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The mining engineer by training Tor Nessling started working in the sphere of automotive industry and trade not in Finland, and in Sweden that gave it necessary practice and knowledge in the field of the automobile industry.

In 1931 Tor Nessling was appointed the CEO of the SISU Auto company which was formed as a result of merger of two Finnish automobile plants: Bilindustri Ab ja Oy Autokoritehdas and Oy Suomen Autoteollisuus Ab. The name of the company comes from the Finnish word "sisu" that in translation into Russian "will power", "determination" designates. This word won competition on the best name for brand of the made production.

The first prototypes of vehicles of the SISU company descended from the conveyor in 1932. It were the bus and eight trucks. In 1935 the company released the first car with the legendary back cart, and following 1936 the management of the SISU Auto enterprise signed the contract for deliveries of the production to Estonia.

For preservation of production during World War II in 1943 the new plant of the company was constructed near the city of Hyameenlinna (Hameenlinna) which was located in hundred kilometers to the north of the capital of the country. SISU Auto made the cars during the period from 1945 there by 1948 then sold plant of the Vanajan Autotehdas Oy company which let out the production till 1968 inclusive while the plant wasn't acquired by SISU again.

In the late fifties the SISU Auto company started completing cars with the diesel Layland engine. Electrohydraulic lifting devices were installed on a back axis, that by the purpose to transfer the center of gravity to a lobby. Such design decision became a distinctive feature of all six-wheel cars not only in Finland, but also in other countries.

In 1960 the SISU Auto enterprise carried out large-scale export of cars to South America (in particular, 1200 cars were in total exported only to Colombia). In 1962 there was also a first-ever car with hydraulically the cabin which is leaning back forward under the name SISU KB-112. In 1964 the military KV-45 truck which received the national name Pronto which was issued till 1982 was released. The total of the made series cars together with modifications made about 500 units.

In 1973 the heaviest truck from all ever the made SISU Auto was released Ц its weight made 180 tons. A year more later the SISU company returned to property of Finland and therefore to the place of the engines of Layland and Rolls-Royce firm used earlier Cummins engines came. In 1979 the company began export deliveries of cargo cabins to Ireland.

1980 I was marked by emergence of the new model series S which became very successful (the first car of this series Ц SK 150). Military cars of two types (Pasi and Masi) which got on arms of peacekeeping troops of the UN were the same year released. In 1985 the firm based the racing SISU Racing team which was the champion of Europe three years in a row: from 1991 to 1993.

In 1988 the five-axis truck was mass-produced. In 1989 the last party of buses was put to the city of Vyborg, the Leningrad region then production of buses was complete.

In 2004 the SISU Auto company started expansion of the foreign market and, as a result, deliveries to Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates were arranged. In December, 2005 SISU signed the contract with the Ministry of Defence of Lithuania for delivery of trucks with antimine protection 8x8 till 2009. The sum of the contract made 20 million euros.

In 2006 the company let out a new family of trucks which cars with cranes of a heavy class, dump trucks, and also cars with replaceable bodies entered. A year later the enterprise successfully resumed export deliveries to the territory of Russia of cars for transportation of wood and other materials. And in 2009 the management of SISU Auto signed the contract with Armed Forces of Finland for delivery of military cars 4х4. Then company выигралат tender for delivery to the city of Ust-Ilimsk of own dumping and forest equipment. These deliveries were carried out for the largest alliance of the Russian pulp and paper industry of ILIM Group. The turn of concern for 2009 made more than 100 million euros.

The equipment provided by the SISU Auto company Ц ready to work timber carrying vessels, dump trucks, cars in the most severe natural and climatic conditions with a cargo platform, krano-manipulyatorny installations and the combined road cars. The SISU Auto firm is one of leaders in production of trucks of the different plan. Production of the company is used in many countries of the world Ц from South America and the Middle East to snow-covered Siberia and the Polar region.

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