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Rover – the English company making jeeps and cars. The company was created in 1896 under the direction of Jonah Kemp Starly, considering that at first this company released only bicycles. The first car left in sale in 1904 of Rover 8 which contained two places and worked at one cylinder, engine capacity was only 8 horsepowers. In 1905 the following model which had back springs was let out. Same year even more advanced cars – 10/20 and 16/20 started being issued. These cars had on four-cylinder engines. In 1907 there was a magnificent action – Rover 20 on an auto racing of the Isle of Man won the first prize. Rover 12 was let out in 1912 which was supplied with the powerful oil pump.

After World War II on sale there is newer and untwisted P2 car. For export on the international level is issued with a wheel in the left part of salon. Export of the company began increasing in 1947 to 75%. New cars started letting out in 1953. It were the Rover 4 and Rover 4 brands (P4 90 P4 60) which engines had four and six cylinders. After that the company proposed to strengthen brake system in 1956. Same year there was absolutely new P4 105 model which was with an automatic transmission, installation was made directly by the Rover company. In 1958 under the leadership of David Bach released the new Rover P5 car which was made in new design and it was characterized by unique controllability. It was explained by existence the torsion suspension bracket, and behind there was a spring suspension bracket.

Rover 10 Rover 10
Rover 10 Hp Rover 10 Hp
Rover 10 Saloon Rover 10 Saloon
Rover 100 Rover 100
Rover 105 Rover 105
Rover 105s Rover 105s
Rover 110 Rover 110
Rover 111 Rover 111
Rover 114 Rover 114
Rover 114 Gta Rover 114 Gta
Rover 115 Rover 115
Rover 12 Rover 12
Rover 12 Hp Rover 12 Hp
Rover 12 Six Light Saloon Rover 12 Six Light Saloon
Rover 12 Tourer Rover 12 Tourer
Rover 12hp Sports Saloon Rover 12hp Sports Saloon
Rover 14 Hp Rover 14 Hp
Rover 16 Rover 16
Rover 16 Hp Rover 16 Hp
Rover 2 Litre Rover 2 Litre
Rover 20 Saloon Rover 20 Saloon
Rover 200 Rover 200
Rover 200 Cabriolet Rover 200 Cabriolet
Rover 200 Convertible Rover 200 Convertible
Rover 2000 Rover 2000
Rover 2000 Sc Rover 2000 Sc
Rover 2000 Tc Rover 2000 Tc
Rover 211 Rover 211
Rover 213 Rover 213
Rover 213 Se Rover 213 Se
Rover 214 Rover 214
Rover 214 Si Rover 214 Si
Rover 216 Rover 216
Rover 216 Cabriolet Rover 216 Cabriolet
Rover 216 Coupe Rover 216 Coupe
Rover 216 Si Rover 216 Si
Rover 216 Vitesse Rover 216 Vitesse
Rover 216i Cabrio Rover 216i Cabrio
Rover 216i Cabriolet Rover 216i Cabriolet
Rover 218 Rover 218
Rover 220 Rover 220
Rover 220 Coupe Rover 220 Coupe
Rover 2200 Rover 2200
Rover 2200 Sc Rover 2200 Sc
Rover 2200 Tc Rover 2200 Tc
Rover 2300 Rover 2300
Rover 2300 S Rover 2300 S
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