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Jules Miesse by right carries a rank of the Belgian pioneer of automotive industry. Having become interested in works of Frenchman Serpoye in due time, he in 1896 constructed the Belgium's first four horsepowers steam car. Further, having a little modified the invention, Jules Miesse released the six and ten horsepowers cars, and all three steam cars were produced in lots up to 1900.

Steam self-feeds of Miesse had considerable success. Besides, the designer adjusted release of steam trucks with the engine in twelve horsepowers which were issued up to the end of 1906 and perfectly proved in the Belgian Congo. Frankly speaking, business with the engines working at the principle of internal combustion, Jules Miesse began in 1900, but for a number of the serious objective reasons its cars with the petrol engine appeared only three and a half years later.

And already at the beginning of 1904 it I presented the first serial car with the petrol engine of 40/50 type CV, the feature possessing that that it had no gear shifting box. Change in the speed of the movement happened at the expense of an accelerator. Only thanks to its existence change of frequency of rotation of an axis of the engine was carried out. This development was quite advanced. Over time the rights for its use, and also production of this type of the car were redeemed by firm Beaudoin who sold the car under the firm name.

To the middle of 1907 there was second serial model 24 CV which had already a three-speed transmission. Also important point which served for further development was creation of absolutely new star-shaped eight-cylinder engine which in a consequence was taken as a basis when designing the engine for the new Miesse D model.

To production of cars rather intensively there was a development of cargo automotive industry. Since 1910, the company began release in serial scales of trucks with a loading capacity of 2,5 tons. By 1911 the model range was filled up with the car 15 CV. Since 1916 trucks with such innovation as a five-speed transmission started being made strenuously. For the merits before the Belgian automotive industry Jules Miesse had an opportunity to place the coat of arms of Brussels on a radiator of the cars.

World War I had great negative influence on activity of firm. Because of it the first car left from the conveyor in the middle of 1920. Nevertheless, return of Miesse cars became rather successful. Cars of this company in a row were some years the most mass models. Due to the improvement of a financial situation Jules Miesse decided on release of expensive representative car equipped with the eight-cylinder engine, Miesse-J. By 1923 the company to a new car was kept by the Miesse-K model equipped with brakes on forward wheels.

Due to the great interest to trucks, Jules Miesse in 1927 decided to stop further production of automobile cars, having been engaged in profound projecting and production of trucks. It led to use of three-axis system which considerably increased the loading capacity of cars. Further this technology constantly developed that caused a great demand on trucks of the Miesse company. But in the early seventies the firm couldn't compete any more with other producers that became the reason for the final termination of release of cars. In 1972 the production activity was curtailed, and the company – is closed.

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