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The Morgan company was founded in 1906 in the city of Melvern Link by the young businessman by the name of Henry Morgan. Initially production of four-wheel vehicles didn't include in its plans, but the engineer by training knew that it is possible to earn by means of a car. Having created vehicle fleet with leased buses and, thereby, having adjusted transport connection of own city with the neighboring settlements, the beginning businessman earned on acquisition of the first car which became three-wheeled Eagle Tandem. After that the designer also became interested in automotive industry.

Henry Morgan created the first car together with the friend Pitchem Stephenson, having presented it in 1910 on the London motor show. It was the three-wheeled car which received the name Morgan Runabout, equipped with the 7 horsepowers 2-cylinder power unit from Peugeot. And already in 1913 Henry registered the Morgan Motor Company company which specialized on production of a car.

Up to 1936 the firm was engaged in continuous improvement of Runabout. The model was more than successful. Taking part in various competitions, it won practically everything that it was possible to win. Moreover, in the late twenties the last century on many competitions there were updated rules according to which the Morgan Runabout car had to start on a circle after all the competitors. The model of 1933 with the engine from Henry Ford appeared the most popular among buyers at that time.

The latest model which drew attention of motorists of Great Britain prior to World War II was the first 4-wheeled car of the company under the name Morgan Four Four which gathered very high speed, and also possessed quite good stability on routes. However military operations slowed down development of firm. Since 1945 representatives of Morgan Motor Company adjusted export of the cars out of state borders, including, to the USA and Australia. And in 1952, together with cessation of production of three-wheeled cars, at firm financial problems began. At first it was necessary to completely change design of Morgan Four Four, then – some components of this car. The black strip could end together with death of the founder of the company. Henry Morgan died in 1959.

His son who tidied up the management of firm to own hands became the follower of the great engineer. And already good luck smiled to it. In 1962 the serious victory in the round-the-clock race which is carried out in Le Mans took place. However rates of production considerably decreased. The opponent of any changes, Peter Morgan, began to seem the loser in the opinion of the subordinates, and only in 1968 thought again, having been engaged in business. By that moment cooperation with the Triumph company specializing on creation of motors stopped and in connection with discrepancy of the sizes of a body and the engine of the Morgan Four Four car it was necessary to be engaged again in modification of the car which was eventually equipped with the Rover engine.

In fact, the end of the 60th became time of a decline of firm. Rates of production and number of sales began to fall steadily, and the financial situation – to be destabilized. However Charles Morgan, the current head of the organization under which guardianship some very successful models were created also managed to become history. In the mid-nineties the past century Morgan GTR and Morgan GT2 cars were presented to society of motorists, and on the Geneva motor show of 2006 debuted Morgan Aero 8 which conquered the whole world. The latest version of this respectable roadster is equipped with the 333-strong 8-cylinder V-shaped 4,4-liter power unit of production BMW helping the car to accelerate more than to 250 km/h. Thus first "one hundred" is reached only in 4,5 seconds.

Today it is possible to call the car exclusive as in a year no more than 300 copies are made, and the cost of this sports pleasure exceeds 115 000 American dollars. But if the classical compartment of Morgan Aero 8 already found popularity, its modification of Morgan Aero Max for the present isn't produced serially.

In 2006 the Morgan Four Four model which is still made the English company celebrated the 70 anniversary. And shortly before it the firm declared a fast debut of the revolutionary electric car which will work at oxygen and hydrogen. Thus, in spite of the fact that the Morgan company repeatedly endured all crises, it continues to function successfully, being the elite producer of truly British cars today.

Morgan 3 Wheeler Morgan 3 Wheeler
Morgan 4 Morgan 4
Morgan 4 4 Morgan 4 4
Morgan 4 4 1600 Morgan 4 4 1600
Morgan 4 4 4 Seater Morgan 4 4 4 Seater
Morgan 4 4 Series Ii Morgan 4 4 Series Ii
Morgan 44 1800 Morgan 44 1800
Morgan 44 Competition Morgan 44 Competition
Morgan 44 Series V Roadster Morgan 44 Series V Roadster
Morgan 44 Sport Morgan 44 Sport
Morgan 8 Morgan 8
Morgan 8 Hp Morgan 8 Hp
Morgan 8 Otn4 Morgan 8 Otn4
Morgan Aero Morgan Aero
Morgan Aero 3 Wheeler Morgan Aero 3 Wheeler
Morgan Aero 8 Morgan Aero 8
Morgan Aero 8 Gtn Morgan Aero 8 Gtn
Morgan Aero Max Morgan Aero Max
Morgan Aero Sports Morgan Aero Sports
Morgan Aero Super Sports Morgan Aero Super Sports
Morgan Aeromax Morgan Aeromax
Morgan Design Concept Morgan Design Concept
Morgan Evagt Morgan Evagt
Morgan F Super Morgan F Super
Morgan F4 Morgan F4
Morgan Lifecar Morgan Lifecar
Morgan Olson Route Star Morgan Olson Route Star
Morgan Plus 4 Morgan Plus 4
Morgan Plus 4 4 Seater Morgan Plus 4 4 Seater
Morgan Plus 4 Replica Morgan Plus 4 Replica
Morgan Plus 4 Slr Morgan Plus 4 Slr
Morgan Plus 8 Morgan Plus 8
Morgan Plus 8 Gt3 Morgan Plus 8 Gt3
Morgan Roadster Morgan Roadster
Morgan Sports Aero Morgan Sports Aero
Morgan Sports Model Morgan Sports Model
Morgan Super Aero Morgan Super Aero
Morgan Super Sports Morgan Super Sports
Morgan Super Sports Aero Morgan Super Sports Aero
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