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Very few people know a true origin of cars of the Mercury brand. And the more so that initially the enterprise was founded as division of successful corporation Ford. The history Mercury began in 1939 when the son of the president of the Ford company, Edsel Ford, suggested to enter new cars of middle class into production.

The matter is that in the niche which is between cheap Ford cars and cars of "premium class" of Lincoln, the Ford company didn't represent any position. And release of cars of middle class would allow it to compete with such brands as: To Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac and the cheapest Cadillac models, having entered, respectively, the new markets of the USA and the whole world.

The new division of Ford corporation received the name in honor of ancient Roman god, the patron of trade – Mercury. The first car of this brand was developed on the basis of the Ford model and the cabriolet was made, mainly, in a body. The car was equipped with the 8-cylinder engine and differed in smart finishing of salon. The car enjoyed popularity and perfectly was on sale up to 1942. It is interesting, what even the president of the United States, Harry Truman, for trips about the country used the car of this brand.

For the period of war production of automobile civil cars was temporarily suspended, and the company was engaged in release of cars for needs of army. Generally it were sanitary cars and buses on 12 places.

In post-war time cars were bought up very quickly therefore the management made the decision temporarily not to make any changes to already existing car, and its following version appeared in 1949. Initially, the new model was planned for start in production under the name of Ford in two options: compact and full-size. As a result the compact Ford Vedette version was put on the conveyor in France, at plants of branch of corporation. And the full-size version was made under the name of Mercury. At the same time the branch of Ford corporation in Canada released the trucks of the same name under the name of Mercury, and since 1946 started release of the Mercury passenger cars which received the name Monarch.

Capital investments in a new brand Mercury were quite successful, and the company started developing own design of brand. If in 1956 Mercury Montclair and Mercury Monterey models had a little aggressive look (massive "muzzle", an old-fashioned luggage carrier, wide back headlights), in 1957 it were accurate cars in which finishing the chromeplated elements were used.

In the same 1957 the model under the name Turnpike Cruiser which became a leader of brand subsequently was let out. It was the cabriolet which was brightly allocated with unusual design, and, besides, was equipped with the motor rather powerful for those times in 290 horsepowers.

In a year the company let out new model - Mercury Parc Lane. It was created as alternative to the Buick Roadmaster car. Parc Lane was equipped with the powerful engine in 365 horsepowers and an automatic transmission which coped buttons on the dashboard. But, despite the good beginning and high-quality cars, the company had not the best times.

In the 60th interest in brand declined, but it lasted exactly until the founder of cars, already famous for that time, Li Yakokka didn't undertake development of Mercury. He in 1962 developed the first sports youth Mustang car which became a legend then enjoying wide popularity now.

In 1967 new Mercury Cougar entered consciousness of millions of people. This car in many respects resembled Ford Mustang: the modern sports design of a body and strong wheel base decorated the car. A car it was completed with two types of engines with a power of 280 and 324 horsepowers. Thanks to well planned advertizing, sales of Mercury Cougar quickly went up, and the name Mercury began to shine at success top again.

The 70th became for Mercury decade of compact cars. At that time the Ford company managed to win new niches of the automobile market. And in the beginning the 80th the company were expected again by crisis. Ford and Lincoln vehicles were still well sold, but interest in Mercury here already again declined. Besides, the company nearly went bankrupt because of the aspiration to release cars with more powerful engines. All this negatively affected image of the Mercury brand releasing the cars on the basis of Ford.In 1985 the market was entered by new model of the car – Mercury Sable which completely duplicated Ford Taurus. Both cars were economic and hi-tech, and they were developed according to standards of the congress of the USA. But as the luxury representative, Sable differed in bigger comfortableness and smart finishing of a car interior. It was equipped with two types of V-shaped 6-cylinder engines, of 3 and 3,8 liters, 140 horsepowers, an automatic 4-speed transmission and the power steering. Subsequently the Mercury Sable model was modified still more than once, and is issued still.

In 1992 on a motor show in Chicago the premiere of the Mercury Villager car took place. This model represented the front-wheel minivan developed on the basis of Nissan Quest. The car was equipped with the 3,3 liters V-shaped 6-cylinder engine and 180 horsepowers, system of electronic injection of gasoline and an automatic 4-staged transmission. Besides, the car differed in the spacious and ergonomically constructed salon.

Only in two years, in 1994, the debut of luxury model of Mercury Mystique took place. This car was issued as a 4-door sedan. The design of the car differed in stylish slanting headlights and spacious convenient salon, and ahead of a body the decorative radiator lattice flaunted. The model was completed with one of two types of engines: with a 4-cylinder volume of 2 liters and 126 h.p., with a 6-cylinder volume of 2,5 liters and 170 horsepowers, and also 5-staged mechanical or 4-staged automatic transmission. Forward safety cushions, the power steering, the audio system, the conditioner and the central lock were included in the standard package.

The same year the first Mercury Tracer descended from the conveyor. It was the copy of the Ford Escort car, the car only belonged to the class "luxury". The car was issued in bodies of two types: sedan and versatile person. Externally it had quite standard not memorable look, but the internal equipment could surprise each buyer.

The conditioner, heating of external mirrors, the central lock and the electric drive was included in the package. The car was equipped with the 111 horsepowers 2-liter engine and one of two types of a transmission: the 4-staged automatic or 5-staged mechanical. Three years later this model presented already in the updated form.In 1998 on a motor show in Detroit the company presented the updated Mercury Cougar version. It represented a three-door compartment with the forward drive and the engine located cross. All design of a car was issued by a combination of roundish and angular lines that gave it to a type of aggression both inside, and outside. Under a cowl one of two types of engines was located: 2-liter 126 horsepowers or 2,5-liter 173 horsepowers. In 2001 I took place one more prime minister – the market was entered by Mercury Mountaineer, the bright representative of a class of SUVs.

Now production of cars under the name of Mercury was considerably reduced: from 580 000 copies a year in 1978 to 200 000 in the late nineties. However these cars continue to be issued, and they still occupy the niche in a luxury segment.

Mercury 1.5 Ton Mercury 1.5 Ton
Mercury 114 Mercury 114
Mercury 118 5 Window Coupe Mercury 118 5 Window Coupe
Mercury 2 Door Mercury 2 Door
Mercury 2 Door Hardtop Mercury 2 Door Hardtop
Mercury 2 Door Sedan Mercury 2 Door Sedan
Mercury 2 Door Station Wagon Mercury 2 Door Station Wagon
Mercury 2 Dr Mercury 2 Dr
Mercury 2 Dr Coupe Mercury 2 Dr Coupe
Mercury 2 Dr Sedan Mercury 2 Dr Sedan
Mercury 350 Mercury 350
Mercury 4 Door Sedan Mercury 4 Door Sedan
Mercury 4 Dr Sedan Mercury 4 Dr Sedan
Mercury 4dr Mercury 4dr
Mercury 9cm Mercury 9cm
Mercury 9cm Coupe Mercury 9cm Coupe
Mercury 9cm Sport Sedan Mercury 9cm Sport Sedan
Mercury Airport Limousine Mercury Airport Limousine
Mercury Ambulance Mercury Ambulance
Mercury Bobcat Mercury Bobcat
Mercury Bobcat Runabout 23 Mercury Bobcat Runabout 23
Mercury Bobcat Villager Mercury Bobcat Villager
Mercury Cabriolet Mercury Cabriolet
Mercury Capri Mercury Capri
Mercury Capri Efi Mercury Capri Efi
Mercury Club Coupe Mercury Club Coupe
Mercury Colony Park Mercury Colony Park
Mercury Colony Park Wagon Mercury Colony Park Wagon
Mercury Comet Mercury Comet
Mercury Comet 2 Dr Sedan Mercury Comet 2 Dr Sedan
Mercury Comet 202 Mercury Comet 202
Mercury Comet 4 Dr Wagon Mercury Comet 4 Dr Wagon
Mercury Comet Caliente Mercury Comet Caliente
Mercury Comet Caliente 2dr Ht Mercury Comet Caliente 2dr Ht
Mercury Comet Caliente Convertible Mercury Comet Caliente Convertible
Mercury Comet Coupe Mercury Comet Coupe
Mercury Comet Custom Mercury Comet Custom
Mercury Comet Custom Sedan Mercury Comet Custom Sedan
Mercury Comet Cyclone Mercury Comet Cyclone
Mercury Comet Cyclone Gt Mercury Comet Cyclone Gt
Mercury Comet S 22 Mercury Comet S 22
Mercury Comet Villager Mercury Comet Villager
Mercury Comet Voyager Mercury Comet Voyager
Mercury Commuter Mercury Commuter
Mercury Commuter Wagon Mercury Commuter Wagon
Mercury Conv Mercury Conv
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