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1917 is considered date of the basis of one of the largest Japanese producers of cars – the Subaru companies. This year the 33-year-old engineer Chikukhi Nakadzhima founded the small research laboratory which turned in 1931 into major aircraft manufacturing company under the name Nakajima Aircraft. The planes released by the company managed to do some fighting in many hot spots of those times, having quickly been among leaders in the field of aviation construction. However by the end of World War II production of the company was to nobody necessary and production stopped.

In 1945 the company underwent restructuring and received a new name – Fuji Sangyo. Then the active search of new potential consumers which didn't be crowned as a result with special success began. Nevertheless, the solution was found. The firm began to study technologies of development of motor scooters, and also bodies for the subsequent production of large cars and buses. And in 1946 Rabbit motor scooter equipped with the 2-strong engine of 135 cubic cm was created. And from the beginning conveyor production of this vehicle starting next year, production of the company it was recognized in all Japan.

The beginning of the 50th brought to the company new disappointments. It was necessary to carry out one more restructuring as a result of which there was a division into 12 firms. But in 1953 the market was entered by large corporation Fuji Heavy Industries which part five of these firms first were. Later they were adjoined by one more. Anyway, in 1954 the first passenger R-1 car which name wasn't entered in the concept of the president of the company – mister Keith was developed.

Practically at once this person thought up the new name for the car – Subaru which borrowed at a star congestion of Galaxies. The history of emergence of the company as a naked eye of people it is capable to see six stars also is connected with this constellation. The logo of the company comprises also 6 asterisks which symbolize that the organization was founded from six companies. Coming back to the first model, it should be noted that it it was equipped with the 2-cylinder 16-strong engine which volume made 358 cubic see. Subaru 360 was published in 1958.

By that moment the large corporation Fuji founded branch under the name Subaru which was engaged in production of mopeds and cars. After a debut of the 360th model the company became one of leaders of the Japanese market as this small car the unknown caused a stir. Only for 1959 about 40 000 cars of this model that made about 50% of total of sales of minicars in Japan were sold. And in 1960 model 450 which received the name Maja was published.

This car didn't become very popular, but the Subaru 360 model, in connection with the high status, was subjected to numerous modifications. Modification of Subaru Sport 360 became the most serious of them. The car was equipped with the 36-strong engine which promoted possibility of development of speed to 120 km/h.

The world famous Subaru Sambar Truck presented in 1961 was created on the basis of the same model 360, but was suitable for transportation of goods more. This car also found the admirers. However rates of its promoting increased to such an extent that the Fuji Heavy Industries company created whole division of Subaru Sambar which was engaged in production of commercial vans and pickups.

At the beginning of 1966 the model range of the company was replenished with the front-wheel (FWD) Subaru 1000 car equipped with the horizontally opposite engine. This car became one of the stablest around the world. But, at the same time, it was necessary to note its negative sides: only skilled drivers as the car instantly reacted to the slightest roughnesses on the road could operate such car. Nevertheless, by means of horizontal placement of the engine along a car axis these defects were very quickly corrected. Some years later only in the USA nearly 25 000 copies of this car were on sale. By the way, export of production of Subaru to "New light" started in 1968.

In the same 1968 the company was a part of not less known auto maker – Nissan concern then the FE model was offered the Japanese consumer, by the tradition which developed already equipped with the forward drive. Initially this car was equipped with the 1-liter power unit and, it is worth recognizing, was not in the most great demand. But later, after several modifications and assignment of model of the name Leone, a car became one of the most popular in all Japan. Especially successful were modifications of 1972 of Leone 1400 4WD and Leone 1400 FD.

1969 was marked by a debut of the Subaru R-2 model which replaced in the Subaru 360 market. The magnificent design of a body, the balanced design, the comfortable salon calculated on four passengers and also high technical characteristics predicted success of this car. Nevertheless, this model very already later was replaced three years by almost perfect Subaru Rex car of the first generation equipped with the 256-vat engine and differing in even more grandiose controllability and stability.

In 1975 Leone SEEC-T car series debuted. To 1976, two years later after a Leone model debut in the international market, the level of its sales abroad made 100 000 copies, 30 000 from which were sold in the territory of the United States of America. And, since 1977, in the USA the all-wheel drive Subaru Brat car constructed on the basis of the Leone 4WD model actively was on sale.

At the beginning of the 80th the company continued a line of Subaru Rex. In 1981 debuted the second generation of this front-wheel model which is let out in 3-and 5-door bodies like hatchback, and two years later the all-wheel drive version 4WD was published. In the same 1983 the small, but very comfortable minibus Subaru Domingo calculated on seven adult passengers was presented. In 1984 the model range filled up the Subaru Justy car, and in 1985 – Subaru Alcyone known in the USA as Subaru XT.

By 1987 the Subaru company created at once two joint ventures – at first with the Taiwan enterprise Ta Ching Motors, and then and with the famous Japanese producer of trucks – Isuzu Motors firm. During the same period of time there was one more extremely important event: production of the Subaru Legacy model which was fated to replace Leone was begun. It was the real revolution which made the company of even more competitive in the world market. It should be noted that initially cars of the Legacy model were made in bodies a sedan and the versatile person. The success of the end of the 80th added the sports Subaru GT car equipped with the opposite 3,3-liter 250-strong engine which allowed the car to reach speed in 230 km/h, dispersing to one hundred in 8,7 seconds.

One more legendary Subaru Impreza model debuted in 1992. This car participated in the classical rally championship in the best times for Subaru. However in the 90th the model range was expanded more globally, than on one model. In 1990 the city Vivio car equipped with the engine of 658 cubic centimeters was published. Some years later the company submitted the customized all-wheel drive version of this car which was capable to reach the speed of 100 km/h in 5,5 seconds. In the middle of the decade on the basis of Subaru Legacy the sports versatile person under the name Outback was developed and presented. It was one of the first cars of this class which quite reasonably gained recognition around the world. And 1997 gave start to model which is considered also today one of the best in the class – it is about the large Subaru Forester station wagon equipped with the 122-strong engine and allocated with SUV opportunities.

In spite of the fact that Subaru Outback obviously won wide recognition around the world, on the basis of the chassis of this model was developed and in 2002 absolutely new pickup which received the name Subaru Baja is presented. From novelties it is possible to note the Tribeca and Stella models which entered the market in 2005 and 2006 respectively. Also the beginning of a new eyelid was marked by the beginning of numerous conceptual development behind which the modern management of Subaru Motors carmaker sees the future.

And the future at the company, certainly, the lightest. Outputs and sales promptly grow, and the model range regularly extends therefore the consumer trusts development of the Subaru company which is a part of one of most major concerns in the world – Fuji Heavy Industries more and more.

Subaru 1000 Subaru 1000
Subaru 1200 Subaru 1200
Subaru 16 Dl Subaru 16 Dl
Subaru 16 Dl Sedan Subaru 16 Dl Sedan
Subaru 1600 Subaru 1600
Subaru 1600 4wd Sedan Subaru 1600 4wd Sedan
Subaru 1600 Wagon Subaru 1600 Wagon
Subaru 18 Subaru 18
Subaru 18 4wd Turbo Subaru 18 4wd Turbo
Subaru 18 Gl Subaru 18 Gl
Subaru 18 Gl Wagon 4wd Subaru 18 Gl Wagon 4wd
Subaru 1800 Subaru 1800
Subaru 1800 4wd Pick Up Subaru 1800 4wd Pick Up
Subaru 1800 Glf 5 Coupe Subaru 1800 Glf 5 Coupe
Subaru 1800 Glf 5 Sedan Subaru 1800 Glf 5 Sedan
Subaru 1800 Glf Wagon 4wd Subaru 1800 Glf Wagon 4wd
Subaru 1800 Turbo Subaru 1800 Turbo
Subaru 360 Subaru 360
Subaru 360 Pickup Subaru 360 Pickup
Subaru 600 Subaru 600
Subaru 600 Sdx Subaru 600 Sdx
Subaru 600 Van Subaru 600 Van
Subaru 700 Subaru 700
Subaru 700 Super Deluxe Subaru 700 Super Deluxe
Subaru Alcyone Svx Subaru Alcyone Svx
Subaru B9 Tribeca Subaru B9 Tribeca
Subaru B9 Tribeca 36 Awd Subaru B9 Tribeca 36 Awd
Subaru Baja Subaru Baja
Subaru Baja 25 Subaru Baja 25
Subaru Brat Subaru Brat
Subaru Brat Gl Subaru Brat Gl
Subaru Brumby Subaru Brumby
Subaru Brz Concept Sti Subaru Brz Concept Sti
Subaru Casablanca Subaru Casablanca
Subaru Coupe Subaru Coupe
Subaru Coupe 16 Gl Subaru Coupe 16 Gl
Subaru Coupe 16 Gl 4wd Turbo Subaru Coupe 16 Gl 4wd Turbo
Subaru Dl Subaru Dl
Subaru Dl 1600 Sedan Subaru Dl 1600 Sedan
Subaru Dl Z Subaru Dl Z
Subaru Domingo Subaru Domingo
Subaru E 10 Subaru E 10
Subaru E10 Subaru E10
Subaru Estratto Subaru Estratto
Subaru Exiga Subaru Exiga
Subaru Fabia Wrc Subaru Fabia Wrc
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