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The decision on the beginning of release of cars at known engineering plant CzKD in 1904 was made by owners of this enterprise. More than two years the firm conducted a preparatory work, developing own car. The first serial cars left from the conveyor in 1907.

The French cars were taken as a basis for their creation. Also the design distinctive features at that time presented by drum brakes on back wheels were added. The car was issued in a body a cabriolet. The model which is completely developed by the engineers was let out to the middle of 1911 under the name Mignon.

This model had good popularity. The sports Grand car which appeared one year later brought three victories in a row in the Alpine motor rallies from 1912 to 1914, than sharply increased popularity of production of plant. Existence of the 4-valvate engine with a lateral arrangement of cylinders and a mechanical four-speed transmission was the main specifics of model. This combination gave high-speed and running advantages.

At peak of popularity the Alfa model which had bigger engine displacement and gathering the maximum speed was let out is 15-20 km/h more, than Grand. Upon termination of World War I, after formation of the Czech Republic in 1918, all three first models became the main production of plant.

About 1919 model range it was expanded at the expense of inexpensive and very popular Piccolo model. To the middle of the twentieth years all these models were added with sports modifications. At the beginning of the thirtieth years of the past century the enterprise presented at once two models – Baby and Lady which were initially equipped with an independent suspension bracket for each wheel and a tubular frame.

Also former models were modernized. To the middle of the 30th Golden Praga and Alfa had in the complete set a 6-staged transmission with the electric drive. Modernization and creation of the Super-Piccolo model was one of the most successful (at the same time and the last) development of cars by the Praga company.

Position of plant became complicated from the beginning of World War II in this connection the enterprise quickly passed to production of trucks. By the end of 1947 the company, unfortunately, stopped the activity and was closed.

Praga A 150 Praga A 150
Praga Alfa Praga Alfa
Praga Alfa Cabrio Praga Alfa Cabrio
Praga An Praga An
Praga An 6 Praga An 6
Praga Golden Praga Golden
Praga Grand Praga Grand
Praga Lady Praga Lady
Praga M 53 59 Praga M 53 59
Praga Mignon Praga Mignon
Praga Mn Praga Mn
Praga Piccolo Praga Piccolo
Praga Piccolo 202 Praga Piccolo 202
Praga Piccolo Kabriolet Praga Piccolo Kabriolet
Praga Piccolo Phaeton Praga Piccolo Phaeton
Praga Pionir Praga Pionir
Praga Rn Praga Rn
Praga Rnd Praga Rnd
Praga Rv Praga Rv
Praga S5t Praga S5t
Praga Super Piccolo Praga Super Piccolo
Praga Super Piccolo Sodomka Praga Super Piccolo Sodomka
Praga V3s Praga V3s
Praga V3s M2 Praga V3s M2
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