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The Piaggio company – the Italian enterprise specializing on production of scooters and motorcycles. A place of the main production – the city of Pontedera, the province Pisa, the Tuscany area, Italy. Piaggio – the producer of motorcycles, the fourth in size, and scooters in the world, controlling 40 percent of the market, annually lets out more than 600 thousand units of production, having five research centers with staff more than 6700 people. The distributor network of the enterprise captured more than 50 countries worldwide.

The history of the oldest motorcycle enterprise in Italy began on September 5, 1884 when Enrico Pyadzho got a ground in Sestri Ponente (Genoa) for the purpose of creation of woodworking plant who would deliver wood for shipbuilding. Shortly the son – Rinaldo who later abandoned some years the father joins the project of the father and created in 1887 the Piaggio & C company which main specialization was the shipbuilding.

Rinaldo and to his enterprise was accompanied by success as Piaggio & C was the modern, effective and mechanized company. In 1989 the Piaggio & C company was a part of the enterprises well-known in the future in Italy of Attilio Odero dynasty, and also debuted in the market of railway branch and got new working shop in Ligure's Final.

In 1916 the Piaggio & C enterprise started being engaged in aviation production. Rinaldo Pyagio aspired that his firm provided employment and influenced development of national economy. In 1920 reorganization of Piaggio took place & C owing to which Atilio Odero sold is appointed the president of the company, and Rinaldo Pyagio began to carry out a role of the CEO. All this time of Rinaldo it was firmly convinced that the company has to be guided by aviation strategy. Therefore Rinaldo also invited to plant of famous aviation engineers Penya Giovanni and Giuseppe Gabrieli, setting for them a task of development of the first prototype of the plane under the name Rondine (ital. – "Swallow").

In 1988 the presidency of Piaggio & C was occupied by Gustavo Denegri, and Giovanni Anyelli was appointed the head of Board of directors. In 1990 in Ponteder production of the new Sfera scooter with a plastic covering began. In the early nineties the Piaggio & C company was reorganized into uniform holding under the name Piaggio Veicoli Europei S.p.A., which president was Giovanni Anyelli.

The holding celebrated 50-year anniversary of creation of the Vespa model in 1996 from start in production of the new version of the legendary scooter. However already next year brought to the company sudden death of the managing director. Since 1997 Piaggio Group received a new administrative order. Alessandro Barberis, and then Dante Razzano as the president became representatives of new management of holding at first. Stephano Rozelli Del Turco became the new CEO of the enterprise. And in 1999 control over Piaggio & C passed to Morgan Grenfell Private Equity.

Next year the first specialized shop Vespa was open in the United States, and today such shops already more than 60. However at that time hopes of English Morgan Grenfell for fast profit weren't equaled, the Piaggio company invested more than 15 million euros in creation of the new motorcycle, but the project was thrown at a stage of creation of a prototype. On a state by the end of 2002 the company was burdened with a debt of half a billion euro.

I interfered with current situation of Roberto Collanino, Piaggio which made in October, 2003 initial investments of 100 million euros in exchange for a third of the equity stake. The same year the businessman Kollanino appointed the chairman of the board of directors Rocco Sabelli the executive director, and Dzhinaklaudio Nery – general.

On April 6, 2004 the management of the Piaggio company signed the strategic agreement with the Chinese holding Zongshen on production and sale of engines, vehicles and details in the Asian market. In honor of this event the headquarters of holding in Ponteder was visited by the prime minister of People's Republic of China Wen Tszyabao. And on March 9, 2005 one more event, significant for Piaggio Group, took place: in the presence of all management of plant in Rome the Vespa XL model – the 139th version of this family was started in production from the moment of release of the first Vespa in 1946.

Piaggio 50 Nrg Mc 2 Piaggio 50 Nrg Mc 2
Piaggio 80 Typhoon Piaggio 80 Typhoon
Piaggio Al 500 Piaggio Al 500
Piaggio Ape Piaggio Ape
Piaggio Ape 125 Piaggio Ape 125
Piaggio Ape 150 Piaggio Ape 150
Piaggio Ape 150 A Piaggio Ape 150 A
Piaggio Ape 150 C Piaggio Ape 150 C
Piaggio Ape 400 Piaggio Ape 400
Piaggio Ape 50 Piaggio Ape 50
Piaggio Ape 50 Cross Piaggio Ape 50 Cross
Piaggio Ape 50 Mp Piaggio Ape 50 Mp
Piaggio Ape 550 Mp Piaggio Ape 550 Mp
Piaggio Ape 600 Mp Piaggio Ape 600 Mp
Piaggio Ape B Piaggio Ape B
Piaggio Ape C Piaggio Ape C
Piaggio Ape Calessino Piaggio Ape Calessino
Piaggio Ape Car Ls Piaggio Ape Car Ls
Piaggio Ape Cross Country Piaggio Ape Cross Country
Piaggio Ape D Piaggio Ape D
Piaggio Ape P 501 Piaggio Ape P 501
Piaggio Ape P401 Piaggio Ape P401
Piaggio Ape P50 Piaggio Ape P50
Piaggio Ape P601 Piaggio Ape P601
Piaggio Ape Tm Piaggio Ape Tm
Piaggio Ape Tm D Piaggio Ape Tm D
Piaggio Ape Tm P602 Piaggio Ape Tm P602
Piaggio Ape Tm P703 Piaggio Ape Tm P703
Piaggio Beverly Piaggio Beverly
Piaggio Beverly 200 Piaggio Beverly 200
Piaggio Beverly 250 Piaggio Beverly 250
Piaggio Beverly 500 Piaggio Beverly 500
Piaggio Boxer Piaggio Boxer
Piaggio Bravo Piaggio Bravo
Piaggio Bv Piaggio Bv
Piaggio Ciao Piaggio Ciao
Piaggio Ciao Luxe Piaggio Ciao Luxe
Piaggio Cosa Piaggio Cosa
Piaggio Et4 Piaggio Et4
Piaggio Fly Piaggio Fly
Piaggio Free Piaggio Free
Piaggio Free 50 Piaggio Free 50
Piaggio Hexagon Piaggio Hexagon
Piaggio Liberty Piaggio Liberty
Piaggio Liberty 125 Piaggio Liberty 125
Piaggio Liberty 50 Piaggio Liberty 50
Piaggio Lx 50 Piaggio Lx 50
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