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Rather difficult precisely to designate date of foundation of Japanese carmaker Nissan, but we will consider as it on December 26, 1933 that corresponds also to the official version.

The essence of a collision consists that the first primogenitor of corporation was registered in 1911. Then Masudziro Hashimoto opened in Tokyo automobile plant of the Kwaishinsha Co company which made cars under the name Dat (on the first letters of surnames of founders). In 1925 Hashimoto's child united with the Jitsuyo Jidosha Co company founded in the 1919th and received a new name – Dat Jidosha Seizo Co. And at the end of 1933 there was an essential restructuring therefore the president of neogenic firm Jidosha Seizo Co I became Yoshisuka Aykava. Later half a year the name of the company became almost such what we got used to see it today: Nissan Motor Co.

The same year there was the first export transaction in the history of the company. To the countries of Asia and Latin America the first 44 cars of the Datsun model which production began one year prior to restructuring were sold. And Nissanocar which was issued since 1934 became the debut car of the Nissan brand for all its history. It started being made at new plant Nissan Yokohama Plant. In April, 1935 at the same plant conveyor assembly of the Datsun model which was completed with details of exclusively Japanese production started. Practically right after the beginning of mass assembly of this car I started also its export to Australia.

Prior to World War II the company managed to begin sale of three new models: dimensional "car" of Nissan Type 70, cargo van of Nissan Type 80, and also Nissan Type 90 bus. And in the middle of military operations after in 1943 the new plant Yoshiwara was constructed, production of cars stopped up to 1947. Up to this point the company managed to replace a name once again. Now it was called as Nissan Heavy Industries.

In 1951 the first all-wheel drive SUV of production Nissan was published. It was known Patrol equipped with the engine with six cylinders now. Next year there was one more sign event: between the Japanese company Nissan and the British auto maker of Austin Motor Co the contract within which in 1953 I debuted the first Austin which descended from the factory conveyor of the Japanese producer was signed. And the 50th came to an end also productively, as well as began: in 1958 I started export of cars to the USA, at the end of summer of the same year the first Datsun Bluebird car descended from the conveyor, and a month later two Datsun 210 cars took part and won a command victory in prestigious Australian rally.

The 1960th gave start to one more model which became a symbol of automobile building Japan. It is about the Nissan Cedric car which marked blossoming of the industry of the country of a sample of the middle of the XX century. This fine sedan which had magnificent design and equipped with various technical novelties of that period in 1964 transported Olympic Flame from Greece to Japan in which the next Olympic Games took place.

In the first half of the 60th two new plants of the Nissan company were constructed. Besides, designers of automobile building firm managed to update a model range some. So in 1965 sports Skyline 2000GT-B which, nevertheless, started being bought up even not by the richest buyers actively was published. And in 1966 the compact Datsun Sunny 1000 model which became to one of the most popular cars of Japan of the end of the 60th debuted. In the same 1966 Nissans redeemed the Prince Motor Co company then the model range filled up also the Gloria car equipped with the Japanese engine most powerful at that time. Its installation promoted a victory of the Gloria Super 6 car on 11 rallies of Japan. Also the Nissan Prince R380 and Nissan Bluebird model in the late sixties achieved high sports results.

1967 was marked by presentation of a limousine of Prince Royal equipped with the 6,4 liters 8-cylinder V-shaped engine, and in 1968 in the market debuted Nissan Fairlady 2000 which found special popularity abroad. One more model which was issued in 1969 was intended for export. Legendary Datsun 240Z very quickly became the most sold car in the world. By the end of the 70th 500 000 copies of this car were sold.

The 90th years of the XX century became especially important in the history of the company. At the beginning of a decade in the USA production and sales of Nissan Altima began, and in Great Britain debuted the Micra car. Both of these models gained recognition among motorists and won some prestigious awards, such as "The car of year in Europe", "The car of year in Japan" and "The new car of year". Also at the beginning of the 90th the Primera model then the next generation of off-road "monster" of Nissan Terrano which is let out for the European market and the second generation of Maxima QX was presented was published. Besides, in 1995 the Almera model known and extremely popular today debuted.

Despite the financial crisis which absorbed the company during this period of time, her experts managed to develop the hybrid car which was published in 1997. But it was only the first attempt which was crowned with relative success. Further work over "hybrid - mobile" promised to be continued. And meanwhile the new and new models of the Nissan brand becoming popular and not really were published all. In 1998 the Patrol SUV which received the GR index and the 2,8 liters 6-cylinder engine was once again updated. But already in a year, in connection with some problems, merger of companies of Nissan and Renault which had to promote development of both firms was created. The conceptual Fusion model became the first joint development.

The first years of new century brought to the Nissan company the mass of prestigious awards. For excellent design, high quality, safety during a driving and numerous technical innovations were awarded such models as Bluebird Sylphy, Micra, Altima and Primera. At the same time also development of new cars was conducted. So at the beginning of the XXI century debuted off-road models Nissan X-Trail and Nissan Murano. Later other cars also joined them. Especially it should be noted issue of one more all-wheel drive "giant" of Navara, 5-door hatchback of Note, and also a debut of the crossover of the "golf class" sold in the CIS under the name of Qashqai.

2002 became year of signing of the agreement on partnership in China between the Nissan Motor Co company and the Chinese producer of Dongfeng Motor Co. The neogenic structure received the name Dongfeng Motor Co, Ltd. Next year the design center of Nissan corporation which hitherto was settling down in Munich moved to London.

Over the past few years positions of Nissan concern in the Japanese and world markets became stronger. In 2007 more than 3,75 million cars of production of this company that allowed to get the net profit exceeding 4,2 billion dollars were sold. It testifies that Nissan Motor Co today – one of the most successful and ambitious producers of cars in the world.

Nissan 10 Nissan 10
Nissan 100nx Nissan 100nx
Nissan 110 Nissan 110
Nissan 1400 Nissan 1400
Nissan 1400 Bakkie Nissan 1400 Bakkie
Nissan 15 Nissan 15
Nissan 16 Slx Magnum Nissan 16 Slx Magnum
Nissan 180 Sx Nissan 180 Sx
Nissan 1800 Nissan 1800
Nissan 1800 Crew Cab Nissan 1800 Crew Cab
Nissan 1800 Pick Up Nissan 1800 Pick Up
Nissan 180zx Nissan 180zx
Nissan 20 Nissan 20
Nissan 20 Platinum Forklift Nissan 20 Platinum Forklift
Nissan 200 Sx Nissan 200 Sx
Nissan 200 Sx 18 Turbo Nissan 200 Sx 18 Turbo
Nissan 200 Sx S14 Nissan 200 Sx S14
Nissan 200 Sx Sports Nissan 200 Sx Sports
Nissan 2000 Gt Nissan 2000 Gt
Nissan 200sx 16v Turbo Nissan 200sx 16v Turbo
Nissan 200sx Se Nissan 200sx Se
Nissan 240 Rs Nissan 240 Rs
Nissan 240 Sx Nissan 240 Sx
Nissan 2400 Crew Cab 4x4 Nissan 2400 Crew Cab 4x4
Nissan 240sx Convertible Nissan 240sx Convertible
Nissan 240z Concept Nissan 240z Concept
Nissan 25 Nissan 25
Nissan 250z Nissan 250z
Nissan 280 Zx Nissan 280 Zx
Nissan 280z Nissan 280z
Nissan 300 Zx Nissan 300 Zx
Nissan 300 Zx Turbo Nissan 300 Zx Turbo
Nissan 300c Nissan 300c
Nissan 300zx 2+2 Nissan 300zx 2+2
Nissan 300zx Anniversary Edition Nissan 300zx Anniversary Edition
Nissan 300zx Fairlady Z Nissan 300zx Fairlady Z
Nissan 300zx Twin Turbo Nissan 300zx Twin Turbo
Nissan 320 Nissan 320
Nissan 350 Z Nissan 350 Z
Nissan 350z Black Top Nissan 350z Black Top
Nissan 350z Cabriolet Nissan 350z Cabriolet
Nissan 350z Drag Nissan 350z Drag
Nissan 350z Nismo Nissan 350z Nismo
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