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In 1933 in the small town of Kobkhem businessmen Noel McLean and L.A. Kashmen created the company on production of cars on inexpensive American chassis, but with a traditional English body. For development of a car they invited Reyd Reylton – the designer who inclined to use of the American accessories. Moreover, considering a contribution of each of "cofounders" to development of the first car, the new firm received the name in honor of Reylton.

In the same 1933 he designed a car on the chassis of the Terraplane Eight model of the Hudson-Essex company. It was supposed to call the Railton-Terraplane car as the engine used at the first assemblies was also taken American is there was the 4 liters line 8-cylinder motor. Besides, Reyd Reylton made everything that the unit had a high torque, and a 3-staged transmission – the big range of transfer numbers.

At the same time, the designer strengthened a suspension bracket of the American chassis, and also supplied it with adjustable frictional shock-absorbers. The body was made independently though very much I reminded Invicta cars on design. The model at the automobile Olympia exhibition was presented. Besides, the price of the car pleased buyers as the car costed nearly 1,5 times less similar Lagonda models.

After successful tests, the model received the independent name Railton Straight-8. Responses of magazines dazzled with rapture. Motorists recognized that on technical characteristics the car advanced the time, at least, for ten years. The first copies of model could gather speed to 145 km/h, dispersing to 96 km/h in only 10 seconds that was simply improbable for the 1930th years.

In 1935 the Railton Straight-8 car received the 4,2 liters engine. But, as well as the first motors, this power unit I was long-stroke with the block and a head of cylinders made of cast iron. Besides, valves settled down from below, and the torque remained very high. Unit power thus didn't exceed 113 horsepowers. I afflicted only fuel consumption which averaged about 20 liters on 100 km.

Productivity during this period of time rose to 377 copies of a car a year, on what, certainly, considerable demand affected. In 1936 at production of the Railton Straight-8 model used, besides, the 8-cylinder Hudson motor which power made 124 horsepowers. Besides, the engine was supplied with the lubrication system by means of spraying. The cost of this car, as well as earlier, was not really high that added appeal to all its technical advantages. The engine with the lower valves was especially popular at the expense of the characteristics. In the USA it was used up to 1954.

In 1935 the Railton Light Sports car assembled also on the chassis of the Hudson company was presented. The model, as well as previous, was almost perfect. The engine was used line 8-cylinder Hudson of 4,2 liters and 113 "horses" again. Its high-speed qualities were surprising – the Railton Light Sports car could gather speed to 161 km/h, accelerating to 96 km/h in only 9,8 seconds that broke a record of the previous car of Railton Straight-8.

The cost of the car didn't reach even one thousand pounds sterling, but the car didn't become popular. The possible reason of low demand called appearance of the Railton Light Sports model. The aluminum body seemed to buyers aggressive, most likely, due to shift of the engine back. The car looked bulky, though wasn't heavy – its weight equaled to one ton. And wheels were small – about 16 inches in the diameter that, of course, did all appearance of the car a little disproportionate and silly, according to opinion of many British motorists. Despite the soft and silent engine, and also on other merits, a car of Railton Light Sports collected only in several copies.

In 1936 the Railton company started developing more expensive cars. The wheel base, a body was so increased, together with them and the salon became much more spacious, and a design – heavier. Potential buyers chose a body form under the order is there could be a sedan or a compartment with folding top, a tourist body or a limousine. In 1937 Railton Straight-8 with a body of the Carrington company was also presented. In general this model was made during 1933-1939, and more than 1300 cars were during this time assembled.

Along with development of expensive cars, in 1938 the Railton firm released inexpensive Six cars and 21HP, the productions Hudson equipped with 6-cylinder motors also which volume made 2,7 and 3,5 liters respectively. Then model 10HP chassis for which took from the Standard Flying Nine car, and the engine – at the Flying Ten car was started in a mass production. However Railton 10HP negatively affected reputation of the company as the car wasn't high-speed. As a result only about 50 such copies were collected.

After the end of World War II Reyd Reylton tried to restore production of models of middle class, despite various difficulties. Cars were quite expensive that has an adverse effect on demand. In 1949 the company was compelled to stop release of cars, but Reyd Reylton entered automotive industry history as the ingenious designer who created the most high-speed cars of the 1930-1940th years.

Railton Fairmile Iii Railton Fairmile Iii
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