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Few people realize the importance of the history of Mercedes-Benz, which it relates to the history of automobiles. Although there is much debate about how to actually "invented" the first car, most encyclopedias and "Book of Records" recorded the first working automobile by Karl Benz. Gottlieb Daimler built the first gasoline engine suitable for use in cars, which makes Mercedes-Benz is historically one of the most recognizable and important car manufacturers in the world.

January 29th, 1886 in Berlin, Karl Benz patented the world's first car with an internal combustion engine. Since then, the history of Mercedes-Benz has more than 80,000 patents - many of which are significant milestones on the way to accident-free car.

1883. On the roads of Europe continues to go only carriages and horse-drawn carriages, but the ongoing technological revolution is gradually changing the world. While in two different cities in Germany inventor independently operate on the first vehicle model. Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz built their own engines, which, in their opinion, could be used in the circular of the vehicle. Benz founded his own company, the good financial condition that allows him to quietly begin work on the first wagon. His four-stroke engine mounted on the tricycle, designed from the ground. The project was recorded in the Patent Office in 1886. Regardless of this, at the same time Gottlieb Daimler himself collects single cylinder four stroke internal combustion engine. He had to be installed in coaches. In the development of new technology helps Daimler Wilhelm Maybach.

An important role in the spread of the invention Benz played his wife Bertha. In 1888, she decided to travel to Mannheim, where there was a lab man in Pforzheim, which is 80 km away. To this end, she chose three-wheeled vehicle and the fuel got into the pharmacy. When she reached her goal, Karl Benz received a telegram about the success of the trip and influenced by comments Bertha introduced, among other things, a low gear so that you can overcome hills.

The history of Mercedes-Benz came into existence in 1901, when it was released the first car of this model, rightfully became the first modern car. The model has ended the era of cars, joining a strong position in the construction of modern cars. A year later, he published the first model Sphinx. The first Mercedes was the model 35 HP. It had a four-cylinder engine volume of about 6 liters and a power of 35 hp. The car is characterized by a wide wheelbase, low center of gravity and tilt steering column. It is also the hallmark of the brand became cooler-type "cell." Auto weighed 900 kg and a maximum speed of 80 km / h. The design of both models developed Wilhelm Maybach.

Mercedes 10 30 Hp Towncar Mercedes 10 30 Hp Towncar
Mercedes 15 70 100 Ps Mercedes 15 70 100 Ps
Mercedes 28 95 Mercedes 28 95
Mercedes 35 Hp Mercedes 35 Hp
Mercedes 40 45 Simplex Mercedes 40 45 Simplex
Mercedes 60 70 Mercedes 60 70
Mercedes 60 Hp Mercedes 60 Hp
Mercedes 630 K Mercedes 630 K
Mercedes 70 Hp Mercedes 70 Hp
Mercedes Gp Mercedes Gp
Mercedes Gp Petronas F1 Team Mercedes Benz Fo 108x V8 Mercedes Gp Petronas F1 Team Mercedes Benz Fo 108x V8
Mercedes Grand Prix Mercedes Grand Prix
Mercedes L5 Mercedes L5
Mercedes Simplex Mercedes Simplex
Mercedes Simplex 39 75 Mercedes Simplex 39 75
Mercedes Simplex 40 45 Mercedes Simplex 40 45
Mercedes Simplex 40hp Mercedes Simplex 40hp
Mercedes Targa Florio Mercedes Targa Florio
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