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Long ago it is known that Israel makes excellent fighters and a lot of other good equipment, but not many know that once this state released quite decent cars. So if someone thinks that the Israeli car is something from area of jokes, it deeply is mistaken.

Now know about the Israeli company Sabra unless experts moreover some erudites liking to participate in intellectual programs. And after all everything began very optimistically and with hope for durability. After several more or less successful attempts of cooperation with Americans, French and Germans the Israeli businessmen signed the contract with British. This period also became star in the history of the Israeli automotive industry.

Sabra (in translation the company name sounds as "a desert plant" though there is also a "young Israel" option) became the first enterprise which released the car. Since then the concept the Israeli car is connected with this name. The whole series of small 3-door versatile persons and vans soon descended from conveyors and literally captivated roads of this state. Cars received the names in honor of geographical areas and plants. So Sabra, passenger-and-freight Sussita, a 2-door sedan of Carmel and a 4-door smart sedan of Gilboa were born.

All cars were equipped with ford's chassis and engines. These cars first quite corresponded to a class and quality of the third world, but over time if not a class, at least, quality improved. The matter is that the socialists who were then in power considered existence of the personal car as inadmissible luxury therefore the majority of cars intended not for domestic market, and for export. And, strangely enough, this fact well affected the Israeli automotive industry.

In aspiration to win a foreign market learned to do good cars there. Perhaps, the 2-seater sports cabriolet with a fiberglass body of 1962 of release was the most interesting model. A little angular forms, insufficiently powerful as for a sports car, the engine (only 90 hp) and not the best assembly, nevertheless, didn't prevent this automobile misunderstanding to win even such pretentious American market.

Now this car – one of the most desired exhibits for collectors. To become a rarity, it isn't necessary to be the best – to be unusual that is called with a highlight enough. A bit later on the basis of the Sabra Sport car let out passenger-and-freight option with the engine still of the smaller volume and power. But also this car became very popular, however, only in the homeland.

The automobile Jewish happiness lasted long not so. Over time boycott from Arabs gradually descended on "no", and the local market was filled by foreign auto giants. To the small Israeli enterprises was to compete with beyond their powers. In 1969 Sabra stopped work on automobile cars. There was only a limited production of special cars for army and police – services which always in Israel had exclusive situation.

Almost in forty years after Sabra's closing in Israel started talking about revival of automotive industry. In particular, about creation of the electric cars capable without recharge to pass 100-150 kilometers at a speed of 110 km/h and which extremely would be suitable for local geographical conditions, considering that all large cities are located at distance no more than 150 km. But, unfortunately, about revival of Sabra the speech didn't go any more.

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