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The history of foundation of automobile building corporation Mazda Motor Corporation originates in far 1920. Then the 45-year-old loser businessman by the name of Dzhudzhiro Matsuda who was supported in the financial plan by group of Japanese investors, in the city of Hiroshima created the Toyo Cork Kogyo company. Specialization of firm at the beginning of its existence was processing of a pith tree. However Matsuda didn't see prospect in this business in this connection, the company quickly enough changed a sort of the activity.

In 1927 the decision to clean from a company name the word "Cork" ("stopper" - English) was made. Then the company developed and realized small party of motorcycles, and two years later was reorientated again, having been engaged in production of the machine equipment. But the victory of one of the motorcycles released by the company in small competitions put Matsuda on the right track: he decided to go in for automotive industry seriously.

The conveyor began the work in 1931 when started a mass production of small three-wheeled trucks with an engine displacement of 0,5 liters. In 25 years of production of such vehicles more than 200 thousand copies were let out. Then production made by the Toyo Kogyo company began to be made and implemented under a new brand Mazda. The firm received such name with an ulterior motive. First, Akhur Mazda – ancient God of wisdom and life in honor of whom the company was also renamed. And secondly, the new name appeared conformably with a surname of the founder of Toyo Kogyo – Dzhudzhiro Matsuda.

In 1932, apparently, there came a new era. Matsuda managed to adjust export of the produced equipment to the next China, and on the earned money new models which, however, didn't come to a mass production in connection with the beginning of World War II were developed.

During military operations Matsuda's child carried out deliveries of three-wheeled vehicles (Type 99 model) for needs of Japanese army, and also was engaged in production of rifles. But already soon, despite explosion of an atomic bomb in Hiroshima, Matsuda managed to continue the business. The main production relics of the company escaped, and in 1950 it started release of three-wheeled Type CT lorries which were equipped with engines of 1157 cubic centimeters. At the same time production of fire trucks, and also four-wheel cargo cars began. But in 1952 the company appeared in a crisis situation in connection with death of the founder of firm, and also with terrible financial instability.

The 60th years of the XX century were marked by the real rise. In 1960 the Mazda company released the first car which received the R360 Coupe index. It was the 2-door car equipped with the 0,35 liters 2-cylinder power unit. In spite of the fact that the car was rather weak even for those times, it was crowned with success, in connection with the low cost. The same year Tenudzhi Matsuda, the son of the founder of the company, and also her new president, signed the agreement with the German corporation NSU on cooperation in the sphere of development of rotor engines that positively affected positions of firm in the market.

Right after it there was for what the old man Dzhudzhiro didn't wait: its company completely got on feet and started presenting all new and new development. So only for the first half of decade 2-door and 4-door options of the Carol model, and also Familia (model 323 which became the real hit of sales) were published the small pickup under the name Proceed.

By 1963 the company managed to release the million car from the conveyor. Approximately at the same time also the logo of firm which represented the municipal coat of arms stylized under a letter "M" Hiroshima earlier was replaced. The second half of the 1960th marked itself the beginning of sales of production of the Mazda company in Europe, and also a debut of the Cosmo Sports 110S model on which the rotor engine was for the first time installed.

However it was only the beginning as in 1968 the Familia Rotary Coupe car (R100) with the rotor engine was published, in 1969 the company presented the R100 Rotary SS Sedan model, and in 1970 – Capella RX-2 and Savanna RX-3. Cooperation with the Ford company which began in 1969 became not less important stage in the history of firm and preceded start of export of cars to the USA.

The 70th years of the XX century began also triumphally as the 60th ended. In 1972 already 5-million car released under the Maxda trademark descended from the conveyor, and in 1973 reached seven-digit figure and an export indicator. At the same time also the model range which was added perfectly by new Mazda Luce cars (RX-4), and also Mazda Savanna (RX-7) extended. But the company and didn't forget about old development, having updated model 323 (Familia) and 626 (Capella). In 1975 the logo of firm, and at a boundary of new decade, in 1980 was updated, the Familia model was recognized by experts the car of year in Japan.

The next year was marked by opening of official representative offices in Europe and North America, and in 1984 Matsuda's child received the modern name – Mazda Motor Corporation. The 10-million car was the same year released, and already to 1987 corporation could be proud of the new achievement: in three years 10 million cars were made!

The 80th years of the past century presented to the world and new models of the Mazda brand. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to such cars, as Mazda Cosmo/Luce (929) presented in 1981, and also Mazda Capella 4 WD (626) which is let out in 1982 and at once become the car of year in Japan. In 1985 Mazda Luce (929) was updated again, and two years later in the same direction also Mazda Savanna (RX-7) followed. For the American market in 1988 it was presented to Mazda MPV, and a year later – Mazda RX-5

It is also possible to designate the next decade successful, but it didn't bring practically anything development of corporation, new in history. An exception it is possible to call a victory of the Mazda 787B car in 24-hour race of Le Mans, and also one more updating of a logo of the company. Then it found the modern look which represents the stylized letter "M" which bow-shaped elements symbolize wings.

The beginning of the new millennium was topped by success of the Mazda MX-5 model which became the most popular roadster not only in Japan, but also around the world. In 2002 Atenza (Mazda 6) and Demio (Mazda 2) cars were presented. In turn, 2003 I gave start to the third Mazda (Axela model), and also the new version of the sports RX-8 car.

In 2006 the Mazda Performance Series subsidiary created in the 90th carried out global tuning and restyling of the 3rd and 6th models. As result, "six" of MPS received the 276 horsepowers engine. However the presentation of a minivan of Mazda 5, and also the CX-7 crossover became the main achievement of year. Despite success of the last, in 2007 the all-wheel drive minivan of CX-9 which became dream of exacting consumers was published.

So far "Mazda" continues to please admirers of the real Japanese equipment with the novelties and updatings of old models which so were pleasant to public, this company isn't threatened by any problems. The previous fiscal year the corporation finished with an indicator of net profit in one billion dollars. And if the sales volume exceeding today 1 million cars a year doesn't decrease in a flash by some tens percent, nearly 40 000 experts who work at two tens Mazda Motor Corporation plants, can not worry about the work.

Mazda 1000 Mazda 1000
Mazda 1200 Mazda 1200
Mazda 1200dx Mazda 1200dx
Mazda 121 Mazda 121
Mazda 121 Coupe Mazda 121 Coupe
Mazda 121 L Mazda 121 L
Mazda 121 Lx Mazda 121 Lx
Mazda 121 Metro Mazda 121 Metro
Mazda 121 Soft Top Mazda 121 Soft Top
Mazda 1300 Mazda 1300
Mazda 1300 Coupe Mazda 1300 Coupe
Mazda 1300 De Luxe Mazda 1300 De Luxe
Mazda 1300 Stasjonsvogn Mazda 1300 Stasjonsvogn
Mazda 1300 Varevogn Mazda 1300 Varevogn
Mazda 1300 Wagon Mazda 1300 Wagon
Mazda 1500 Mazda 1500
Mazda 1500 De Luxe Mazda 1500 De Luxe
Mazda 1500 Estate Mazda 1500 Estate
Mazda 1500 Stasjonsvogn Mazda 1500 Stasjonsvogn
Mazda 1800 Mazda 1800
Mazda 1800 Estate Mazda 1800 Estate
Mazda 2 Mazda 2
Mazda 2 14 Mazda 2 14
Mazda 2 14 Sport Mazda 2 14 Sport
Mazda 2 Classic 15 Mazda 2 Classic 15
Mazda 3 Mazda 3
Mazda 3 16 Mazda 3 16
Mazda 3 16 Sedan Mazda 3 16 Sedan
Mazda 3 16 Sport Mazda 3 16 Sport
Mazda 3 16l Sedan Mazda 3 16l Sedan
Mazda 3 20 Sport Mazda 3 20 Sport
Mazda 3 20 Sport Sedan Mazda 3 20 Sport Sedan
Mazda 3 23sp Mazda 3 23sp
Mazda 3 25sp Mazda 3 25sp
Mazda 3 25sp Sedan Mazda 3 25sp Sedan
Mazda 3 Gsx 20 Mazda 3 Gsx 20
Mazda 3 Gsx Sporthatch Mazda 3 Gsx Sporthatch
Mazda 3 Gta Mazda 3 Gta
Mazda 3 Hatchback Mazda 3 Hatchback
Mazda 3 Lx Mazda 3 Lx
Mazda 3 Maxx Mazda 3 Maxx
Mazda 3 Mps Mazda 3 Mps
Mazda 3 Mps 23l Mazda 3 Mps 23l
Mazda 3 Mps Extreme Mazda 3 Mps Extreme
Mazda 3 Sedan Mazda 3 Sedan
Mazda 3 Sp 5 Mazda 3 Sp 5
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