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The Mitsuoka company called by last name the founder was created in 1968 as auto repair shop. The owner of firm, and in combination and the chief mechanical engineer Susuma Mitsuoka, having left technical college, I worked some time the mechanic in Hino Motors concern. It began own business with three assistants, and at the beginning business didn't develop. However already some years later the Mitsuoka company opened about two tens offices about the country.

Recession of activity in the automobile market in connection with an energy crisis forced Susuma Mitsuoka to be engaged in import of the French cars. It were the single cars equipped with engines for motorcycles of the minimum volume. In the early eighties the company started production of own cars of a similar design. Some years the Bubu Shuttle model and its modifications made a basis of all production Mitsuoka.

Susuma Mitsuoka long I nourished idea for creation of full-fledged cars. The founder of the Mitsuoka company began implementation of the projects with a trip to the USA for the purpose of studying of experience of the small firms which are going in for automotive industry, in particular, copying of retromodels. Having returned to Japan, Susuma Mitsuoka started collecting copies of old cars, using the chassis of serial models. Bodies were made only of fiber glass. Externally they to trifles repeated design of cars of the known companies popular once, such as Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz and others. Copies of retrocars became popular, and the Mitsuoka company got to work on own models.

The Le-Seyde car created in 1990 became the first development of Mitsuoka. Sales of this car broke all possible records – literally in four days about 500 copies were redeemed. A year later the company let out one more own model – Dore. The Viewt car presented in 1993 became the following development. This model reminded Jaguar Mark II of 1956 of release. Equipped the 1 and 1,4 liters car with motors which power made 60 and 85 "horses" respectively. All copies received an automatic transmission. The system of the drive differed: completed the Viewt model with either the forward, or full drive. In 1994 sales of a car reached a point in 1000 copies.

In the mid-nineties the founder of the company started development of new model which he wanted to execute in Japanese style. So there was a Zero 1 model which promptly won popularity. The rear-wheel car was equipped with the Mazda engine with a capacity of 1,6 liters. The body was made of fibreglass that caused ease of a car. Thanks to rather small weight and the powerful motor, Zero 1 could disperse to 160 km/h. By the way, the car resembled known model of a sport car of Lotus 7 superficially.

In 1994 the company obtained the license for production of cars of own development. Mitsuoka Motors at that time remained small firm which staff in total made about 400 people. Works on production of a car were carried out still manually, nevertheless, Mitsuoka Motors was recognized by the 10th carmaker of Japan.

In 1996 modernized the Zero 1 model, having installed on it the 130 h.p. 1,8-liter motor. Then there was a modification with the body which is externally copying a racing car for competitions of Formula One which won great popularity. Then the Mitsuoka Galue model was published in a 4-door body a sedan. The car was created on the basis of Nissan Crew. Equipped the 130 h.p. car with the 2-liter engine. Galue resembled the old Rolls-Royce models superficially. The salon of model was carried out in two options – Deluxe and Standard which main difference was a finishing of the dashboard.

Along with the Galue model the Mitsuoka company released the Ray car on the basis of Suzuki Alto. The car received a body a hatchback, the three-cylinder engine with 12 0,65 liters valves and 52 h.p. Cars equipped with a 3-staged automatic transmission, and also the forward drive. Externally the model resembled old Rolls-Royce cars. Besides, the body was trimmed and the chromeplated details. In 1999 this model was modified, including, engine capacity to 46 h.p. was reduced. Three years later the car modernized again. The unit installed on the Ray car also was 3-cylinder, its volume made 0,7 liters, and power – 58 h.p. But in general technical characteristics, as well as design of salon, corresponded to the Mira Gino model from Daihatsu. The transmission for a car of Ray of 2002 was chosen 4-staged automatic, the drive – either forward or full.

At a turn of the millennia the Mitsuoka company created the Yuga model which externally resembled the London taxi of the beginning of the XX century. Nissan Cube became technical base for the car. So Yuga equipped with the 4-cylinder engine with water cooling. The volume of the power unit made 1,3 liters, and power – 85 h.p. In the Royal version the car received the forward drive, Deluxe equipped with an all-wheel drive formula.

In 2003 at an automobile exhibition the Mitsuoka Nouera model which technically repeated the Honda Accord car was presented to Tokyo. Nouera also received engines in 2 or 2,4 152-200 h.p. liters. Also cars with forward and with the full drive went on sale. All cars of this model equipped with a 5-supenchaty automatic transmission. The design of a body that became already habitual for the company, was executed in an original manner. The large front grille extended vertically was especially allocated. On each side from it settled down on two round small headlights.

In 2006 there was a Mitsuoka Orochi model – non-standard for the company externally the car. This time the front grille was executed extended horizontally, unlike the previous models. Besides, she reminded a human mouth in the form. The relief and flowed round at the same time car received quite low body that in total with a horizontal radiator made impression. But are that are standard sports high-speed cars to what developers of new original model aspired. However experts found similarity both to Jaguar cars, and to an exterior of McLaren cars.

The Mitsuoka Orochi model received the 233 horsepowers 3,3-liter engine from Toyota, an automatic transmission, a body from fibreglass with epoxy components, tires of the different size and the excellent running.

In February, 2008 at the next exhibition in the capital of Japan the company showed the new version of the Galue model under an index 204. The car was assembled on the basis of Toyota Corolla Axio. Developers equipped the car with two options of Toyota engines: "horses" of 1,5 and 1,8 liters with a power of 110 and 136 respectively.

At the end of 2008 the next model - Mitsuoka Himiko – a roadster with open top was presented to attention of motorists. I formed base for creation of this car to Mazda MX-5. Equipped a car with the 2 liters engine and with power about 170 h.p. productions Mazda.

From the beginning of production stylized under retro cars the Mitsuoka company I won glory of the most original automobile building firm of Japan. Practically the youngest enterprise of branch in Japan kept the specialization still.

Mitsuoka Galue Mitsuoka Galue
Mitsuoka Orachi Mitsuoka Orachi
Mitsuoka Orochi Mitsuoka Orochi
Mitsuoka Orochi Roadster Mitsuoka Orochi Roadster
Mitsuoka Viewt Mitsuoka Viewt
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