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The Opel company – one of leaders among producers of cars and minibuses in the territory of Germany. It was based by brothers Opel which father late by then, Adam, was engaged more than 35 years in development of the concept of automotive industry. Practically right after creation of the company which now is a part of the largest production giant "General Motors" the first car which left on the basis of the French Darrak brand, better known for that time, was developed.

This company seriously affected prospects of development of so profitable business, as automotive industry. The contract of "Opel" with French was signed till 1906 therefore brothers had enough time in order that by the time of the end of joint activity to master new technologies and surely to get on feet. Quite so also the legendary brand of the German car arose.

The severity imparted by Adam Opel to the sons led to that the company always staked on quality, to slightly less time finding for convenience of the cars. And it yielded fruits. By the beginning of World War I "Opel" around the world practically had no competitors who could declare that their production is more reliable. The level of quality of development of children of Adam didn't raise doubts and at the highest German management.

So during World War I brothers could adjust release of cargo cars for army requirements. Nevertheless, they weren't going to forget about new development of automobile automotive industry. And, in spite of the fact that right after the end of war the company was on the verge of crash, it managed to be restored. Already to the middle of the 20th years of the past century the Opel plant was equipped with the latest technologies. All production relics were modernized. Besides, exactly there was a conveyor, the first in the territory of Germany, which allowed to accelerate production of the developed cars in tens times.

10 years later "Opel" could brag of existence of models which, apparently, are capable to change upside down understanding of mankind about the car. And the most known of such models can call the Opel Kadett car, גרוהרו‏ from the conveyor of plant in 1935. This model still is considered one of leaders of the German automotive industry and enjoys wide popularity around the world. Certainly, new generations considerably differ from a novelty of a sample of the 30th years, however, the emphasis on quality of model remained.

Before the company improbable prospects opened. It seemed, nothing will prevent a child of brothers to win Opel all world market of production of a car. However not so it happened as it was would like by founders of the company. Problems began before World War II. Then "Opel" was confiscated from his owners and passed into the state property. It was not so long as right after defeat of Germans in war the main production relics of Opel plants passed under influence of the Soviet Union.

Nevertheless, plants of one of leaders of the German automotive industry soon revived again. The plant in Russelkhaym where there was the main plant "Opel", was quickly restored then the management of the company could construct one more largest plant in the city of Bochum. By then the modernized models of cars Blitz, Olimpia, popular for those times, and also Kapitan were presented. And only shortly before the end of the 80th years after the management of plant in Bochum presented to the public absolutely new Senator and Monza models, the company could brag of the leadership among producers of automotive vehicles again. "Opel" seized about 25% of all German market.

The middle of the 80th years of the XX century coincided with boom of popularity of the company again. During this period of time revolutionary models "Opel" were developed: Vectra and Omega. Considering unprecedented popularity of these models and today, to say that they struck all automobile world, it isn't necessary. It is clear without wasting words. Besides, during the same period some more plants in the territory of Europe were constructed. So in 1982 the Opel plant in the Spanish city of Zaragoza opened. Feature of this plant it is possible to call that it specializes on release of truly Spanish Corsa car which is considered the most compact and, at the same time, pretty convenient development of the company.

The first half of the 90th – top of development of the company. From 1990 to 1996 the guide of the automobile magnate developed the mass of new models, and also created new base for promoting of the brand. New plants, both in the territory of Germany, and in different corners of Europe were open. Then "General Motors" declares the Opel company the most important object from the strategic point of view on which other producers of a car who are a part of corporation have to equal.

After in 1999 at the state level 100-year anniversary of "Opel" was celebrated, it became clear: this company has ahead a huge future. And in 2001 hopes of the judges of brand expecting new replenishments in "family" were heard about the closest plans of the management of the company. Besides the beginning of works on updating of a brand, representatives of firm declared that up to 2007 each 6 months will leave the updated models of the Opel cars which became darlings. And, It should be noted, this promise wasn't violated.

Today "Adam Opel AG" – one of the most influential companies of Germany among the firms which are engaged in production of cars in the territory of this country. Besides, "Opel" is the largest branch of the world famous corporation which deserved own glory laborious work and then own workers – "General Motors".

Opel 10 35 Ps Opel 10 35 Ps
Opel 10 40 Ps Opel 10 40 Ps
Opel 1030 Tourer Opel 1030 Tourer
Opel 12 Liter Opel 12 Liter
Opel 1200 Opel 1200
Opel 1204 Caravan Opel 1204 Caravan
Opel 12hp Droschke Opel 12hp Droschke
Opel 1500 Opel 1500
Opel 1604 S Opel 1604 S
Opel 18 Liter Opel 18 Liter
Opel 1900 Opel 1900
Opel 1900 Gt Opel 1900 Gt
Opel 1900 Wagon Opel 1900 Wagon
Opel 20 Liter Opel 20 Liter
Opel 20 Liter Cabriolet Opel 20 Liter Cabriolet
Opel 25ps Double Tourer Opel 25ps Double Tourer
Opel 4 12 Ps Opel 4 12 Ps
Opel 4 12 Ps Laubfrosch Opel 4 12 Ps Laubfrosch
Opel 4 16 Ps Opel 4 16 Ps
Opel 4 18 Ps Opel 4 18 Ps
Opel 4 20 Ps Opel 4 20 Ps
Opel 4 8 Ps Opel 4 8 Ps
Opel 4 Ps Opel 4 Ps
Opel 6 Opel 6
Opel 6 16 Ps Opel 6 16 Ps
Opel 8 25 Ps Opel 8 25 Ps
Opel 8 40 Ps Opel 8 40 Ps
Opel Admiral Opel Admiral
Opel Admiral Cabriolet Opel Admiral Cabriolet
Opel Admiral Station Opel Admiral Station
Opel Admiral Tourer Opel Admiral Tourer
Opel Aero Kadett Opel Aero Kadett
Opel Agila Opel Agila
Opel Agila 12 Opel Agila 12
Opel Ampera Opel Ampera
Opel Antara Opel Antara
Opel Antara 20 Opel Antara 20
Opel Antara 20 Cdti Opel Antara 20 Cdti
Opel Antara 24l Opel Antara 24l
Opel Antara Gtc Opel Antara Gtc
Opel Ascona Opel Ascona
Opel Ascona 16n Opel Ascona 16n
Opel Ascona 18 E Sport Opel Ascona 18 E Sport
Opel Ascona 19 Sr Opel Ascona 19 Sr
Opel Ascona 1900 Type B Opel Ascona 1900 Type B
Opel Ascona 19s Opel Ascona 19s
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