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The Pegaso Z-102 car developed by Don Vilfredo Ricart who worked on the National Pescara car earlier became the first model of the company, and in military years was the technical director of the company of Alfa Romeo. When designing the car Pegaso, Vilfredo Ricart used the latest, the most perspective, according to his opinion, development.

The car was equipped with the V8 motor of 2,5 lira which was supplied with four top camshafts – on 2 on a number of cylinders. The engine was made in general of an aluminum alloy and equipped with Weber carburetors. At equipment by the 170 horsepowers motor, the car could accelerate to 225 km/h. Though it is only the main characteristics of the unit as the car changed from the order to the order. As a back suspension bracket development of the De Dion company with cross torsions while on Ferrari still established not cutting back bridge was used. The forward suspension bracket was the torsion.

Assembled the Pegaso Z-102 car on a steel frame platform with strengthening which consisted of the numerous welded details. Drum brakes were bulky and were established on back wheels. The car at the Parisian automobile exhibition in 1951 was presented and was positioned as the fastest around the world. And in 1953 on the route in Yabbeke (Belgium) the car set up a speed record from start – 245 km/h.

All details were made for the car directly at plants of the company, only bodies were made by other firms. Only some copies made independently, and the main part of bodies was provided by the Italian firm Touring, and Touring Berlinetta became the most popular of them. Sometimes released cars with a body of Saoutchik firm.

In 1952 at the New York automobile exhibition the option of the Pegaso Z-102 model with a body from El Dominicano with an original expressive form of a radiator was presented. Also also different types of the installed engine which were issued with pressurization and without it were offered.

In 1953 the company let out the first model prepared specially under competitions in Le Mans. However the car and took in them part because of breakages on trainings. The car on the Mexican route Carrera Panamericana became the following loss. At that time Pegaso Z102 equipped with the 2,4 liters engine without pressurization didn't concede the Jaguar XK120 model. In turn, the development of Pegaso equipped with the 3,2 liters motor with pressurization which power made 285 horsepowers, quite successfully competed with Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz.

In 1955 the Pegaso Z103 model which chassis didn't differ from the previous model was let out, but the engine was changed. This motor was also V8, and volumes made it nearly 4 liters, 4,5 and 4,8 liters which power was respectively 247, 285 and 289 horsepowers. Besides, developers of this Pegaso model sought to reduce noise level. But the car didn't add popularity of the company – Pegaso Z103 cars was collected less than five.

As the purpose of the enterprise consisted in a raising of prestige of the state, and shareholders the state company, naturally, had no, profitability of the realized cars interested nobody. Though the cost of cars was quite high. They were made under the order, and gathered very long. For the first seven years of production of automobile cars only 128 copies – difficult and very expensive cars were made.

In the late fifties the ENASA concern completely switched to production of trucks which were considerably in great demand. In the same time the developer Vilfredo Ricart went to the Lockheed France company, having held the president's post there.

Since then the company existed, regularly developing new models which didn't get special laurels, but popularity enjoyed. And at the end of the last century the ENASA enterprise signed the agreement on assembly of Pegaso cars with the British company IAD. It was planned to start in production the Z103 model collected from modern accessories. Pegaso IAD Z103 which was published in the late nineties of the XIX century was stylized under models of the 1950th years, and the fiberglass body was developed by the famous Spanish engineer of Pedro Serre. The Pegaso IAD Z103 model was completed with the Rover V8 engine, and the back suspension bracket and a transmission were taken from Alfa Romeo 75.

This model turned out very successful, but since then the Pegaso company doesn't please the admirers with new interesting development.

Pegaso 1010 Pegaso 1010
Pegaso 1031 Barajas Pegaso 1031 Barajas
Pegaso 1060 Pegaso 1060
Pegaso 1061 Pegaso 1061
Pegaso 1062 Pegaso 1062
Pegaso 1063 Pegaso 1063
Pegaso 1063 A Pegaso 1063 A
Pegaso 1064 Pegaso 1064
Pegaso 1065 Pegaso 1065
Pegaso 1065 Europa Pegaso 1065 Europa
Pegaso 1065 L Pegaso 1065 L
Pegaso 1065 L Comet Pegaso 1065 L Comet
Pegaso 1066 Pegaso 1066
Pegaso 1080 Pegaso 1080
Pegaso 1083 Pegaso 1083
Pegaso 1086 Pegaso 1086
Pegaso 1088 Pegaso 1088
Pegaso 1090 Comet Pegaso 1090 Comet
Pegaso 1095 Comet Pegaso 1095 Comet
Pegaso 1100 Comet Pegaso 1100 Comet
Pegaso 1121 Pegaso 1121
Pegaso 1135 Pegaso 1135
Pegaso 1180 Pegaso 1180
Pegaso 1223 Pegaso 1223
Pegaso 1223 Turbo Pegaso 1223 Turbo
Pegaso 1234 Pegaso 1234
Pegaso 123438 Pegaso 123438
Pegaso 123638 Pegaso 123638
Pegaso 2010 Pegaso 2010
Pegaso 2011 Pegaso 2011
Pegaso 2020 Pegaso 2020
Pegaso 2080 Pegaso 2080
Pegaso 2180 Pegaso 2180
Pegaso 2189 Pegaso 2189
Pegaso 2190 Pegaso 2190
Pegaso 2331 Pegaso 2331
Pegaso 2900 Pegaso 2900
Pegaso 3020 Pegaso 3020
Pegaso 3020 F Comet Pegaso 3020 F Comet
Pegaso 3040 Comet Pegaso 3040 Comet
Pegaso 3041 Comet Pegaso 3041 Comet
Pegaso 3045 Pegaso 3045
Pegaso 3045d Pegaso 3045d
Pegaso 3046 Pegaso 3046
Pegaso 304610 Pegaso 304610
Pegaso 3055 Pegaso 3055
Pegaso 3060 Pegaso 3060
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