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Matteo Ceirano, one of brothers of a family, known in the automobile world, in 1904 created the Itala company which left two years later that together with Michele Ansaldi to open the new enterprise which received the name Societa Piemontese Automobili Ansaldi-Ceirano (Piedmont automobile society of Ansaldi-Cheyrano), in abbreviated form SPA. When opening this organization the capital equal to one million liras then near Turin construction of new plant at which in 1907 about 300 people worked was begun was put. At that time productivity made more than 300 cars in a year.

In 1906 two SPA models – 28/40HP and 60/70HP which equipped four - and six-cylinder engines respectively were presented. Motors were supplied with lateral valves and cardan transfer, and their volume made 7,8 and 11,7 liters. The base, standard for these cars, equaled 3,1 meters though also options with base in 3,3 meters were issued. Characteristics of cars 28/40HP and 60/70HP, high from the technical point of view, allowed to put on them very much even the decent price. Only one chassis managed in more than 25 thousand liras. But after an economic crisis in Italy in 1907 expensive cars ceased to be in demand.

In total in the same 1907 SPA company redeemed small firm FLAG then within one year it managed to improve a financial condition of this association. As a result the main office of firm moved to Genoa, having left the main capacities in the town of Barryera di Crocetta, near Turin. At the same time in the company the division specializing on designing of aviation engines opened. The engineer Aristide Fatchtchioli – the author of the A-6 motor used later during World War I, by SVA planes became the head of this department. Besides, the aviation division received a task to force ready automobile units. The strengthened powerful engines established on racing options of the let-out models.

In 1908 the SPA 28/40HP car well proved during rally Turin – St. Petersburg, and then St. Petersburg-Moscow where won the second place took part in competitions. In 1909 at a wheel of the SPA 28/40HP car the baron Chuppa won competitions on the route Targa Florio. On the same model also the speed record was set up by Leonin da Zara who passed a distance in one mile.

In the same 1909 the SPA 10/12HP model equipped with the two-cylinder engine with a working volume of 1,7 liters which power made 15 horsepowers was let out. The car was completed with a three-speed transmission. SPA 10/12HP represented the car of the small sizes which was recognized as the smallest of all cars of SPA subsequently.

In 1910 the SPA 25/30HP car which founders equipped with the four-cylinder engine with a working volume of 4,4 liters was published. Power of this unit made 30 horsepowers. The car was made till 1916. But during war the enterprise was also engaged in production of aviation motors and trucks.

Shortly before the beginning of World War I the structure of the management of the company changed. So in 1911 the post was left by Michele Ansaldi, and in 1915 – Matteo Ceirano. In post-war time production of passenger cars was resumed. First post-war cars of firm of SPA 14/16HP steel and 25/30HP. The SPA 14/16HP model was equipped with the 1,8 liters engine and 20 horsepowers.

In 1923 the board of the company returned to office in Turin again. After that rise in popularity of firm which, however, proceeded absolutely not for long began. During blossoming the SPA-23 car equipped with the 2,8 liters 4-cylinder motor which power made 50 horsepowers was released. Then released also the Tipo-24 passenger car which presented also in sports modification 24S. This model was equipped with the 6-cylinder engine with a working volume of 4,4 liters. The motor was also supplied with two top camshafts, double ignition and four valves on one cylinder. Power of the unit made 90 horsepowers. The car was assembled on a spar frame with a mechanical 4-staged transmission, with a suspension bracket on semielliptical springs and drum brakes on all wheels. The SPA-24S car could gather speed to 125 km/h.

Then the SPA-25 model which was completed with the four-cylinder engine with a working volume of 4,4 liters with a power of 40 horsepowers was published. This car became the latest model collected by the company independently. So after a while the controlling stake was redeemed by Giovanni Ansaldo and attached SPA to the machine-building concern. After that the new owner of the SPA enterprise stopped production of cars.

In 1926 the SPA enterprise passed to property of the FIAT company, and in shops of plant about Turin began production of trucks and army equipment, as proceeded from the beginning of World War II. But in 1942 factory rooms were strongly destroyed. SPA shops released lorries to 1947 then production stopped forever.

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