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Not absolutely truly to consider that the foundation of automobile production of the Steyr company was laid in the twenties the XX centuries, after all forty years before Josef Werndl founded factory for release of the weapon and military equipment. This fact, by the way, explains why the first models released plant bear a faint resemblance to heavy military vehicles and widely known logo of the company is stylized under a sight. In connection with decrease in need for arms, the enterprise had to look for new fields of activity, and in 1917 the sample of the first car was let out.

The legendary designer Hans Ledwinka invited by the director Alfred Shik of that time managed to arrange line production automobile and trucks and to make the worthy competition by the well-known Austro-Daimler and Puch. In three years the first full-fledged mechanism was released. In the people car got Vaffenauto's nickname (the fire car). The Steyr XII model of 1925 possessed distinctive feature – its axis was shaking.

1931 remained memorable to that Ferdinand Porsche was appointed to a position of the chief designer. In 1934 there was a merge of three giants of automotive industry therefore the Austro-Daimler-Puch AG firm specializing on production of petrol cars was formed.

World War II introduced fair amendments in development of world automotive industry. Practically all capacities were destroyed. In 1945 works on reconstruction of the enterprise began, and the engine diesel became a point of support now. However it wasn't succeeded to carry out plans, and in a year representatives of firm designed the truck with the petrol motor. At the same time release of tractors was adjusted. The engine invented by engineers of again independent firm Steyr became a prototype of the whole series of modern motors.

The cooling system was used the liquid. Initial power with one cylinder made 15 horsepowers. Wide popularity was found by the Steyr 50 model, the primogenitor Beetle to whom Porsche laid a hand. 1948 was marked by the joint activity with the Italian producer of FIAT which laid the foundation to effective cooperation. In the 50th years the car Haflinger was designed, and Pintsgauer (SUVs of a military series) is invented a bit later. With modification of models of dews and engine displacement. Forms of the car became more streamline, however, clumsiness remained: it didn't manage to the Austrians to overcome the addiction to rough forms of military trucks.

In 1956 the turbo-supercharging began to be used. Were at that time made not only trucks, but also buses. Outputs were small. The design still remained the semi-military, but with modernization of capacities and loading capacity appearance of cars was left by massiveness. By the way, the firm didn't manage to get rid of the "heavy" nature entirely. Even the Steyr 220 car all the same had rough design. Eventually, at everyone "face".

Also export of cars was adjusted. An assortment number of heavy units – tractors, vans, dump trucks was expanded. Further representatives of the company mastered release of engines with six cylinders. Sports cars were generally made.

In 1978 the latest Steyr automobile model on the basis of FIAT 126 was collected. Today's lorries have the following main characteristics: wheel formula 4x6 or 6x6, wheel base of 2,9-3,8 m, engine of six-cylinder line diesel, 320 horsepowers, 16 transfers. In 1984 the agreement with the Chinese firm CNHTC on production of trucks of a series 91 was signed. The agreement works to this day.

Despite continuous change of owners of the company, quality of assembly remains permanently good, it is firm German. Turbodiesel Steyr engines and gather on GAZA. Producers, at last, decided to give completely the talent to release of trucks, and passenger cars needed to be content only with drives for wheels of Panda, Volkswagen.

Enormous square Gelendvagen (G-class) became deification of production of firm. Developed in the military purposes, he perfectly (however, as well as all militarized cars – such is the Austrian mentality) got accustomed in Russia. The car is rather impressive and heavy, however, possesses good acceleration. The maximum speed makes about two hundred km/h, and volume of cylinders – from 3000 to 4900 cubic centimeters.

Steyr 100 Steyr 100
Steyr 100 Kabriolet Steyr 100 Kabriolet
Steyr 120 Super Steyr 120 Super
Steyr 13 S18 Steyr 13 S18
Steyr 15 Steyr 15
Steyr 1500 Steyr 1500
Steyr 1500 A Steyr 1500 A
Steyr 17 S21 Steyr 17 S21
Steyr 180 Steyr 180
Steyr 180a Steyr 180a
Steyr 188 Steyr 188
Steyr 19 S37 Steyr 19 S37
Steyr 200 Steyr 200
Steyr 200 Kabriolet Steyr 200 Kabriolet
Steyr 2000 Steyr 2000
Steyr 2000 A Steyr 2000 A
Steyr 2000 Luxus Steyr 2000 Luxus
Steyr 220 Steyr 220
Steyr 220 Kabriolet Steyr 220 Kabriolet
Steyr 220 Sport Kabriolet Steyr 220 Sport Kabriolet
Steyr 250 Steyr 250
Steyr 288 Steyr 288
Steyr 30 Steyr 30
Steyr 32 S31 Steyr 32 S31
Steyr 380 Steyr 380
Steyr 380 A Steyr 380 A
Steyr 380 Q Steyr 380 Q
Steyr 430 Steyr 430
Steyr 480 Steyr 480
Steyr 480 A Steyr 480 A
Steyr 480 G Steyr 480 G
Steyr 50 Steyr 50
Steyr 530 Kabriolet Steyr 530 Kabriolet
Steyr 55 Steyr 55
Steyr 586 Steyr 586
Steyr 630 Kabriolet Steyr 630 Kabriolet
Steyr 680 Mf Steyr 680 Mf
Steyr 80 Steyr 80
Steyr 8055 Steyr 8055
Steyr 80a Steyr 80a
Steyr 91 Steyr 91
Steyr Adgz Steyr Adgz
Steyr Diesel Steyr Diesel
Steyr Diesel 380 Steyr Diesel 380
Steyr Diesel 380 Ii Steyr Diesel 380 Ii
Steyr Diesel 480 A Steyr Diesel 480 A
Steyr Diesel 586 Steyr Diesel 586
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