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Now this car – one of the most desired exhibits for collectors. To become a rarity, it isn't necessary to be the best – to be unusual that is called with a highlight enough. A bit later on the basis of the Sabra Sport car let out passenger-and-freight option with the engine still of the smaller volume and power. But also this car became very popular, however, only in the homeland.

The automobile Jewish happiness lasted long not so. Over time boycott from Arabs gradually descended on "no", and the local market was filled by foreign auto giants. To the small Israeli enterprises was to compete with beyond their powers. In 1969 Sabra stopped work on automobile cars. There was only a limited production of special cars for army and police – services which always in Israel had exclusive situation.

Almost in forty years after Sabra's closing in Israel started talking about revival of automotive industry. In particular, about creation of the electric cars capable without recharge to pass 100-150 kilometers at a speed of 110 km/h and which extremely would be suitable for local geographical conditions, considering that all large cities are located at distance no more than 150 km. But, unfortunately, about revival of Sabra the speech didn't go any more.

On the basis of the updated VAL-3 model Salmson GS cars (Grand Sport) and GSS (Grand Super Sport) which main difference was the transmission were made. The GS model was equipped with a 3-staged box, and GSS, respectively, – 4-staged. The Salmson GS car released in 1926 was also equipped with the line 4-cylinder engine with a working volume of 1,1 liters. Power of the motor made 40 horsepowers that allowed the car to disperse to 140 km/h. The car was supplied with suspension brackets on semielliptical springs and drum brakes on all wheels.

In 1929 production of the whole series of cars which received designation of S-4 began. These cars were equipped with the engine which volume made 1,3 liters, the supplied pig-iron block of cylinders, and also two top camshafts. In 1931 the S-4C model received the 1,5 liters motor as the body of a car was heavy, and there was a need for increase in power of a car. In 1936 let out the S-4D model which engine displacement made already 1,6 liters. Besides, S-4D and S-4C cars were made also in England by the British Salmson firm acting initially as branch of the French company.

In 1937 the Salmson S-4DA car equipped with the 1,7 liters engine was released. The extended base became also distinctive feature of this model. Practically at once there was also a S4-61 car, and then and S-4E with a volume of motor of 2,3 liters. At the same time these cars were made and in England. The similar car under designation 20/90 was equipped with the 6-cylinder unit with a working volume of 2,6 liters.

After the end of World War II the Salmson company restored the production which suffered as a result of the received destructions. The models developed in 1939 - S4-61 and S-4E, but with small completions became first. In 1951 the Randonnee car in a body the sedan equipped with the 2,3 liters engine was presented. Then also the new motor supplied with four cylinders and two top camshafts was designed. The volume of this motor made 2,2 liters. The block of cylinders was made of an aluminum alloy.

For the first time new development was used on the Salmson G-72 and E-72 models which represented a sedan and a cabriolet respectively. Later the same engine was used and in production of a sports car of Salmson G-85 which achieved good results in the most various competitions of a sample of 1953-1954.

In 1955 the cabriolet of Salmson-2300 on which installed the 2,3 liters motor was let out, thus the power of the unit made 110 horsepowers. This car could accelerate to 180 km/h. The model body under the name "fastback" became the little later very popular – such form both Facel Vega, and Pegaso, and even used Ferrari. Besides, the Salmson-2300 model was equipped with a transmission of production of the Cotal company. This box, besides, was supplied with the electromagnetic switch. The forward suspension bracket was used the torsion.

In 1956 everything was ready to production of the updated G-72 car by which it was planned to increase wheel base. Besides, the car had to receive a four-door body. But any similar copy it wasn't let out. Together with it demand for a car which that was obvious at that time began to fall, differed from competitors too in an outdated design.

As a result the automobile building plant of the company was redeemed by Renault concern which by 1957 stopped production of Salmson cars.

Salmson 2300 S Salmson 2300 S
Salmson 2300 S Cabriolet Salmson 2300 S Cabriolet
Salmson 2300 Sport Salmson 2300 Sport
Salmson Al 3 Salmson Al 3
Salmson Al 7 Salmson Al 7
Salmson Al Voiturette Sport Salmson Al Voiturette Sport
Salmson Randonnee Salmson Randonnee
Salmson Randonnee Cabriolet Salmson Randonnee Cabriolet
Salmson S 4 C Salmson S 4 C
Salmson S4 Salmson S4
Salmson S4 61 Salmson S4 61
Salmson S4 61 Berline Salmson S4 61 Berline
Salmson S4 61 Cabriolet Salmson S4 61 Cabriolet
Salmson S4 61 Cabriolet 10cv Salmson S4 61 Cabriolet 10cv
Salmson S4 61 Coupe Salmson S4 61 Coupe
Salmson S4 61l Cabriolet Salmson S4 61l Cabriolet
Salmson S4 Cabriolet Salmson S4 Cabriolet
Salmson S4 D Salmson S4 D
Salmson S4 D Cabriolet Salmson S4 D Cabriolet
Salmson S4 E Berline Salmson S4 E Berline
Salmson S4 E Berline 13cv Salmson S4 E Berline 13cv
Salmson S4 E Cabriolet Salmson S4 E Cabriolet
Salmson S4 Sports Salmson S4 Sports
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