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The beginning of activity of one of the most known carmakers of the present of "Maybach-Motoren GmbH" is dated 1921. Her founder was Wilhelm Meibach, the famous designer, the fan of high speeds and unique style. Already the first W3 car developed by Meibach within independent activity had the 5,7 l engine which allowed to cross a speed boundary of 100 km/h.

To be fair It should be noted that the automobile industry the founder of the company researched still in the mid-eighties the XIX century. Cooperating with not less talented engineer Gottlieb Deimler, Maibahu was succeeded to reach good results and to create the most powerful engine for that time which made the designer known. Later, in 1907 and 1911, Wilhelm created two plants which delivered engines for commercial cars. And only then the Maybach-Motoren GmbH company was founded.

After successful development of a sample of 1921 release of the Maybach W5 car in 1926 became the real boom which surprised all planet. Still, after all for those times the 120-strong 7-liter engine was only sincere surprising to opportunities of developers. And absolutely normal seems that fact that for all history of existence of this model less than 250 copies of this car descended from the factory conveyor.

3 years later the design office of the company presented absolutely new car – Maybach Type 12 which follower was DS 7 Maybach Zeppelin with the installed 12-cylinder engine which had 150 horsepowers. And in 1931 motorists could appreciate DS 8 Maybach Zeppelin which differed from the predecessor in existence of the engine with a capacity of 8 liters and 200 "horses". The maximum speed of a car reached 170 km/h.

In total for years of work on model as the company only 183 Zeppelin cars were released (from them 25 – DS 8). By the way, development of "Zeppelin" became possible thanks to efforts of the son Wilhelm Meibach who died in 1929 – Carla.

The era of old generation of Maybakh came to the end in 1941, in connection with the beginning of World War II. However the pre-war contribution of "Maybach-Motoren GmbH" to development of the German automotive industry can't almost be overestimated. Unique cars of this brand were made only under the order, and the cost of the same DS 8 Maybach Zeppelin exceeded cost small-capacity Opel, started in a mass production in the early thirties of the XX century, almost by 35 times. That fact is also explained by it that during the period from 1921 to 1941 the company let out a little more than 1800 cars about 7% from which were designed especially for participation in various exhibitions.

The military period was marked by crash of "Maybach-Motoren GmbH". At first the company was engaged in release of tank engines for the German troops, and then, working in captivity for French, Karl Maybach had to reorientate the enterprise to development of aircraft engines.

In 1961, in a year after death of the owner of the company, the famous German concern "Daimler-Benz" showed the interest in acquisition of the rights for Maybach. Transition of the company to property of the corporation founded by Daimler took place, but it absolutely changed nothing.

Until the end of the 90th years even the most ardent German motorists couldn't find information that happens to "Maybach-Motoren GmbH". And only in 1997 "Daimler Chrysler" on a motor show in Tokyo was presented the revolutionary Mercedes-Benz Maybach car which incorporated all latest developments of world automotive industry. In it convenience, unsurpassed design and magnificent technical characteristics were perfectly combined. Serial production Mercedes-Benz Maybach began in 2002.

Today there are two options of this car: Maybach 57 (length – 5,72 meters), and also Maybach 62 (6,16 meters). Thanks to magnificent technical characteristics of the motor which working volume makes 5,5 liters, power – 550 h.p., and a torque – 900 Nanometers, this 3-ton car with ease overcomes distances, being one of the most reliable development in the history of automotive industry today, being inferior only to the armor version – Maybach 62 Guard.

Maybach cars always were and remain exclusively exclusive therefore it is possible to get them only under the order. Today only the most experienced motorists as the cost of Maybach 62 Guard reaches 1 million US dollars while unarmoured versions of the updated Maybach stand within 400-500 thousand can afford purchase of such car.

Maybach 57 Maybach 57
Maybach 57 S Maybach 57 S
Maybach 62 Maybach 62
Maybach 62 Landaulet Maybach 62 Landaulet
Maybach 62 S Maybach 62 S
Maybach 62 S Landaulet Maybach 62 S Landaulet
Maybach Ds 7 Cabriolet Maybach Ds 7 Cabriolet
Maybach Ds 8 Maybach Ds 8
Maybach Ds 8 Zeppelin Maybach Ds 8 Zeppelin
Maybach Exelero Maybach Exelero
Maybach Sw Maybach Sw
Maybach Sw 38 Maybach Sw 38
Maybach Sw 38 Allwetter Cabriolet Maybach Sw 38 Allwetter Cabriolet
Maybach Sw 38 Cabriolet Maybach Sw 38 Cabriolet
Maybach Sw 38 Roadster Maybach Sw 38 Roadster
Maybach Sw 38 Sedan Maybach Sw 38 Sedan
Maybach Sw 42 Maybach Sw 42
Maybach W3 Maybach W3
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