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The background of formation of Skoda concern began long before 1925. The plant in Plzena founded in 1859 by Arnosht Valdstein in 1866 was headed by very famous Czech figure Emil Shkoda. Being the successful and enterprising engineer, 10 years later he redeemed factory, metal processing was activity which main vector at first. Actually, cars began to make, since 1919. Skoda Hispano Suiza H6B created in the commonwealth with designers of Hipsano Suiza was the first car released modest party.

At the same time the Laurin & Klement firm opened in 1895 and which had a direct bearing most on creation of Skoda actively developed. Three years of the public later the Czech motorcycle for the first time noted not only by high reliability in use, but also the moderate price was presented. The Laurin & Klement motorcycles right there became popular export goods. Further this company was engaged in creation of four-wheel motorcycles, having come, thus, to production of two - and the four-seater cars which became leaders in the corresponding class of races in Austria.

Separate episode of history of concern – execution of the Vienna order for production of hundred cars taxi. Successful development of the company which, by the way, organized a number of the branches (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev and other cities), and also I carried out active sales of the cars to the European countries, Japan, Mexico and China, it was suspended after World War I initiating disintegration of the Austro-Hungarian empire. The reasonable decision came in 1925 when the Laurin & Klement factory which was settling down in the city of Mlada Boleslav was a part of the company which name is known to this day – Skoda Plzen.

The first stage of development of firm was connected with new approach to the organization of production. Since 1925 at factory in Mlada Boleslav cars, and in Plzene – buses and trucks were made. Such Skoda models, as 4R and 6R, issued in 1928 became absolutely original cars of the company.

In the 30th years were issued not only Skoda 932 and Skoda 420 cars, but also Superb limousine. Skoda 420 it is especially known that had a special frame thanks to which the mass of a car made only 750 kg – an indicator, unknown for those years. With so-called "a spine frame" of Skoda released cars to 1957, years of release of the epoch-making Skoda Octavia car.

World War II introduced the amendments in process of Skoda concern. These years the enterprise became an important military facility: the plant was reoriented under production of strategic appointment: it both the trucks generating gas, and wings for aircraft, and the Skoda 806 bus. Right after war the Skoda Popular 1101 car was released. Assigned the name Tudor (Two door) to it – 2-door.

In the 50th years the engineering thought led Skoda concern to creation of a car of Skoda Spartak or Skoda 440 (1953). The figure in the name of model testifies that the car had the four-cylinder power unit, on power equal to forty horsepowers.

The following model had to become a variation on Skoda Spartak on an idea of designers. However, having reformed the car by addition of a new forward suspension bracket with telescopic shock-absorbers, authors counted a find important sufficiently to allocate it with own name – Skoda Octavia (eighth). The motor in 45 hp became distinctive feature of new modification – Skoda Octavia Super. The same line of strengthening of the engine was continued by Felicia – 50 hp.

In 60-70 years of the XX century the plant endured some crisis to that there are objective reasons. The western countries succeeded in economic development and introduction of technologies, and the Czech production lagged behind, in particular, after the Prague spring of 1968-1969. Therefore the car of 1964 of Skoda 1000 MB (subsequently Skoda 100) and its modification of Skoda 110 isn't considered as special good luck though these cars and were fallen in love to consumers.

Since 1970 the concern started being engaged in creation of the sports racing car actively. One of similar models I was Skoda 110R. By 1974 the full lot of such cars is made: it is characteristic that the box was borrowed from Porsche, and suspension brackets are arranged on stretchers. Thus, these cars could gather speed to 210 km/h.

Their competitiveness, however, didn't allow to make a speech at competitions as participation on routes only of serial models which were issued in total not less than 1000 in a year was a necessary condition. Nevertheless, having withdrawn Porsche box, having installed the engine in the 1,3 l car, having strengthened power to 140 horsepowers, the car was presented to modification.

The Skoda company gained true recognition in 1981, having become the champion of Europe. The status of the national car was won by the Skoda 105/130 model which broke the mass of production records.

Skoda Favorit – the speaking name as this car developed in 1987 became one more good luck of concern. It seemed, problems of plant are for many years solved, but in 1989 communist regime in Czechoslovakia in this connection, many plans were destroyed was overthrown. Despite it, in 1989 more than 180 000 Skoda vehicles were made.

The crisis moment came in 1990. The fatal decree of the president Vaclav Havel on granting of amnesty deprived Skoda plant of the main labor – prisoners. Besides, production was left by workers from Vietnam in number of one and a half thousand people. For this reason production stopped.

But after that there was one more turning point in the history of Skoda: sale of production of the Volkswagen company. By the time of sale of Skoda, Volkswagen already I held shares of Audi and Seat. Thanks to this merge the Favorit model was modernized in Felicia subsequently. By 1994 were redeemed already 60% of stocks of the enterprise, and further – it is more, up to the beginning of a new eyelid when the Skoda enterprise appeared in full property of the largest German concern.

The new model of a car of Skoda Octavia was developed already by designers of Volkswagen. The Skoda Felicia, Skoda Felicia Combi and Skoda Octavia Combi car of 1998 also achieved huge success. The last progress of concern is connected with emergence in 1999 Skoda Fabia, and in 2001 - the updated Skoda Superb.

Now Skoda not only provides employment to about 18 000 people, but also supplies with vehicles of 64 countries. In general export of these Czech cars makes about 80% of number of the cars made by concern.

Skoda 100 Skoda 100
Skoda 1000 Mb Skoda 1000 Mb
Skoda 1000 Mbt Skoda 1000 Mbt
Skoda 1000 Mbx Skoda 1000 Mbx
Skoda 105 Skoda 105
Skoda 105 S Skoda 105 S
Skoda 1050 Skoda 1050
Skoda 105l Skoda 105l
Skoda 110 Skoda 110
Skoda 110 R Skoda 110 R
Skoda 1100 Mb Skoda 1100 Mb
Skoda 1100 Popular Skoda 1100 Popular
Skoda 1101 Furgon Skoda 1101 Furgon
Skoda 1101 P Skoda 1101 P
Skoda 1101 Sanita Skoda 1101 Sanita
Skoda 1101 Sanitarka Skoda 1101 Sanitarka
Skoda 1101 Tudor Skoda 1101 Tudor
Skoda 1102 Skoda 1102
Skoda 1102 Combi Skoda 1102 Combi
Skoda 1102 Roadster Skoda 1102 Roadster
Skoda 1102 Sanitka Skoda 1102 Sanitka
Skoda 1102 Stw Skoda 1102 Stw
Skoda 1102 Tudor Skoda 1102 Tudor
Skoda 1102 Tudor Cabrio Skoda 1102 Tudor Cabrio
Skoda 110l Skoda 110l
Skoda 120 Skoda 120
Skoda 120 L Skoda 120 L
Skoda 120 Ls Skoda 120 Ls
Skoda 120 S Skoda 120 S
Skoda 1200 Skoda 1200
Skoda 1200 Furgon Skoda 1200 Furgon
Skoda 1200 Sanitarka Skoda 1200 Sanitarka
Skoda 1200 Stw Skoda 1200 Stw
Skoda 1201 Skoda 1201
Skoda 1201 Dodavka Skoda 1201 Dodavka
Skoda 1201 Furgon Skoda 1201 Furgon
Skoda 1201 Sanitarka Skoda 1201 Sanitarka
Skoda 1201 Sanitka Skoda 1201 Sanitka
Skoda 1201 Stw Skoda 1201 Stw
Skoda 1201 Wagon Skoda 1201 Wagon
Skoda 1202 Skoda 1202
Skoda 1202 Kamyonet Skoda 1202 Kamyonet
Skoda 1202 Sanitka Skoda 1202 Sanitka
Skoda 1203 Skoda 1203
Skoda 1203 Com Skoda 1203 Com
Skoda 1203 M Skoda 1203 M
Skoda 1203 M Sanitka Skoda 1203 M Sanitka
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