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Royal Enfield

The Royal Enfield company was founded in 1855, but about production of motorcycles in those days the speech didn't go yet. The income of the company in the middle of the XIX century was brought in … by production of needles! Moreover, so proceeded up to 1892 when the new owner of the enterprise decided to undertake assembly of bicycles of the Enfield brand.

7 years later the company completely reorientated the activity and began to be engaged in production of cars with motor draft. Some models of ATVs and tricycle were let out. Motors were delivered by the French firm De Dion. And in three years the nice history of already purely motorcycle Royal Enfield brand began. Then the first motorcycle equipped with the Minerva engine of 211 cubic centimeters was released. Soon it was improved, having put the first engine of own production on the motorcycle.

The four-cycle single-cylinder motor gave out power in 1,5 horsepowers. The design of the unit was very successful – the engine installed before a steering column, and the drive was belt. After a while one more model with more conservative design and chain transfer was let out.

Since 1904, motorcycle production temporarily stopped. It was connected by that the management of the company counted release of cars more favorable, but as a result lost. Profits began to fall, Royal Enfield cars didn't get special success.

In 1910 the company was compelled to resume motorcycle production. So there was a new sports model with the two-cylinder V-shaped 296-vat Motosakosh engine. Almost at once there was also more powerful option of this engine with a capacity of 344 cubic centimeters and 3 horsepowers. Such parameters helped to make a speech at the competitions Tourist Trophy at which the Royal Enfield motorcycle took the 5th place quite decently. It should be noted also one more bike calculated on the wide consumer. It was equipped with a lateral carriage, chain reverse 2-speed gear and equipped with the JAP engine of 770 cubic centimeters.

In 1956 at various exhibitions across all Europe the Royal Enfield Crusader motorcycle shone. And still later all motor-fans were subdued the really improbable design by Dreamliner bike. But, unfortunately, it was purely retail model for the special judges ready to give considerable money. Cars for broad sale didn't appear any more. In the market there were only already a little outdated models. And in 1962 the end of the European history of the company came. Untimely Frank Smith, the owner and the ideological inspirer of the enterprise then the Royal Enfield company disappeared from exhibitions, the markets and races of Europe died. But Europe, after all the story on it doesn't come to an end.

The Royal Enfield brand continues to exist even today, the truth in exotic India. How it occurred? Everything is simple. In the mid-fifties of the XX century the government of this east country decided to update motorcycle park of police structures. And the Royal Enfield firm was chosen as the supplier of motorcycles to India. Decided to send Bullit cars for import and not to have difficulties with transportation, the assembly shop was constructed in Madras.

Production proceeded and there after "death" of the main company. The Indian managing directors in 1962 redeemed rights to use a brand, and started delivering motorcycles even the abroad – generally to neighboring states.

In the early eighties even an attempt of an entry into the European market was made. It worked well some years later, already with approach in motorcycle Europe of an era of "retro". There was an option of purchase of the license and other brand – Zundapp, but the transaction broke. It should be noted that one of the most successful models in the Indian history of brand can call Machismo A350.

Thus, thanks to the Indian production the Royal Enfield brand is live still, and its Indian modifications skupatsya very not bad even in such countries as Germany, Italy or England.

Royal Enfield 350 Royal Enfield 350
Royal Enfield 750 Interceptor Royal Enfield 750 Interceptor
Royal Enfield Bullet Royal Enfield Bullet
Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Royal Enfield Bullet 350
Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Royal Enfield Bullet 500
Royal Enfield Bullet 5s Royal Enfield Bullet 5s
Royal Enfield Bullett Royal Enfield Bullett
Royal Enfield Classic 500 Royal Enfield Classic 500
Royal Enfield Flying Flea Royal Enfield Flying Flea
Royal Enfield Meteor Royal Enfield Meteor
Royal Enfield Wd C 350 Royal Enfield Wd C 350
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