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Having worked some time the mechanic on motorcycles in the nineties of the last century, William Morris managed to become by 1910 the owner of the automobile dealer, largest in England, – the Morris Garages companies. Having behind shoulders considerable experience with movable equipment, and also improbable potential and aspiration to self-improvement, to Morris has the luck to take a place of honor in the market of English automotive industry. In 1913 in the city of Krouler that near Oxford, the first car of the Morris brand was released.

During World War I the company, as well as all sphere of automotive industry of the state, had not the best times. But on the end of military operations the success of automobile sales of Morris was grandiose. Thanks to specific forms of a car and a front grille, characteristic only for Morris Cars, "square-tipped" cars as they were called in England, were in the huge demand. Two models of a car were offered: Cowleys with an engine capacity of 1,5 l and more representative 1,8-liter 14-strong Oxford.

As the main forces of William Morris were directed to automotive industry, "garage" business faded into the background. But, not to hand over a position, in 1922 the chief manager of his company - Cecil Quimber was appointed to a position of the managing director. It should be noted what exactly he drew on creation of separate brand which would be engaged only in production of cars (Morris Garages). All cars released until were collectively called – Morris Cars.

Practically at once after appointment to the post, Quimber began to develop in himself design abilities. Tendency to sports forms of a car and smooth lines made really successful developer of Cecil. The separate attention was paid to high speed. Later a short period it was decided to adjust release of "new" types of cars on the Morris chassis.

In 1923 on the chassis from "Morris Cowleys" the double sports body was established, and next year the decision on release also four-seater cars was made. 1927 I became critical in the history of Morris Garages. The world saw new "child" of the company - MG Midget which right there became the most widespread car in the territory of England at that time. 4-seater MG had more perfect body and was equipped with the 14-strong motor which gathered speed to 80 km/h that favourably distinguished the car from her many competitors.

In some months the new company MG Cars Company Limited which was headed personally by William Morris was founded. But a year later the organization again was sold to Morris Motors, however, not Cecil Quimber, but Leonardo Lord became the managing director any more. At the end of 1928 sale of very attractive MG 18/80 model began. This car had the 6-cylinder 2,5-liter engine and was issued in two modifications: with the opened and closed top. It should be noted that owing to the price, high popularity the car didn't find.

The 30th years of the XX century became the most successful in the history of the company. Having become the leading producer of racing cars of all Great Britain, MG was succeeded to win the whole mass of large victories in competitions. MG Mark 111, MG C-Type, MG F-Type Magna, MG D-Type, MG M-Type, MG J-Type cars, and also MG EX-180 on which the racer George Ayston managed to break the whole series of records of speed became the most outstanding models of that decade.

In 1933 the prototype of MG Magnet K3 which brought the companies a prize on rally of "Mille Miglia", a victory in the race "Tourist Trophy" was presented, and also allowed it to finish in the four of the best at the round-the-clock competitions of Le Mans in 1934. And in 1935 it was declared that production of sports cars under the name of MG stops. Practically at once MG SA sedan equipped with the 2,3-liter 6-cylinder engine was presented, and still after a while debuted also the MG WA model which engine displacement reached an indicator in 2,6 l. After the next sale of Morris Motors corporation to the company, the firm was headed by Leonard Lord who in 1941 dared to dismiss Cecil Quimber.

In post-war time that at all and not surprisingly, the organization began to experience financial difficulties. At the beginning of the 50th the solution of all problems was found itself: there was a merge of the MG company to the famous Austin firm for those times. This formation received the name British Motor Company. Among the models developed by joint efforts it should be noted such cars as MG A, MG B and MG B GT, but public attention was paid to themselves at all not by them, and the new MG Midget version and the mass MG Magnette III car.

Nevertheless, the financial position of the company continued to worsen. These can explain merge of British Motor Company to not less famous brands of Jaguar, Rover and Triumph which together started being called as British Leyland corporation. However Morris Garages role in this organization was too minor. Since 1968 when there was an association, about one year 1982 about the company in general it was audible nothing. But even relative activity didn't become the catalyst of blossoming of firm.

Affairs took a turn for the better in 1994, after sale to the Rover Group organization which became the successor of British Leyland, the German company BMW. The roadster of MG F which is let out next year struck all automobile England. But the rebirth of Morris Garages took place several years later, after foundation of the MG Rover company. For the last decade the new model of a roadster of MG F, her follower of MG TF, and also MG ZS, MG ZT and MG ZR cars was published. The MG Z Power SV car created on the basis of a roadster which was made by the Italian firm Ovale acquired by MG Rover became especially successful.

Today the MG Rover company prospers. It regularly represents retroequipment positive miracles on court of the public. But, mainly, wealthy people capable to pay big money for the car which isn't differing in especially outstanding technical characteristics, but having really unique style become clients of firm.

Mg 1.2.5 Litre Yb Mg 1.2.5 Litre Yb
Mg 1100 Mg 1100
Mg 1300 Mg 1300
Mg 1300 Mk Ii Mg 1300 Mk Ii
Mg 1300 Mkii Mg 1300 Mkii
Mg 18 100 Mg 18 100
Mg 1960 Mg 1960
Mg 550 Mg 550
Mg 550 18 Dvvt Mg 550 18 Dvvt
Mg 550 18t Mg 550 18t
Mg 6 Mg 6
Mg 750 25 V6 Mg 750 25 V6
Mg A Mg A
Mg A Coupe Mg A Coupe
Mg A Roadster Mg A Roadster
Mg A Twin Cam Mg A Twin Cam
Mg B Mg B
Mg B Gt Mg B Gt
Mg B Gt Coupe Mg B Gt Coupe
Mg B Gt Sebring Replica Mg B Gt Sebring Replica
Mg B Gt V8 Mg B Gt V8
Mg B Limited Edition Mg B Limited Edition
Mg B Roadster Mg B Roadster
Mg B Tourer Us Mg B Tourer Us
Mg Bt V8 Mg Bt V8
Mg C Mg C
Mg C Gt Mg C Gt
Mg C Roadster Mg C Roadster
Mg Ex 181 Mg Ex 181
Mg Ex 182 Mg Ex 182
Mg F Mg F
Mg F Type Mg F Type
Mg F Type Magna Mg F Type Magna
Mg Gt Mg Gt
Mg J2 Mg J2
Mg J2 Midget Mg J2 Midget
Mg J4 Mg J4
Mg K3 Mg K3
Mg Lola Ex 265 Mg Lola Ex 265
Mg Lola Ex257 Lm Mg Lola Ex257 Lm
Mg M Type Mg M Type
Mg M Type Midget Mg M Type Midget
Mg Maestro Mg Maestro
Mg Magnette Mg Magnette
Mg Magnette K3 Mg Magnette K3
Mg Magnette Saloon Mg Magnette Saloon
Mg Magnette Zb Mg Magnette Zb
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