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The history of the Pontiac brand began with the basis Edward Murphy of the small company which was engaged in production of crews. The company received the name Pontiac Buggy Co. This name received the enterprise in honor of the outstanding leader of one of Indian tribes who lived in the XVIII century.

In 1907 Murphy decided to change activity from production of crews for production of cars. For this purpose it found the partner in a name Alanson Brash who already had an experience in production of cars – once he was engaged in Cadillac brand cars. Businessmen reorganized already existing Pontiac Buggy Co, having renamed firm into Oakland Motor Car Company.

The first cars released by this company appeared in 1908. On a cowl the brand emblem in the form of the Indian's head flaunted, and under a cowl there was the 20 horsepowers two-cylinder engine developed by Brash. In the first year of work of the company 300 cars were released. In 1909 the model range was filled up by the Pontiac 40 model. It was equipped with the four-cylinder engine and had a capacity of 40 horsepowers. Same year, Oakland Motor Car Company got to area of sight of William Durant, and after a while it was attached to General Motors corporation.

In 1913 there was an updating of a model range, and the market was entered by Pontiac 60 which was equipped with already 6-cylinder engine. And in 1918 the Oakland model with the first V-shaped 8-cylinder motor was let out. However in a year the management of firm made the decision to return to 6-cylinder units. From 1919 to 1930 all Oakland models were issued only with six cylinders.

In 1926 the company was renamed again, now it received the name Pontiac Motor Division. Then year the General Motors corporation for the first time presented to Pontiac as the division at an automobile exhibition in New York. The management of corporation positioned the Pontiac models as cars of middle class which easily occupied a niche between expensive Chevrolet's and cheap Buick. The cost of the car of the Pontiac brand averaged 825 dollars. Such price allowed to sell 76 695 cars for 1926.

In August of the same year the ruler was replenished with the new Landau model – a 4-door sedan. In a year, in 1927, I debuted also a roadster – the first car with folding top which left under the name of Pontiac. 1928 was remembered by a set of innovations. First, the company started releasing cars in a body a phaeton, secondly, engine capacity increased to 48 horsepowers, and thirdly, old mechanical brakes started putting on new manners – now they were carried out on all wheels. Moreover, serial release of Pontiac Roadster the same year began. All these events helped the company to increase quantity of the sold cars to 203 700 copies in a year.

Having let out new models in 1929, the motor for the New Big Six car was improved – its volume made 3,3 liters, and power increased to 60 horsepowers. The car also received the name for it.

1931 brought essential changes in a new model range which received the name Fine Six. Cars were equipped with already V-shaped engine and new cases. And in 1932 one of the first Oakland models were modernized.

To appointment of the new CEO Harry Klinger in 1933 in production of the company there were some changes. Under its management full modernization of all models was carried out. Since then they started being completed with independent suspension brackets and the updated six-cylinder engines.

Two years later, in 1935, there were updated and modernized Standard Six and Deluxe Six series. They were completed with the 80 horsepowers engines with the increased volume already to 3,4 liters. Also on cars hydraulic brakes were established. It is interesting that thanks to the element of design of these models located along a cowl (a wide silvery strip) they got the nickname Pontiac Silver Streak which was assigned to all models of brand till 50th years. The model turned out very successful and popular, and perfectly was on sale. As a result the management of corporation made the decision to expand production of division.

In 1937 Pontiac cars received all-metal bodies, the power of the six-cylinder motor to 85 horsepowers at the volume of 3,6 liters was increased, and eight-cylinder – to 100 horsepowers at the volume of 4,1 liter. The same year laid off a line of Master Six, and put the new Station Wagon model which was made in a body the versatile person on the conveyor.

1940 began with production of a new line of a car under the name Pontiac Torpedo. The car was completed with the 4,1 liters powerful 8-cylinder motor. And in 1941 this ruler was divided into three. Now it were Deluxe Torpedo (the least representative), Streamliner Torpedo (the car of the average sizes), and Custom Torpedo. At the request of the buyer on these cars established one of two types of engines: 90 horsepowers 6-cylinder unit and of 3,9 liters, or 4,1 liters 8-cylinder engine and 100 h.p.

For the period of World War II the company stopped release of civil cars. Their production was suspended just on the Pontiac Streamliner Eight Sedan Coupe model. Instead of 330 000 as it was in 1941, only 83 000 copies of a car were succeeded to design the companies. Because of it Pontiac cars of 1942 of release are considered as the most rare.

In post-war time in the market there were a little modified models of last years: two lines of Torpedo and Streamliner. The main change in them – the improved design. Practically all the rest remained the same. Cars of these two series differed from each other only in the sizes, and for the rest were very similar.

Farther development and release of a car went one by one. In the beginning the 50th were started by production of the new Catalina model. In 1952 it was updated a little and completed with an automatic transmission, the first in the history of brand. A year later the first model in a body "hardtop" debuted. At the same time release of cars with the first power steerings began. In 1958 I started trial release of the motor equipped with mechanical system of injection of fuel. And in 1961 I debuted the Tempest model. To 1965u to year under the name of Pontiac 8 different series of a car were issued.

Pontiac Firebird and Pontiac GTO which became prototypes for the American sports cars rushed on the market in 1967, and at once became favourites of youth. Firebird represented the double compartment equipped with the V-shaped 8-cylinder engine with valves under a head of cylinders. The engine displacement of the car made 7,5 liters, and power – 330 horsepowers. Such unit under a cowl allowed to disperse a car to 195 kilometers per hour.

1971 was marked by an exit of a new compact of Ventura. In 1973 I debuted the Grand Am model which was issued in two types of bodies – a sedan and a compartment. In the conditions of an energy crisis of the end of the 70th years General Motors actively was engaged in development of models with small consumption of fuel. As a result in 1984 the corporation presented the new economic Pontiac Fiero car.

In 1986 I debuted the front-wheel "luxury" Pontiac Bonneville car. In 1992 new Firebird which was issued in two options – as a two-doors cabriolet and a three-door compartment was presented. Three more years later the new Sunfire model was presented. And in the winter 1996 in the city of Detroit the company presented the modernized Grand Prix series in the form of a two-door compartment and a four-door sedan. The same year, but in the summer, I descended from the conveyor Pontiac Montana miniveins.

In the next years a lot more various models of the car which became rather successful were made and updated. Plants of Pontiac carmaker released cars up to 2009. And in the spring 2009 General Motors corporation officially declared the termination of release of cars under the name of Pontiac.

Pontiac 2 2 Pontiac 2 2
Pontiac 2 Door Hardtop Pontiac 2 Door Hardtop
Pontiac 2 Dr Coupe Pontiac 2 Dr Coupe
Pontiac 2 Dr Sedan Pontiac 2 Dr Sedan
Pontiac 2000 Sunbird Pontiac 2000 Sunbird
Pontiac 2000 Sunbird Safari Pontiac 2000 Sunbird Safari
Pontiac 4 Dr Sedan Pontiac 4 Dr Sedan
Pontiac 6 29 Conv Pontiac 6 29 Conv
Pontiac 6 Sedan Pontiac 6 Sedan
Pontiac 6000 Pontiac 6000
Pontiac 6000 Evil Beast Pontiac 6000 Evil Beast
Pontiac 6000 Ls Pontiac 6000 Ls
Pontiac 6000 Safari Pontiac 6000 Safari
Pontiac 6000se Pontiac 6000se
Pontiac 6000ste Pontiac 6000ste
Pontiac 8 Ea Sedan Pontiac 8 Ea Sedan
Pontiac 8 Roadster Pontiac 8 Roadster
Pontiac Acadian Pontiac Acadian
Pontiac Ambulance Pontiac Ambulance
Pontiac Astre Pontiac Astre
Pontiac Astre Safari Pontiac Astre Safari
Pontiac Aztec Pontiac Aztec
Pontiac Aztek Pontiac Aztek
Pontiac Aztek Rally Pontiac Aztek Rally
Pontiac Banshee Concept Pontiac Banshee Concept
Pontiac Banshee Concept Car Pontiac Banshee Concept Car
Pontiac Beaumont Convertible Pontiac Beaumont Convertible
Pontiac Big Six Pontiac Big Six
Pontiac Blackbird Pontiac Blackbird
Pontiac Boneville Pontiac Boneville
Pontiac Bonneville Pontiac Bonneville
Pontiac Bonneville 2 Door Hardtop Pontiac Bonneville 2 Door Hardtop
Pontiac Bonneville 2dr Ht Pontiac Bonneville 2dr Ht
Pontiac Bonneville 4dr Ht Pontiac Bonneville 4dr Ht
Pontiac Bonneville Ambulance Pontiac Bonneville Ambulance
Pontiac Bonneville Brougham Pontiac Bonneville Brougham
Pontiac Bonneville Brougham 2dr Ht Pontiac Bonneville Brougham 2dr Ht
Pontiac Bonneville Brougham 4dr Ht Pontiac Bonneville Brougham 4dr Ht
Pontiac Bonneville Conv Pontiac Bonneville Conv
Pontiac Bonneville Convertible Pontiac Bonneville Convertible
Pontiac Bonneville Coupe Pontiac Bonneville Coupe
Pontiac Bonneville Custom Pontiac Bonneville Custom
Pontiac Bonneville Funeral Coach Pontiac Bonneville Funeral Coach
Pontiac Bonneville Grand Safari Pontiac Bonneville Grand Safari
Pontiac Bonneville Ls Pontiac Bonneville Ls
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