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The 39-year-old manager Yataro Ivasaki which way to big business lay through rent at the ship-owning company of three steamships in 1874 was the founder of the legendary company Mitsubishi Motors taking today the assured positions in the world market of an automobile industry. At once after that the businessman created own firm under the name Tsukomo Shokai. But for those times it was impossible even to assume what exactly is fated to become it the primogenitor of Mitsubishi, firm which in the XXI century will be able to brag unique of development and huge success in area of production of automotive vehicles.

And the history of success of that Yataro Ivasaki was compelled to prove to the government of Japan the devotion began to get support of business from the state. Coped with this task of Ivasaki without effort, having sent at the request of the emperor the steamships to Taiwan as military expedition. It is quite expected having been credible, the businessman had an opportunity to get and rent practically for nothing some new courts. Thus, already by the beginning of 1875 in use Yataro Ivasaki had about 30 steamships.

Before beginning conquest of the world, the founder of the company decided to rename the child into Mitsubishi Commercial Company (in translation from Japanese the word "Mitsubishi" designates "three diamonds" - a symbol of a family crest of Ivasaki which at once became a logo of the neogenic organization), and then and in Mitsubishi Mail Steamship Company (The post steamship company, - English).

However it is unlikely the organization could achieve success if it, as well as some other firms of Japan, the state which built the enterprises didn't support and for pathetic pennies leased them to the perspective companies. So in the 1880th years future automobile giant received in the order the largest ship-building shipyard of Japan (city of Nagasaki), coal mines (island of Hokkaido), and also silver mines in Ikuno.

After early death of Yataro Ivasaki in 1885 reins of government by the company the brother Yanosuki Ivasaki touched in the hands him. And already 5 years later he managed to make the most favorable for all history of Japan the transaction. Having got at the state 35 hectares of a waste land for 1 million dollars, he made improbable investment into future success, after all today this earth represents Marunouchi – the large business center of Tokyo, and costs in thousands times more, than at the end of the XIX century.

But Yanosuki operated the company not long. In 1893 on a post of the president it was replaced by Hisaya Ivasaki – the late Yataro's son. It possessed idea of creation of new divisions, departments and companies which quickly united with already existing capacities in the sphere of shipbuilding, oil production and metallurgy in Mitsubishi Ltd holding.

The beginning of new century marked transition of corporation from accumulation of the capacities to real production. In 1916 the president of the company changed again. This time the second son Yanosuki Ivasaki – Koyata became him. In 1917 model A car which production ended four years later descended from the conveyor, and in 1918 debuted cargo auto ton - 1, become a test copy.

Having successfully carried out all necessary tests, the Mitsubishi company in 1923 was accepted to serial release of heavy trucks for needs of Japanese army. At the same time the corporation dealt also with an aviation issue. The fighter Type 10 became the basic plane of Japanese aircraft, and other models developed by Ivasaki's team perfectly added military aviation representation of the country.

In the early thirties the XX century the corporation came to the second place on an indicator of an annual turn among all industrial giants of Japan, conceding only to the Mitsui company. Besides, the 30th years were marked by considerable expansion of a model range. So in 1931 I debuted the Mitsubishi 450AD car on which the first Japanese diesel engine, and also the largest Mitsubishi B46 bus which production gave start to activity of cargo department Fuso was installed.

In 1934-1935 the all-wheel drive Mitsubishi PX33 car, cars with diesel SHT6 and TD45 motors, and also diesel BD46 and BD43 buses were presented. In the same 1934 all military equipment produced by the company was united under a brand Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

In 1945 Koyata Ivasaki sold more than 50% of shares of Mitsubishi holding to investors therefore family business passed into strange hands. And after the end of World War II not to allow monopolization, the concern was broken into more than four tens small companies that considerably reduced the capacity of once powerful corporation.

At the same time Europe and America continued to fill up development of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation with prestigious prizes. Only for some years, in the late eighties of the XX century, victories in various nominations received such models as already mentioned Pajero, and also Colt, Lancer and Galant. Besides, the Mitsubishi Motors corporation constructed Diamond Star Motors Corporation plant which became the largest automobile building plant of the USA in Illinois.

Continuing to increase quality of the production and a model range of the made cars in the 90th, the company didn't forget about novelties. So some Mitsubishi cars began to be completed with multimode anti-blocking system of brakes, and also traction-control. SUVs, in turn, received new transmission of Super Select 4WD. And 1996 was marked by issue of the Mitsubishi GDI engine with injection of gasoline in cylinders which became one of the main development of decade.

In a new century the Japanese corporation shook the whole world. Hitherto absolutely any producer of cars didn't manage to win a marathon Paris-Dakar against more than five time in a row, but "king" of rally, Mitsubishi Pajero, celebrated a victory in these competitions seven times to a row: from 2001 to 2007 inclusive, thus in 2008 competitions didn't take place. Thus, today the Mitsubishi team is the 12-fold winner of this most difficult rally.

2003 was marked by issue of one more Mitsubishi Outlander SUV which at once found the public and became one of the most popular Japanese cars of year. In 2004 the corporation presented already three new models: a sports car of Lancer Evolution VIII, Colt in a body a hatchback, and also Grandis minivan. Certainly, prestigious awards, by the tradition which developed already, didn't avoid Mitsubishi.

However, despite tremendous technical achievements, in the financial plan of the company it isn't lucky. Even the sales level reaching 1,5 million cars a year can't bring the corporation which is based in Tokyo at least to zero level of profitability. Today Mitsubishi works, let and on prospect, but in a stable loss. Nevertheless, it doesn't prevent the company to continue the development and to occupy one of the leading positions in the Japanese market of production and car sale.

Mitsubishi 1550 Fd Mitsubishi 1550 Fd
Mitsubishi 2595 Ha Go Mitsubishi 2595 Ha Go
Mitsubishi 3000 Gt Mitsubishi 3000 Gt
Mitsubishi 3000 Gt Sl Mitsubishi 3000 Gt Sl
Mitsubishi 3000 Gto Vr4 Mitsubishi 3000 Gto Vr4
Mitsubishi 3000 Gts Mitsubishi 3000 Gts
Mitsubishi 360 Mitsubishi 360
Mitsubishi 380 Mitsubishi 380
Mitsubishi 380 Gt Mitsubishi 380 Gt
Mitsubishi 380 Lx Mitsubishi 380 Lx
Mitsubishi 380 Series 2 Mitsubishi 380 Series 2
Mitsubishi 380 Series 2 Sx Mitsubishi 380 Series 2 Sx
Mitsubishi 380 Sx Series 3 Mitsubishi 380 Sx Series 3
Mitsubishi 380 Vrx Mitsubishi 380 Vrx
Mitsubishi 380 X Mitsubishi 380 X
Mitsubishi 500 Mitsubishi 500
Mitsubishi Airtek Mitsubishi Airtek
Mitsubishi Airtrek Mitsubishi Airtrek
Mitsubishi Airtrek 24 Awd Mitsubishi Airtrek 24 Awd
Mitsubishi Airtrek 4wd Turbo Mitsubishi Airtrek 4wd Turbo
Mitsubishi Airtrek G Ivg Mitsubishi Airtrek G Ivg
Mitsubishi Airtrek Gdi Mitsubishi Airtrek Gdi
Mitsubishi Airtrek Turbo 4wd Mitsubishi Airtrek Turbo 4wd
Mitsubishi Arrow Mitsubishi Arrow
Mitsubishi Aspire Mitsubishi Aspire
Mitsubishi Asx Mitsubishi Asx
Mitsubishi Asx 20 Gl Mitsubishi Asx 20 Gl
Mitsubishi B280 Mitsubishi B280
Mitsubishi B800 J Mitsubishi B800 J
Mitsubishi Bm 117 L Mitsubishi Bm 117 L
Mitsubishi Bravo Mitsubishi Bravo
Mitsubishi Canter Mitsubishi Canter
Mitsubishi Canter 20t Fe112c Mitsubishi Canter 20t Fe112c
Mitsubishi Canter Diesel Mitsubishi Canter Diesel
Mitsubishi Canter Fe112c4 Mitsubishi Canter Fe112c4
Mitsubishi Canter Fe337 Mitsubishi Canter Fe337
Mitsubishi Canter Fe538b Mitsubishi Canter Fe538b
Mitsubishi Canter Fe73eb Mitsubishi Canter Fe73eb
Mitsubishi Canter Fg637 4wd Mitsubishi Canter Fg637 4wd
Mitsubishi Canter Hd Mitsubishi Canter Hd
Mitsubishi Carisma Mitsubishi Carisma
Mitsubishi Carisma 19 Td Mitsubishi Carisma 19 Td
Mitsubishi Carisma 20 Gl Td Mitsubishi Carisma 20 Gl Td
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