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As founders of the Noble Moy Automotive company two persons acted: the former design engineer of the McLaren company Li Nobl who left "silver arrows" for the purpose of creation of own automobile building firm, and also the businessman Tony Moy, famous in wide circles.

It was initially planned to release some tens cars a year. However, having found suitable production in the Republic of South Africa, representatives of the company changed the production program, having outlined figure in 200 bodies a year. So Noble cars became serial.

In 1999 the first car of recently created company was released. It was Noble M10 roadster with V6 engine of 2.5 l and 168 h.p. from FORD Motors. Developers established on M10 of the chassis of the previous Nobl's models. Noble M10 resembled the walking car superficially though this car differed in a sportcar's average arrangement of the engine. Nobl's "ten" had an enviable ratio of weight to the power (only 960 kg) and dispersed from a place to "one hundred" in 6.4 seconds.

In 2000 the outstanding Noble M12 model which, having received a title of the fastest English serial car in due time was published, still didn't leave to the competitors any chances. The twelfth model was equipped to a drive.

Lem V6 of 2.5 l with two turbocompressors of Garrett T25 with a power of 310 horsepowers. After a while the Noble M400 model equipped with the V6 Ford Duratec engine, and also supplied with two turbocompressors (Twin-Turbo) was let out. The volume of the motor made 3 liters, and power – 430 horsepowers. Stocky and quite wide car could gather speed to 297 km/h, thus dispersal to the first hundred took only 3,5 seconds.

The rear drive Noble M400 car was equipped with a mechanical 6-staged transmission of Getrag. Suspension brackets of this model fixed on double triangular levers. The road gleam can be adjusted. All this miracle of automotive industry goes by light-alloy wheels which width of a rim made 18 inches. Tires are used Pirelli firms - P-Zero Corsa.

The convenient salon was supplied with adjustable seats and a steering column. Safety could be ensured by means of a rigid framework of a body, and also thanks to four-dot seat belts. But at all comfort of salon the Noble M400 car remained the supercar as such elements as the conditioner, the CD changer or the alarm system weren't available in the initial version of a car. The price of this car made a little more than 92 thousand euros.

2004 became a debut for the Noble M14 model. For the first time it was presented at the British automobile exhibition where drew to itself special media exposure. This sport car was constructed on the basis of the M12 chassis with minor changes. More prestigious salon and a new body which is also developed by Li Nobel became distinctive feature from the previous version.

Next year the Noble company began development absolutely new, not similar to the predecessors, the car. At the beginning of 2006 the revolutionary sport car of Noble M15 was officially presented. This "crumb" weighed only 1200 kg, despite the 3-liter Twin-Turbo engine with a power of 455 horsepowers installed on it. This power unit provided dispersal to 96 km/h in 3.3 seconds, and the car reached speed in 160 km/h less than in 8 seconds. The fifteenth model received a new hardware, such as traction control, satellite system of navigation, ABS and electric car lifts.

As platform for creation of the Noble M15 model the updated chassis from M400 served. Suspension brackets on double levers of cross type, soft springs became a distinctive feature that earlier was considered inadmissible for such class of cars, and also unregulated shock-absorbers. All brake system was developed especially for this car: the ventilated disks with a diameter of 330 mm, on four pistons on a wheel with the clamped supports. The transmission was used by productions of the Graziano company. The salon of the Noble M15 car was executed in style of minimalism and completely upholstered with skin, having taken all possible measures for the maximum sound insulation.

In 2007 the American company 1g Racing redeemed the right for realization of Noble M12 GTO-3R and Noble M400 cars in the territory of the USA where it was planned to complete these models with Mazda Duratec V6 engines which would be finished and supplied previously with a turbo-supercharging.

In May, 2008 the Noble Moy Automotive company declared the last stage of tests of new model of the supercar – Noble M600. By this time the design of a car was completely developed. It became known that the car was equipped with the 8-cylinder Yamaha engine, also Twin-Turbo which was used and on Volvo cars. Power of this unit, according to statements of developers, made about 600 horsepowers. Plans about assembly of 50 such models in a year are at the moment sounded.

Noble M10 Noble M10
Noble M12 3r Noble M12 3r
Noble M12 Gto Noble M12 Gto
Noble M12 Gto 3 Noble M12 Gto 3
Noble M15 Noble M15
Noble M400 Noble M400
Noble M600 Noble M600
Noble Streamline Car Noble Streamline Car
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