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Officially the Peugeot carmaker was registered in 1896 under the name "Society of Cars of Peugeot", however roots of this society disappear deeply. Today it would be difficult to judge opportunities existence of the company, if the member of family of Peugeot, not in love with speed, – Armand.

In spite of the fact that the company was created in 1896, Armand Peugeot created the first car in five years before. Having equipped it with the petrol engine of Gottlieb Deimler, the designer counted on success of model which came immediately. But 1892 became even more successful. Having created at once 10 cars, Peugeot secured the order from Algeria and designed the car, absolutely unique for those times, with the 4-cylinder engine and a silver body. This car took the second place in automobile run, the first in the history of France, Paris – Rouen, taken place at the end of July, 1984. And in a year also the first large victory followed – the Lightning model won the race Paris – Bordeaux – Paris.

Every year the number of the cars released and sold by the company promptly increased. Offering a choice from 15 models, in 1899 sales level of "Peugeot" reached a point in 300 units, and 1900 was marked by a new record – in a year 500 cars were made. Thanks to this indicator at a turn of centuries the Peugeot carmaker became the absolute leader of the market in the sphere of the activity.

The XX century presented new realities of development of the automobile market in Europe. Besides especially racing cars on which Armand Peugeot focused the attention at the end of the past century, the company was engaged in development of "a national car" which became Peugeot "Bebe". This minicar created in 1905 became the most sold car of France, thanks to the low cost and excellent technical characteristics. The outstanding designer Ettore Bugatti took part in development of "Baby". It possesses also idea of modernization of the car which happened in 1913.

Is indisputable that fact that the updated Bebe version only added a picture of development of carmaker of a sample of 1913. And production of the Goux model equipped with the 7,6-liter engine became the real triumph. This machine set up a new record of speed at competitions in Indianapolis, having accelerated to 187 km/h.

World War I couldn't but strike on production relics of the company, especially, on the eve of its beginning Armand Peugeot suddenly died, having left business to the followers. Practically right after death of the main ideologist, "Peugeot" let out new model - "Quadrilette" which right there won hearts of millions and I became one of the most economic models of those times.

The 20th years of the XX century passed under the sign of large merges. So such eminent companies as "Bellanger" and "De-Dion Bouton" were part "Society of cars of Peugeot". But these traces of existence were only during this period of time.

Unfortunately, to cope with the financial crisis which happened in anticipation of World War II, Armand Peugeot's followers didn't manage. Respectively, activity of the company from 1930 to 1960 can be characterized several phrases. Cars continued to be made, new models were developed, without having special popularity, and during World War II the Peugeot company took over the German concern "Volkswagen".

The 60th years of the XX century were marked by revival of traditions of "Peugeot". But during this period time the company didn't dare "to go in cycles" in production of racing cars, therefore the model range of the company actively was replenished with luxury expensive sedans, and also compact minicars which every day became more and more popular in the territory of post-war France.

Testing, nevertheless, financial difficulties, the management of the company made the strong-willed decision which consisted in association in 1966 of technical resources with the main competitor of "Peugeot" – the Renault company. A bit later the leader of the Scandinavian automotive industry – the Swedish company "Volvo" also joined these French firms.

In the mid-seventies the past century strategic development of "Peugeot" proceeded, and association in one concern with the Citroen company which structure for that time already included the firm leading around the world on production of armor cars – "Panar Levassor" became its new stage. Some years later this concern which seized the main production relics of the French automotive industry was adjoined also by the office of "Chrysler Europe" which occupied the niche in the sphere of production of commercial, cargo and automobile cars.

At the beginning of the 80th all these associations yielded the results. The Peugeot concern declared release of new model with an index 205 and a body "hatchback". This car was in large quantities made during the period from 1983 to 1995 and was considered as one of the most popular cars in Europe. And in 1989 the unsurpassed Peugeot 605 differing in not really stylish design, but excellent technical characteristics, an udobnost and maneuverability was published. Later this sedan was transformed to Peugeot 607 which could find still great popularity.

The 90th years of the XX century became apogee of development of the company which released some tens competitive cars, having completely updated the model range. Such models as the commercial Peugeot "Partner" car, and also Peugeot 206 presented in 1998 became especially popular. This work of art presented in various modifications still is in the greatest demand among motorists of Europe.

As of the beginning of the XXI century the Peugeot concern is one of leaders of world automotive industry, having huge production relics, possessing the mass of plants around the world and making the lion's share of production in the French market in the field of activity.

Peugeot 1007 Peugeot 1007
Peugeot 1007 14 Peugeot 1007 14
Peugeot 101 Peugeot 101
Peugeot 101 Mt Peugeot 101 Mt
Peugeot 101 S Peugeot 101 S
Peugeot 102 Peugeot 102
Peugeot 102 Ks Sport Peugeot 102 Ks Sport
Peugeot 102 Kt Peugeot 102 Kt
Peugeot 102 Mr Peugeot 102 Mr
Peugeot 102 Ms Peugeot 102 Ms
Peugeot 102 Mt Peugeot 102 Mt
Peugeot 103 Peugeot 103
Peugeot 103 L Peugeot 103 L
Peugeot 103 Lvb Peugeot 103 Lvb
Peugeot 103 Mvl Peugeot 103 Mvl
Peugeot 103 Rcx Peugeot 103 Rcx
Peugeot 103 Sp Peugeot 103 Sp
Peugeot 103 Sport Peugeot 103 Sport
Peugeot 103 Spr Peugeot 103 Spr
Peugeot 103 Spx Peugeot 103 Spx
Peugeot 103 Vogue Peugeot 103 Vogue
Peugeot 103 Vs Peugeot 103 Vs
Peugeot 104 Peugeot 104
Peugeot 104 Bb Peugeot 104 Bb
Peugeot 104 Break Peugeot 104 Break
Peugeot 104 Coupe Peugeot 104 Coupe
Peugeot 104 F3 Peugeot 104 F3
Peugeot 104 Sr Peugeot 104 Sr
Peugeot 104 Style Z Peugeot 104 Style Z
Peugeot 104 V Peugeot 104 V
Peugeot 104 Vl Peugeot 104 Vl
Peugeot 104 Z Peugeot 104 Z
Peugeot 104 Za Peugeot 104 Za
Peugeot 104 Zl Peugeot 104 Zl
Peugeot 104 Zs Peugeot 104 Zs
Peugeot 104 Zs2 Peugeot 104 Zs2
Peugeot 105 Peugeot 105
Peugeot 105 Vcb Peugeot 105 Vcb
Peugeot 105 Vl Peugeot 105 Vl
Peugeot 105 Vlc Peugeot 105 Vlc
Peugeot 106 Peugeot 106
Peugeot 106 11 Peugeot 106 11
Peugeot 106 11 Equinoxe Peugeot 106 11 Equinoxe
Peugeot 106 11 Xn Peugeot 106 11 Xn
Peugeot 106 11 Zen Peugeot 106 11 Zen
Peugeot 106 Clubsport Peugeot 106 Clubsport
Peugeot 106 Electrique Peugeot 106 Electrique
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