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The history of the Sterling brand began in 1997 when the Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation company redeemed from Ford division on production of midsize trucks. The same year the company was restructured and received the name Sterling. A little later for it own dealer network and a network of the service centers was created.

To function as division of Freightliner the company began in 1998. And in 2000 Freightliner redeemed one more firm under the name Western Star. It was the quite famous brand in the United States which as a result transferred all rights for sales of the main tractors and their advertizing to the division of Sterling.

The Sterling brand positioned itself as the producer of trucks and tractors of the heaviest and average categories for freight transportation around the city. It produced equipment for construction, for example, dump trucks and fuel-servicing trucks. Also commercial cars were issued: milk tankers, two-axis refrigerators, tanks, and, of course, cars of social appointment (fire trucks, ambulance cars, snow blowers).

The management of concern set to division the object to become the leader in the American market in these segments, and the first-class service of similar cargo vehicles became a task of own service centers.

The company let out the first model of the truck under the name of Sterling in 1999. It was the car of average power under the name Sterling Acterra. It didn't differ in special beauty in design, but had quite nice appearance. The car was equipped with a cabin with lower cowl, than at big trucks, a wide lattice of a radiator and a five-speed transmission of Eaton Fuller. Under a cowl there were Mercedes-Benz engines with a power from 220 to 500 horsepowers. As an option Caterpillar and Cummins motors and hydraulic brake system were offered, and the pneumatic brake system was provided for the most powerful models of Acterra family. These cars intended for transportation of goods on semi-trailers, and the chassis taken as a basis for this family could be used for installation of concrete mixers, heavy dump trucks and powerful compressors.

The model range of Acterra was replenished in 2005 with one more variation of a car under the name Crew-cab ("a double cabin"). The SportChassis platform used by the Freightliner company is taken in a basis of this car. Such bases were made by Fabco firm and met in two options: 4x2 or 6x4. Thanks to their existence, there was an opportunity to lower the car center of gravity. The car was completed with three types of engines on a choice: MV, CAT or Cummins, and also Allison 3000 transmission. This model of a car is most often used as special equipment in municipal services.

In 2006 the Sterling company presented a line of utility trucks of Sterling 360, the small economical cars differing in good maneuverability and low landing of a cabin in the market. Two years later there was a modernization of a model range, and even more utility trucks of the third class were presented to the public. The novelty kept lines of the predecessor, but more powerful engine (185 horsepowers) and cruise control were added to a complete set, and also comfortableness of salon was improved.

The Sterling Bullet model are among cars of average loading capacity. It is the first truck which the Sterling company started releasing without body. The car was developed for transportation of various, not really big freights, and also for work on building. Engineers equipped a car with the turbodiesel Cummins motor, of 6,7 liters, cruise control and the conditioner. All models of cars of this brand differ in an excellent design. Mechanical engineers thought over and worked in them each detail.

The car is developed at Sterling Truck Manufacturing Plant plant in Saint Thomas, the State of Ontario. Initially, this plant was used only for production of Freightliner vehicles, but in 1998 there were some changes: capacity of plant was increased by 40%, new employees (staff grew by 70%) are recruited, the area increased by 440 thousand foots. After such modernization there was an opportunity to put Sterling brand cars on the conveyor. Such changes managed the companies in a round sum – 41 million dollars. But production grew from 20 cars a day in 1992 to 120 – in 1999.

All models of the Sterling brand are designed taking into account specifics of activity of the customer. Possible branches of use of a car are considered. Designers of Sterling closely cooperate with engineers of Freightliner therefore such unique designs as a hinged suspension bracket of TufTrac, an anatomic chair of the driver of EzyRider, a suspension bracket were developed for the main AirLiner tractors and an electronic control system of transmission of SmartShift.

Today trucks of the Sterling company didn't manage to equal the hopes laid on them on leadership in the market of freight transportation yet, but they take confident steps to this direction. Behind shoulders of the company the wide experience is saved already up that simply doesn't allow to doubt quality of its cars.

Sterling 360 Sterling 360
Sterling 825 Sterling 825
Sterling 827 Sterling 827
Sterling A Line Sterling A Line
Sterling A9513 Sterling A9513
Sterling Acterra Sterling Acterra
Sterling At 9500 Sterling At 9500
Sterling At9513 Sterling At9513
Sterling At9522 Sterling At9522
Sterling Bullet Sterling Bullet
Sterling Cargo Sterling Cargo
Sterling Condor Sterling Condor
Sterling Hc115 Steel Hauler Sterling Hc115 Steel Hauler
Sterling L Series Sterling L Series
Sterling L7501 Sterling L7501
Sterling L8501 Sterling L8501
Sterling L8511 Sterling L8511
Sterling Lt 9500 Sterling Lt 9500
Sterling Lt7501 Sterling Lt7501
Sterling Lt8501 Sterling Lt8501
Sterling Lt8511 Sterling Lt8511
Sterling Lt8513 Sterling Lt8513
Sterling Lt9501 Sterling Lt9501
Sterling Lt9513 Sterling Lt9513
Sterling Sc8000 Sterling Sc8000
Sterling Wb 2 Ton Chassis Sterling Wb 2 Ton Chassis
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