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The history of the automobile Sbarro brand began living in 1957 when the young Italian a name turner Franco Sbarro got over from the native small village to Switzerland. There it began to work in the little-known racing team directed by Georges Filipinetti. Since 1964, Franco began to create itself racing cars on the basis of standard cars. Its first child is considered the sports Coupe Filipinetti I car created on the basis of Volkswagen Karmann Ghia 1600.

Later he created sports copies of the known models BMW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Bugatti. The Dominique sporty coupe created in 1967 became the first original development of Franco Sbarro.

On March 25, 1968 Franco opened own company ACA, and production was placed in shops of the former tobacco factory. There he developed the whole series of conceptual samples of cars with various types of bodies and courageous engineering decisions. In 1973 there is a sports prototype of Stach with the BMW engine with a capacity of 3 liters. From now on Free start inviting constantly to the Geneva motor show as the participant.

The ACA company gradually found popularity in Europe among collectors, and the number of orders promptly increased. Soon volume production exceeded an indicator in 50 cars a year.

One of Sbarro prototypes, the Windhound SUV, even took part in the famous rally Paris-Dakkar, however, because of the arisen malfunctions, left a rally raid, having passed about 3000 kilometers. Having considered Windhound shortcomings, the Sbarro company especially for the Arab oil tycoons created the 6-wheeled Windhawk all-terrain vehicle developed for a driving on sand.

In 1979 the smart limousine in style of the 30th years of Sbarro Royale created by request of very influential German industrialist was for the first time presented. The limousine was equipped with armor glasses, a radio telephone and the conditioner - luxury unprecedented for those times. When finishing salon the genuine leather and inserts from a nut tree was used. From the technical point of view the car was also faultless: disk brake system, completely independent suspension bracket of wheels, pair of Rover V8 engines with a power of 160 horsepowers everyone. The exclusive limousine weighing more than 2 tons and of 6 meters managed to the customer in a round sum (300 000 Swiss francs). Naturally, with such prices of the production the Sbarro firm surely walked in the future.

In 1987 at the Geneva exhibition the public was already surprised to the all-wheel drive Monster G pickup. That cost only huge wheels borrowed from the airbus the Boeing 747. The Kevlarovy body without doors was established on the chassis from Range Rover. The monster was equipped with the 350-strong Mercedes-Benz engine with a capacity of 6,4 liters. To the pickup I entered a makeweight also a minibike, in case of malfunction of the Monster, allowing to reach the destination.

Many reproach Sbarro in excessive "Americanism". Of course, brutal and incredibly powerful cars of Franco Sbarro hardly suited conservative Europe, but enjoyed wide popularity among the American wealthy customers.

In 1992 Franco opened own school for future autodesigners. As well as any child of Sbarro, this school strongly I differed from "analogs". In the first month of training the pupil was obliged to draw the first project of the car. In the period of summer vacation each pupil received a task to simulate the work in plasticine. After that Franco personally defined the project which will be realized, with use of the real units. Examination at school was the Geneva motor show, and an assessment – reaction of public and press to an exhibit.

Experts appreciated Franco Sbarro's contribution and his cars in development of world automotive industry. In 1995 within the Geneva motor show of Franco the award "For the Best Automobile Design" (Car Design Award) was awarded. Then there was Sbarro's meeting with the management of known firm Alfa Romeo which suggested Franco to try to revive glory of Alfa Romeo in the form of the powerful sports car. Issima roadster equipped with two Alfa Romeo engines with a general power more than 500 horsepowers became a result of cooperation.

The salon in Geneva of 1997 became the next parade of novelties from Sbarro. The greatest attention was drawn by the Grand Angle, Ionos and Formule Rhin models. It is necessary to tell about the last in more detail. The exclusive dealer of the Ferrari company Marko Rinaldi decided to organize to all the clients driving school of the sports car. For this purpose it built the special route, and also the sports car with double management - Formule Rhin is ordered in Sbarro.

The history Grand Angle is also interesting. It is the first-ever car created especially for journalists. This model is equipped with the special rising cameraman's chair, a radio telephone, Internet connection, the transmitter of video images and other know-how. In 2000 huge interest in Geneva attracted GT1 concept. Buyers were ready to take away the car directly from the stand. However Sbarro refused all offers, having promised to expose in a year modifed model for a mass production. The high-speed GT12 supercar became this model.

In Sbarro's consequence I was engaged in more "wordly" development. As, for example, El Bicho – modification of a minivan from Citroen intended for active recreation on the coast of the sea. The car is equipped with the strengthened protection of the engine and wide wheels. But the differential design allowing to move with ease on a sandy beach became the main feature. Any exotic "frills" it isn't provided. The car is completely prepared for mass production.

Franco Sbarro's creativity can't be described one small text. It is designer who, despite all the eccentricity, managed never to forget and about functionality of the works. Sbarro vehicles, perhaps, aren't so exceptional from the esthetic point of view, as works of the leading Italian designers, but they more live and direct. One can be told for certain: all cars of Sbarro is a ball of innovative ideas and courageous engineering decisions.

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