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The ShuangHuan carmaker was founded in 1988 in China. It by right was considered as one of the most successful and massive in the Chinese automobile market. The headquarters of the producer was located in the province Haybey.

At the beginning the enterprise gradually mastered new technologies and tried to keep in line with many firms which already proved in the Chinese market. In 1998 the company began active production of small automobile versatile persons and SUVs. Laibao and Laiwang were considered as the most popular models of that time. ShuangHuan capacities constantly increased, and soon the company came to absolutely new level.

Till 2006 the track record of the automobile producer of ShuangHuan didn't differ in special progress. The company covered the territory of 570 000 square meters, and on its conveyors more than 2 000 people worked. The total amount of annual production of the company totaled more than 100 000 pieces of equipment in 2006. It is interesting that the most part of a model range of ShuangHuan was clones of the European cars remade taking into account the latest Chinese technologies.

Among the most popular models of the ShuangHuan company – the Noble model which copied the German version of the Smart Fortwo car. For the first time the car was presented on a public inspection at the European exhibition which was taking place in Italy. The car had the initial price in 10 000 euros and at once drew attention of the European consumers.

The ShuangHuan Noble model differed in special design and comfort, and also a complete set which gave to the car absolutely other look. By the way, the enterprise in an extent of ten years had a set of disputes and conflict situations not only with Chinese, but also with the European producers of a car.

In the same 2006 the company released the SCEO SUV reminding the BMW X5 model. It was the modern car, style and which appearance spoke for themselves. Perfectly and balanced body optimum distributed car weight. Besides, it differed in the high level of safety and reliability both on city streets, and on highways. The frame was initially taken from the SCEO model from Isuzu. At the time of production of this car the company signed the contract with Japanese Mitsubishi. The engine of 2300 cubic centimeters was capable to develop power in 125 horsepowers. And the maximum speed could reach a limit in 160 kilometers per hour. Fuel consumption at this car made 8 liters on 100 kilometers.

For SUVs the ShuangHuan SCEO model possessed quite with an admissible weight of 1800 kilograms, and thus the car perfectly felt on a paving. Besides, the car possessed all necessary standards of ecological safety, among which and Euro III.

Transmission – mechanical all-wheel drive with the connected forward bridge. Regulation of the full drive was carried out by means of the special button in salon connected directly to the on-board computer of the car. As it was already noted, SCEO body almost completely copied the German X5 with small factory modifications. The volume of a tank of SCEO made 60 liters, and the torque reached a point in 190 N*m at 3000 revolutions per minute. At all other dimensions at this SUV were rather impressive: length – 4710 mm, width – 1870 mm, height – 1820 mm.

Quality of the car, of course, was at the high level of execution, and was worthy respect. The price of the SUV was initially established of 34 000 dollars. And was included in the factory package: 17-inch disks, ABS, EBD system, safety cushions, the power steering, a full electropackage, fog lights, a stereosystem, the hatch on a roof and the parktronic. The car could recommend safely fans of active recreation and travel, and also representatives business of level. On the European markets Shuang HuanSCEO it started being delivered since 2007 and first I had simply enormous demand since cost several times cheaper than the same BMW X5.

In the near future the Shuang Huan company planned and, despite financial difficulties, plans to arrange production about 200 000 units of cars in a year. A few years ago ShuangHuan began export of cars to the countries of Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and also the CIS (including to the Russian Federation). The company managed to agree upon an occasion of the credit of 1 billion yuans, than improved the financial position.

For full two decades of the work the ShuangHuan company developed own unique image and created to itself quite good reputation in the market of the Chinese automobile producers.

Shuanghuan Ceo Shuanghuan Ceo
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