati 6cm Maserati 6cm
Maserati 8c 2500 Maserati 8c 2500
Maserati 8c Tf Maserati 8c Tf
Maserati 8cm Maserati 8cm
Maserati A6 1500 Maserati A6 1500
Maserati A6 54 Zagato Maserati A6 54 Zagato
Maserati A6 Gcm Maserati A6 Gcm
Maserati A6 Gcs Maserati A6 Gcs
Maserati A654 Allemano Maserati A654 Allemano
Maserati A6g Maserati A6g
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