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Baptiste Farina known as "Pinin" – a legend of the Italian automotive industry and design. It began the career in the Stabilimenti Farina company belonging to his brother, Giovanni Farina. Soon Baptiste achieved outstanding progress, and his activity was estimated at all by the state. However it didn't prevent the designer to get over for some time in the USA and to reject the offer on cooperation which arrived from Henry Ford. Nevertheless, Farina returned practically at once to native Italy where founded the Carrozzeria Pinin Farina company, having left thus an arrangement of firm of own brother.

According to Farina's opinion, specifics of activity of his company had to consist in conveyor production of easy bodies for cars. For this Baptiste actively I was engaged in assembly of the new production line which could let out to ten bodies per day. It should be noted that it managed it incredibly quickly. But in parallel with increase in production relics, Farina established relations with large world car makers. So by the beginning of World War II in Batista's pocket contracts with the General Motors and Renault companies lay. But the beginning of military operations prevented the designer to begin own activity quickly.

The debut of the first development of the Carrozzeria Pinin Farina company is dated 1947 when the Cisitalia 202 car which became an ideal embodiment in the sphere of design and convenience was presented. And the beginning of the 50th appeared peak of popularity of legendary firm. One by one large carmakers addressed to Farina with offers on cooperation. In this regard, in 1954 Cadillac PF of 200 Cabriolet the body for which was designed by Batista and his team was published. But the PF 200 model became only a basis for further development of firm. Already by the end of the 50th such models as Lancia Aurelia B24 S, Rambler Palm Beach, Lancia Florida II, Cadillac Starlight and Cadillac Skylight were developed and presented, and the success own car of Farina – Pininfarina X which is let out in 1960 crowned.

In two years prior to this significant event there was still something, on what it is necessary to pay attention. In 1958 the new plant of the Pinin Farina company which total area made more than 75 000 square meters was completed, and up to 1960 its expansion which increased the area of plant was conducted it is even more – to 102 000 square meters. Respectively, instantly increased not only production relics of firm, but also number of its personnel.

Further development of firm was so successful. In 1980 the exclusive Ferrari Pinin model devoted to memory of the outstanding developer Batista Pininfarina debuted. By that moment on hands heads of the company already had contracts with the leading German and Japanese carmakers. As a result of such cooperation the Audi Quartz models (1981), and also Honda HP-X (1984) which became symbols of design of the 80th were let out.

By that moment the company Pininfarina's grandson – Paolo who changed structure of the firm created by his grandfather a little directed already. The commercial organization "Carrozzeria Pinin Farina" was engaged not only automobile design, but also design of rooms, and also architectural structures. Nevertheless, it didn't prevent productive work of automobile department.

In 1992 there was a Pininfarina Ethos concept car which following versions were submitted in 1993 and 1994. And at once after presentation of Pininfarina Ethos 3 the company was engaged in development of the magnificent Fiat Spunto model presented in the same 1994. Participation in more than 20 projects less than in ten years – the result of activity of firm in the 90th appeared that. 1999 when Ferraris F360 Modena were published, Pininfarina Metrocubo, Fiat Wish, and also the car which is in unprecedented demand and today – Peugeot 206 was given especially successful. Yes, owners of this magnificent car which look still pleasantly surprises laymans have to thank Pininfarina for design.

The new commercial realities which marked the beginning of the XXI century forced the management of firm to be engaged in independent search of new partners, and as it appeared, many wanted to cooperate with legendary firm. In 2001 there were first prototypes of Citroen Osee and Ford Start, 2002 was marked by a debut of Hafei HF Fantasy, in 2003 the splendid Maserati Quattroporte car was presented, and in two years within cooperation with Chinese there was a model of the Chery M14 car. All this time the Pininfarina company was engaged also in development of own cars. Especially successful was a Pininfarina Double-Face model presented in 2004.

Today the design bureau "Carrozzeria Pinin Farina" continues the active development. New prototypes are developed, new relations are established, and also popularity of own cars developed by the company increases. According to opinion of experts, by 2010 assets of the company which directs Paolo Pininfarin, will allow the organization to enter ten the most profitable firms working today in automobile business.

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