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The Sunbeam trademark was based till 1899 when the first car with such name was assembled. The founder of the company of the same name John Marston made metal jewelry, and then the bicycles equipped with the closed casing which provided constant greasing of a driving chain earlier. The first full-fledged car of John Marston made in 1899 had the single-cylinder engine in 4 horsepowers, and also the belt drive of wheels.

In 1901 one more quite simple model equipped with already 2-cylinder motor was published. The same year, the Sunbeam-Mabley car developed by Mebberli Smith – the architect in the specialty appeared the little later. The first model started in a mass production was equipped with the 0,3 liters single-cylinder engine located in the neighbourhood with the only forward wheel which from the motor was put in action by means of a belt. The back wheel also was the only thing, it was operated. For balance on each side of the car two more wheels between which were a driver's seat and the passenger settled down.

The company extended, and over time the post of the chief designer was held by Charles Pallinger who already had similar experience in the Lyons firm Teste et Moret. By means of Charles Pallinger the Sunbeam company redeemed the license for assembly of the Berliet 12HP car. This model which in Great Britain was on sale under the name of Sunbeam, was equipped with the 2,4 liters 4-cylinder motor and differed in that the chain drive of back wheels, as well as by Sunbeam bicycles, was greased forcibly.

Since 1904 the company offered a number of the cars developed by Angus Shaw. Generally cars were equipped with 4-cylinder engines, but in 1907 there was a model with the 6-cylinder motor which was used within four next years.

Only in 1909 there were Sunbeam cars developed by the designer Louis Kotalen who came to this company from Hillman firm. Under its management model 14/18HP equipped with the 3,4 liters 4-cylinder engine was made. Kotalen convinced the management of the company to test cars in competitions where there were obvious all defects of a design. The racing Nautilus model with the motor was so developed. The car body was executed according to all laws of aerodynamics. Nautilus in 1910 participated in race in Bruklenda, but didn't achieve special progress. The car 12/16HP equipped with the 4-cylinder engine with the 2,4 liters lateral valves became much more successful. And in 1912 on this model installed the 3 liters motor.

In 1953 the 90th model was modified in the sports Sunbeam Alpine car with which the company began to speak at competitions again. Cars received the name Alpine after a victory in 1948 and 1952 in the Alpine rallies. In double car was originally made for export to the United States, but sports progress of the car drew attention and in domestic market. The spar frame of Sunbeam-Alpine wasn't connected with a body skeleton, besides, it strengthened an additional cross beam. The forward rigid suspension bracket, an arch of safety of a windshield, the reduced transmission and the raised extent of compression of a head of the block of cylinders became technical innovations. Engine capacity of this model made 77 horsepowers, thus the maximum speed reached 170 km/h. In 1954 on this car the racer Sterling Moss won a special prize for three races finished without penal points.

In 1956 Sunbeam Rapier sedan was presented to the public. The car was equipped with the 1,4 liters engine which was increased later to one and a half liters. In 1959 the body of the car of Sunbeam-Alpine was converted. Now this model was issued in the form of a cabriolet and a compartment. The oval airintaking opening became characteristic feature of a car. Up to 1968 this model was made with typical bodies, but engine displacement varied from 1,5 to 1,7 liters.

However in 1964 on the basis of the Alpine model the powerful Sunbeam Tiger car with the Ford V8 engine with a working volume of 4,3 liters and 164 "horses" was released. In 1967 the model was modernized, having installed on it the 4,7 liters 200-strong motor. This car received the name Tiger MK-1. The model had fine road performance, differing thus in very good dynamics. The maximum speed of the car reached 190 km/h. For years of production Sunbeam Tiger 600 cars were released. But use of the Ford motor didn't please the management of the company as from 1964th year the controlling stake was in possession of the American concern Chrysler.

Other models which are let out up to 1970 were practically the copy of cars of the Rootes or Hillman company. For example, Sunbeam Stiletto which is let out in 1967 repeated with some changes of Hillman Imp. Till 1976 were made also the Imp Sport models, and also the updated Rapier.

In 1970 the Rootes company completely carried over Chrysler concern. Nevertheless, under the name of Sunbeam in 1977 the whole series of cars which gathered for the Hillman Avenger chassis was released. It were classical models with short bodies – the hatchbacks extended then. As leaders back wheels acted. Engines of these cars were 4-cylinder from 1 to 1,6 liter. The block of cylinders was made of an aluminum alloy. Power of the used power units made from 42 to 70 horsepowers.

In 1978 all European plants of Chrysler concern were redeemed by the Peugeot Citroen company. The previous Chrysler-Sunbeam models were quickly renamed into Talbot-Sunbeam. Also Sunbeam-Lotus – the car equipped with the production Lotus 2,2 liters 155-strong 4-cylinder engine was let out. However cars under this name which made a noise once were made only till 1982 then the trademark stopped the existence.

Sunbeam 1000hp Slug Sunbeam 1000hp Slug
Sunbeam 12 16 Hp Sunbeam 12 16 Hp
Sunbeam 1250 Sunbeam 1250
Sunbeam 1250 Tc Sunbeam 1250 Tc
Sunbeam 1250 Tc Break Sunbeam 1250 Tc Break
Sunbeam 1300 Station Sunbeam 1300 Station
Sunbeam 14 Hp Sunbeam 14 Hp
Sunbeam 1500 Sunbeam 1500
Sunbeam 1500 Tc Sunbeam 1500 Tc
Sunbeam 1600 Sunbeam 1600
Sunbeam 169 Hp Sunbeam 169 Hp
Sunbeam 20 60 Hp Sunbeam 20 60 Hp
Sunbeam 3 Litre Sunbeam 3 Litre
Sunbeam 9 Sunbeam 9
Sunbeam Alpine Sunbeam Alpine
Sunbeam Alpine Gt Sunbeam Alpine Gt
Sunbeam Alpine Roadster Sunbeam Alpine Roadster
Sunbeam Alpine Sports Sunbeam Alpine Sports
Sunbeam Alpine Sports Car Sunbeam Alpine Sports Car
Sunbeam Arrow Sunbeam Arrow
Sunbeam Avenger Sunbeam Avenger
Sunbeam Bluebird Sunbeam Bluebird
Sunbeam Chamois Sunbeam Chamois
Sunbeam Chamois Sport Sunbeam Chamois Sport
Sunbeam Coupe De Lauto Sunbeam Coupe De Lauto
Sunbeam Dawn Sunbeam Dawn
Sunbeam Gazelle Sunbeam Gazelle
Sunbeam Grand Prix Sunbeam Grand Prix
Sunbeam Harrington Lemans Sunbeam Harrington Lemans
Sunbeam Hunter Sunbeam Hunter
Sunbeam Imp Sunbeam Imp
Sunbeam Imp 875 Sunbeam Imp 875
Sunbeam Imp Sport Sunbeam Imp Sport
Sunbeam Le Mans Tiger Sunbeam Le Mans Tiger
Sunbeam Lister Tiger Sunbeam Lister Tiger
Sunbeam Minx Sunbeam Minx
Sunbeam Mk Iii Sunbeam Mk Iii
Sunbeam Model 9 Sunbeam Model 9
Sunbeam Model 90 Sunbeam Model 90
Sunbeam Rapier Sunbeam Rapier
Sunbeam Rapier Convertible Sunbeam Rapier Convertible
Sunbeam Rapier Coup Sunbeam Rapier Coup
Sunbeam S8 Sunbeam S8
Sunbeam Sceptre Sunbeam Sceptre
Sunbeam Sixteen Sunbeam Sixteen
Sunbeam Stiletto Sunbeam Stiletto
Sunbeam Super Imp Sunbeam Super Imp
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