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The Proton carmaker was founded in 1983 in Malaysia after the conclusion of the international treaty on production of cars with Mitsubishi concern. Sales markets in this country were already well fulfilled and cars of brand a long time enjoyed popularity and demand not only within the country, but also in Europe.

The Proton Saga model which was collected in the mid-eighties was the very first car of the Proton company. It differed in the reliability and quite high level of safety. Initially Proton Saga was focused on the Mitsubishi Lancer model of 1983 of release and had with it much in common, however, seemed to more modern externally and had more progressive technical characteristics increasing its passability practically in any service conditions.

At the same time the company adjusted release of cars with left-hand traffic for sale to the countries of Europe and the Middle East. For 6 years the Proton company developed steadily and constantly had demand for the production. In 1991 in structure of the company there were some changes, including, transformation of Mitsubishi joint venture to the independent company Public Limited Company (PLC) that meant a full freedom of action and independence of Japanese concern Mitsubishi Motor Corp. Exactly in 4 years the company was a part of DRB-HICOM.

In January, 1996 the new Proton Perdana model representing the car of middle class was let out. This car had obvious common features with Mitsubishi Eterna, however, differed in a special suspension bracket and the increased passability. The company constantly held numerous international forums and received very good comments from representatives of the countries of Europe and the East.

In the same 1996 of Proton redeemed in the market of 80 percent of shares of the British company Lotus, thereby, considerably having increased the financial opportunities and having expanded activity geography. Cars of the Proton company differed in high quality and rather small price.

Further the Malaysian company began production of a series 300 at the heart of which there was a Mitsubishi Colt model. These versions were made in a class a sedan and a hatchback. Is very remarkable to note that to versions 300 and 400 production more than 10 various engines working both at gasoline and on the diesel was arranged, and engine displacement (to two liters) allowed the car to develop power approximately in 135 horsepowers.

In 2005 the company let out the new Savvy 1.1 model, its production didn't come to the end and to this day. Savvy perfectly proved to be in city conditions, it is maneuverable and received all necessary certificates according to standards of safety and ecology. A transmission at this car front-wheel, 5-staged, and engine capacity 75 horsepowers. The maximum speed gathered by the car on tests equaled 170 km/h. Proton Savvy 1.1 is also reliable. Thanks to small dimensions in the city the car became irreplaceable because all inconveniences connected with its parking automatically disappeared.

It should be noted that the company developed throughout all the history rather dynamically and steadily, there were no serious crisis situations which affected quality and reliability of the released cars. For example, in 1997 Proton released more than 230 thousand cars, over all country the huge number of firm service stations was.

Quite recently production of new models of Proton City cars which it was initially planned to let out from the new plant constructed in the territory of the country was arranged. Throughout all existence, the Proton company had at the order huge staff, involved in scientific research and developmental development. Moreover, the effective system of the international management allowed to sell cars to the countries of Europe, USA, the Middle East, the CIS country, etc. Annually in Malaysia more than 300 thousand cars, 60 percent from which production of the Proton company were issued and on sale in domestic markets.

Development and improvement of capacities of the company was constantly carried out according to a growing demand for cars of this brand.

Proton 13 Proton 13
Proton 15 Proton 15
Proton 300 Series Proton 300 Series
Proton 400 Series Proton 400 Series
Proton Arena Proton Arena
Proton Compact Proton Compact
Proton Gen 2 Proton Gen 2
Proton Gen 2 H Line 16 Proton Gen 2 H Line 16
Proton Impian Proton Impian
Proton Juara Proton Juara
Proton Jumbuck Proton Jumbuck
Proton Mpi Proton Mpi
Proton Natura 15 Gli Proton Natura 15 Gli
Proton Perdana Proton Perdana
Proton Persona Proton Persona
Proton Persona 15 Gli Proton Persona 15 Gli
Proton Persona 16 Xli Proton Persona 16 Xli
Proton Saga Proton Saga
Proton Saga Iswara Proton Saga Iswara
Proton Saga Iswara Aeroback Proton Saga Iswara Aeroback
Proton Satria Proton Satria
Proton Satria Gti Proton Satria Gti
Proton Satria Neo Proton Satria Neo
Proton Satria Neo Super 2000 Proton Satria Neo Super 2000
Proton Satria R3 Proton Satria R3
Proton Savvy Proton Savvy
Proton Tiara Proton Tiara
Proton Waja Proton Waja
Proton Wira Proton Wira
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