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Smart – double (apart from the Forfour models) the midget city car with the 0,6 l 3-cylinder engine located behind for the first time presented in 1997 at the Frankfurt's motor show. The smart is a car with the back drive, 45 h.p. and a 6-staged transmission of Softouch (models with a turbo-supercharging have power in 55 h.p.). The maximum speed of such car reaches 135 km/h. The car is standardly completed with ABS system, ASR system, a safety column and safety cushions for the passenger and the driver.

Development of new model of the city economical car began in 1972 Daimler-Benz AG concern. I headed design group of essentially new minicar Joan Tomford. The group under the leadership of Nicholas Dzh was engaged in design of the new car. Heyka (The Swatch Group Ltd) in 1989. The name Swatchmobile became the working name of the project. Creation of the "short" car which would be easy to be parked in city conditions was the main idea (into place for the standard car 2-3 cars of the Smart brand can park today).

In 1993 preparation of the technical and economic documentation for opening of production of the new mini-car began. And already in the 1994th Mercedes-Benz and SMH Automobile (The Swatch Group Ltd.) declared creation of Micro Compact Car AG joint venture. The name Smart is an abbreviation of Swatch Mercedes ART. From this point search of a suitable place for plant of recently created company began.

After several months of search the choice fell to the small town of Ambash (France). But the first stone was put only in October, 1995 – after months of selections of architect projects. And only after a debut of the first prototype of the mini-car the permission for construction of new plant Smartville was got. In 1996 the test production line of Smart was published. Then in Maastricht the car received an award for the original design.

1997 was marked at once by several events: in the city of Maryenfeld the plant of Daimler-Benz AG concern directly for the purpose of production of engines for Smart cars opens. Same year the company officially presented the novelty at the International automobile exhibition in Frankfurt. But after carrying out necessary tests problems with a suspension bracket which postponed mass release of Smart City-Coupe cars until October, 1998 were found. However sales began even in the summer of the same year. Besides, during the same period of time the official centers of sale of cars of Smart in Europe were open.

The final design of the car didn't satisfy Nicholas Dzh. Heyka (The Swatch Group Ltd), and opinions of rather further development of a minicar dispersed. As a result of January 1, 1999 Swatch Group signed documents for transfer of 19% of actions to Daimler-Benz AG concern and the company releasing new midget city cars, received the name Micro Compact Car Smart GmbH.

In November, 1999 the Micro Compact Car Smart GmbH company presented Smart cars with the engine CDI (Common rail diesel injection) of 0,8 liters with a power of 41 horsepower. And in December of this year there were two more important events: the MCC Smart company released 100 000th Smart City-Coupe car, having begun sale of these cars on the Internet. By that moment any of automobile producers didn't use the Internet for sales.

Production of Smart cars and developed further very prompt rates. In September, 1999 the new model of a cabriolet of Smart-Cabrio was presented, and in March, 2000 this car already consisted in a mass production. In September, 2000 the company MCC offered to sale the car with providing Internet access, with connection to the Smart service!

In the spring of 2001 the Center of development and sales of MCC Smart GmbH moved to the city of Boeblingen, release and sale of cars of Smart-Cabrio with engines CDI at the same time began. The same year for realization in Great Britain and Japan production of Smart cars with the right-hand provision of a wheel is begun.

Eventful 2002 brought to the MCC Smart GmbH company many victories. In March at the international automobile exhibition in Geneva the corporation presented the new Smart Crossblade model. In June of the same year this model was on sale already not only in countries of Western Europe, but also in Japan, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In September, after renaming of the company into Smart GmbH, in the city of Ambash production of new models of the sports plan of Smart – Roadster and Roadster-Coupe was started. In October the plant on production of midget city cars celebrated the fifth anniversary. By this time 430 thousand cars are released. Agree, the companies already to eat than be proud.

2003 in the Smart GmbH organization is celebrated by a new logo and the beginning of sales of Smart Roadster and Smart Roadster-Coupe, and also the Smart City-Coupe BRABUS and Smart Cabrio BRABUS models. Unlike other Smart models, a series of sports cars has big power. Because the V6 bi-turbo engine takes as much places, how many two 3-cylinder engines, in the sports Smart models it transferred forward where in cars of this brand the luggage carrier usually settled down.

In 2004 production of the four-seater Smart Forfour car is started. Release of the all-wheel drive Smart Formore SUV on the basis of Mercedes-Benz C-Class with an engine displacement of 1,8-3 l, and also with diesel engines was planned, but in April, 2005 development of this model was suspended.

Summing up the results, by 2005 750 000 cars in 25 countries were sold worldwide, the new Smart Crosstown model is started. In 2006 the Smart Roadster model is laid off, but the modified Smart Fortwo model went on sale (originally the model was called as City Coupe).

In 2007 the new Smart EV model – the electric car, by the let-out British company according to the license Smart GmbH was presented. The car on batteries is planned to be released for sale in 2010.

Smart Canada 1 Concept Smart Canada 1 Concept
Smart City Cabrio Smart City Cabrio
Smart City Car Smart City Car
Smart City Coupe Smart City Coupe
Smart Crossblade Smart Crossblade
Smart Crosstown Hybrid Smart Crosstown Hybrid
Smart Forfour Smart Forfour
Smart Forfour 11 Smart Forfour 11
Smart Forfour 13i Smart Forfour 13i
Smart Forfour 15i Smart Forfour 15i
Smart Forfour Brabus Smart Forfour Brabus
Smart Forspeed Smart Forspeed
Smart Fortwo Smart Fortwo
Smart Fortwo 999 Passion Smart Fortwo 999 Passion
Smart Fortwo Brabus Smart Fortwo Brabus
Smart Fortwo Brabus Cabrio Smart Fortwo Brabus Cabrio
Smart Fortwo Cabrio Smart Fortwo Cabrio
Smart Fortwo Carlsson Evo Smart Fortwo Carlsson Evo
Smart Fortwo Cdi Smart Fortwo Cdi
Smart Fortwo Pulse Smart Fortwo Pulse
Smart Fortwo Special Edition Smart Fortwo Special Edition
Smart Forvision Smart Forvision
Smart Four Two Smart Four Two
Smart Passion 599 Smart Passion 599
Smart Roadster Smart Roadster
Smart Roadster Brabus Smart Roadster Brabus
Smart Roadster Coup Smart Roadster Coup
Smart Roadster Coupe Smart Roadster Coupe
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