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Standard carmaker was founded in 1903 in the English city of Coventry by the civil engineer Redzhinald Walter Modsli. The name was chosen not incidentally and to focus attention of buyers on use of the standardized components of a car which already passed all possible tests. Alex Craig having considerable experience at the quite famous enterprises, such as Singer and Lea-Francis became the chief designer of firm.

The Standard 6HP car equipped with the 1 liter single-cylinder engine became the first model developed by the company. In 1905 the 4,7 liters car 18/24HP equipped with the 6-cylinder motor was released. This model drew special attention at an automobile exhibition of the same year in London. Popularity of the company sharply increased that compelled the management to expand floor spaces.

In the spring of 1906 the Standard 24/30HP model on which installed the 6-cylinder engine with a working volume of 5,2 liters was presented. But along with this car it was developed and 50HP – very comfortable car with the 6-cylinder engine which volume made 11,7 liters.

In 1910 there was a car Standard-12HP equipped with the 1,6 liters 4-cylinder motor. The maximum speed of the car was limited 40 km/h. Also the Rhyl model or 9,5HP, let out in 1913 became also quite successful. Technically this car could be carried to higher class, than it was positioned. The car was equipped with shock-absorbers, both on a forward axis, and on the back bridge. The line 4-cylinder engine with the 1,1 liters lateral valves at first had power in 9,5 horsepowers, but soon it increased to 15 "horses". The maximum speed which the Rhyl car could develop, reached 70 km/h.

As well as many other automobile building firms, the Standard company during World War I made ammunition and various military equipment. Even the new plant for assembly of the planes intended for investigation was constructed. At once after the end of war the Standard SLS car – the modernized Rhyl model option went on sale. Then the SLS car was replaced in 1920 with the new SLO model, or 11,6HP. But after release of this car demand for production of the Standard company began to decrease.

After the end of war on one of factories of Triumph firm in the city of Kenli production of pre-war cars of the Standard company, and also Triumph brand models was restored. The first post-war model left only in 1947 is there was a Vanguard car.

The car had a body without the acting wings (pontoon type), but in 1952 the car received a classical luggage carrier that significantly changed appearance of a body in general. Nearly an every year appearance of a car of Vanguard changed. Cars equipped with the 1,8 liters 4-cylinder motor which was soon increased to 2,1 liters. Power of the second option of the engine also increased and made 68 horsepowers. The car which maximum speed reached 120 km/h, became popular not only in domestic market, but also in such countries as Australia and the USA, and India, Belgium and Switzerland even redeemed the license for assembly of the Vanguard model.

In 1953 the car body was a little changed again. This time the car received bigger back glass and a flat cowl. In 1954 and 1956 various modifications of the Vanguard car were published. And in 1957 the Sportsman model with the body executed in the corresponding style was let out. In 1958 by request of the Standard company the Turin firm Vignale made a new body for the Vanguard car – this model received the name Vanguard Vignale. The last modernization of a car took place in 1962 when the car found the engine, new to itself – honor the 6-cylinder power unit with volume in 2 liters.

In total in the same 1953 the Eight car which represented the small-capacity car with the 0,8 liters engine was presented to the public. Then there was also a modernization of the Ten model which volume of the motor made 0,95 liters. Units of these two cars were also installed and on the Herald model of the 1959th year of release which gathered on the frame Triumph chassis.

In 1961 the association Standard-Triumph was redeemed by Leyland Motors corporation. From this point under the Standard trademark began to release cars of average and small classes. The Ensign models, equipped with the 2,1 liters 4-cylinder engine, and also Vanguard Six with the 6-cylinder unit in 2 liters became the last cars which were published under this name. And in May, 1963 Standard carmaker as that stopped the existence.

Standard 10 Standard 10
Standard 12 Standard 12
Standard 14 Saloon Standard 14 Saloon
Standard 20 Standard 20
Standard 2000 Standard 2000
Standard 20hp Standard 20hp
Standard 4 8a Standard 4 8a
Standard 6cwt Van Standard 6cwt Van
Standard 7cwt Van Standard 7cwt Van
Standard 8 Standard 8
Standard 9 Standard 9
Standard 9hp Tourer Standard 9hp Tourer
Standard Atlas Standard Atlas
Standard Beaverette Standard Beaverette
Standard Eight Standard Eight
Standard Eight Tourer Standard Eight Tourer
Standard Ensign Standard Ensign
Standard Ensign Station Wagon Standard Ensign Station Wagon
Standard Flying Eight Standard Flying Eight
Standard Flying Fourteen Standard Flying Fourteen
Standard Flying Light Twelve Standard Flying Light Twelve
Standard Flying Nine Standard Flying Nine
Standard Flying Sixteen Standard Flying Sixteen
Standard Flying Ten Standard Flying Ten
Standard Flying Twelve Standard Flying Twelve
Standard Fourteen Standard Fourteen
Standard Herald Standard Herald
Standard Light Utility Standard Light Utility
Standard Pennant Standard Pennant
Standard Special Standard Special
Standard Sportsman Standard Sportsman
Standard Super Ten Standard Super Ten
Standard Swallow Standard Swallow
Standard Ten Standard Ten
Standard Ten Companion Standard Ten Companion
Standard Twelve Standard Twelve
Standard Twelve Station Wagon Standard Twelve Station Wagon
Standard Vanguard Standard Vanguard
Standard Vanguard Estate Standard Vanguard Estate
Standard Vanguard Iii Standard Vanguard Iii
Standard Vanguard Phase Iii Standard Vanguard Phase Iii
Standard Vanguard Pick Up Standard Vanguard Pick Up
Standard Vanguard Series 20s Standard Vanguard Series 20s
Standard Vanguard Six Standard Vanguard Six
Standard Vanguard Six Estate Standard Vanguard Six Estate
Standard Vanguard Stasjonsvogn Standard Vanguard Stasjonsvogn
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