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Peterbilt – one of the most famous brands of trucks around the world. These huge powerful cars trimmed with the chromeplated details – the real kings of roads. The history of this automobile building enterprise originates in 1915. Then the small company on production of passenger cars, buses and trucks was founded by brothers Frank and William.

Some years Fageol Motors Co company. successfully I worked at the market, and even I managed to become famous – in 1924 it became known in quality of a producer of excellent cargo cars for the woodworking industry. However the economic crisis which came in the early thirties drove many car makers, and Fageol into a corner including. In 1929 the company declared itself bankrupt, and in 1932 it was redeemed by The Waukesha Motor Company firm and the Central Bank of Oakland.

Despite the time of troubles of "a great depression", demand for trucks I didn't fall, and under the auspices of two serious companies Fageol Motors Co I continued to let out new models of trucks.

In 1938 the Sterling Motors company took notice of Fageol and its property. Having redeemed the first, Sterling the same year stopped release of lorries under the name of Fageol. And a year later Fageol Motors Co again I removed to an arrangement to certain mister Peterman. It was the famous businessman who was engaged in forest trade in the city of Tacoma, State of Washington. Theodor Alfred Peterman used trucks for transportation of logs and as nobody released the cars suitable his requirements, at first the businessman remade old army cars which wrote off as superfluous.

During crisis the businessman had an excellent opportunity to buy to itself the company on assembly of trucks. Then to Peterman already known producer of the qualitative Fageol Motors Co trucks also attracted. Having bought it, the new owner turned to work and in the same 1939 the first fourteen trucks descended from the conveyor.

Quality became the main idea of production of the newly made company Peterman Manufacturing. "Quality and durability were feature "Peterbiltov" from the very beginning, - the current general manager of the company Nick Lantsa told on anniversary celebrations. - These characteristics remain at the heart of work of firm and now. In each truck which we project, we test and we make".

By 1969 demand for trucks under the name of Peterbilt so grew that there was a need for construction of one more plant which Madison, the State of Tennessee grew up in the city. In total within the 60th years it was released about 21 thousand cars under the name of Peterbilt.

In 1973 the Peterbilt plant in Madison was doubled that allowed to let out and sell 8 thousand trucks in a year. And in 1975 the new plant was constructed in Canada. By the end of the 70th at two plants Peterbilt, 72 thousand cars were made. Such success demanded the next increase in capacities therefore in 1980 one more was constructed, already the third plant of the company – this time in Denton, the State of Texas.

In 1981 the market was entered by the updated version of model 352 – Peterbilt 362 with the cabin located over the engine. The car exterior was changed, and a cabin equipped with a continuous windshield. 1988 brought one more version of model 352 – Peterbilt 372 Winnebago. The design of this model differed in aerodynamic forms, and the cabin, as well as at the previous representatives, was directly over the car motor.

In 1993 the company released the truck with absolutely new sleeping a compartment which it was quite possible to call full-fledged sleeping system – Unibilt Cab Sleeper System. It differed in a uniform rigid design of a cabin and allowed to increase a sleeping compartment by 62%.

1999 I was marked by release of one more novelty with aerodynamic lines in design of the car - model 387. The Peterbilt Motor Company company still makes the trucks differing in high quality. Its cars by right are considered the best in the class, thanks to foresight of the management, continuous improvement of models and talent of engineers.

Peterbilt 200 Peterbilt 200
Peterbilt 260gd 5 Ton Tractor Peterbilt 260gd 5 Ton Tractor
Peterbilt 275 Peterbilt 275
Peterbilt 281 Peterbilt 281
Peterbilt 282 Peterbilt 282
Peterbilt 289 Peterbilt 289
Peterbilt 320 Peterbilt 320
Peterbilt 320 Front Loader Peterbilt 320 Front Loader
Peterbilt 330 Peterbilt 330
Peterbilt 335 Peterbilt 335
Peterbilt 336 Peterbilt 336
Peterbilt 348 Peterbilt 348
Peterbilt 349 Peterbilt 349
Peterbilt 351 Peterbilt 351
Peterbilt 352 Peterbilt 352
Peterbilt 352 H Peterbilt 352 H
Peterbilt 352 Pacemaker Peterbilt 352 Pacemaker
Peterbilt 352 Unilite Peterbilt 352 Unilite
Peterbilt 353 Peterbilt 353
Peterbilt 357 Peterbilt 357
Peterbilt 357 111 Peterbilt 357 111
Peterbilt 357 119 Peterbilt 357 119
Peterbilt 357 Dump Peterbilt 357 Dump
Peterbilt 357sb Peterbilt 357sb
Peterbilt 358 Peterbilt 358
Peterbilt 359 Peterbilt 359
Peterbilt 359 California Special Peterbilt 359 California Special
Peterbilt 359 Classic Peterbilt 359 Classic
Peterbilt 359 Exhd Peterbilt 359 Exhd
Peterbilt 359 Souther Classic Peterbilt 359 Souther Classic
Peterbilt 362 Peterbilt 362
Peterbilt 362 E Peterbilt 362 E
Peterbilt 365 Peterbilt 365
Peterbilt 367 Peterbilt 367
Peterbilt 367 Dump Peterbilt 367 Dump
Peterbilt 372 Peterbilt 372
Peterbilt 375 Peterbilt 375
Peterbilt 377 Peterbilt 377
Peterbilt 377 120 Peterbilt 377 120
Peterbilt 377 Ae Peterbilt 377 Ae
Peterbilt 377a Peterbilt 377a
Peterbilt 378 Peterbilt 378
Peterbilt 378 119 Peterbilt 378 119
Peterbilt 378 Dump Peterbilt 378 Dump
Peterbilt 378sb Peterbilt 378sb
Peterbilt 379 Peterbilt 379
Peterbilt 379 119 Peterbilt 379 119
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