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In 1902 with active financial participation of lord Shryusberi Charles Chetvaynd-Talbot the London branch of the French carmaker Clement was founded. Within the first two years of the existence the firm only imported the French cars, changing an emblem for Shryusberi's coat of arms. Then the enterprise concentrated on assembly of cars which, leaving gate of English shops, carried the name Clement-Talbot. But over time the Talbot firm stopped cooperation with Clement though till 1914 I released cars under a former trademark.

In 1905 the Talbot company offered the following model range: 7/8HP, 8/9HP, 9/11HP, and also 10/20HP. It were the cars equipped with 2-cylinder power units. But also then some cars with 4-cylinder engines which came to a mass production the little later gathered.

In 1906 model 20/24HP on which installed the engine designed by K. Gerrard – the Englishman who long enough worked in the Clement company in France was let out. The volume of the motor of the Talbot 20/24HP car made 3,8 liters. Then there was a model 12/16HP equipped with the 2,7-liter engine. Both let out in 1906 the car repeatedly took part in competitions, and quite good results allowed the company to draw to themselves attention of the automobile world.

Already one more model – 15HP, also designed by Gerrard was by the end of the year presented. On this car there was the 3 liters engine. In 1908 there was a model from the same series – the car 25HP with a volume of motor of 4,2 liters. By the way, the head of the block of cylinders of this engine was made in the form of a letter L.

In 1911 George Brown who replaced not less known firm Austin with Talbot came to a post of the chief designer of the company. Brown replaced lateral valves top and developed the 4,6 liters new engine which was installed for the first time on model 25/50HP. It was the line 4-cylinder motor with a diameter of cylinder of 101,5 mm and a piston stroke in 140 mm. Its power made 50 "horses" that allowed the car to disperse to 110 km/h.

On the basis of model 25/50HP also two racing cars were created. At a wheel of one of them Percy Lambert could set up a speed record: 182 km/h on race with a distance in half-miles and nearly 180 km/h at a distance in one mile. After a while George Brown in a pursuit of achievements of competitors developed the 4,75 liters even more powerful engine. On this car Percy Lambert in the fall of 1913 dispersed to 177 km/h, but lost control over management and broke.

By 1914 motors which were used for assembly of Talbot cars, were, generally 4-cylinder, and their volume varied within 2,5-4,5 liters. But in a year there was a first car equipped with the 6-cylinder engine working volume honor in 4 liters.

In 1916 Swiss George Ryosh who managed to replace not one place of work by this time joined group of designers of Talbot firm. In its track record there was an experience of cooperation with such enterprises as Daimler, Gregoire, Renault and Delaunay-Belleville. George Ryosh started at once design of the A-12 model which was planned to be equipped with the 1,75 liters power unit. However this car wasn't started in production.

In 1919 lord Shryusberi Charles Chetvaynd-Talbot sold the company to the French firm Darracq, having lost interest in affairs of firm after death of the son in World War I. And in 1920 Darracq-Talbot united with one more company from Great Britain – Sunbeam therefore the production group received the name STD, that is Sunbeam-Talbot-Darracq. George Ryosh developed trucks at this time and was engaged in modernization of the double Clement-Talbot 8/18HP model which began to be imported from France again.

In 1923 on the basis of Clement-Talbot 8/18HP model 10/23HP which received a 4-seater body and the 1,1 liters 4-cylinder motor was collected. The little later the car was modified and released more powerful car 12/30HP equipped with the 6-cylinder engine which volume made 1,6 liters.

In 1926 strategy of "one model" therefore for a long time only the Talbot 14/45HP car on which installed the 1,7 liters 6-cylinder engine was issued was developed. This car was made within nine years.

For its production the best steel which was only present at sale was chosen. All mechanisms of the power unit were easy and the most compact. With a diameter of cylinder of 61 mm and a piston stroke in 95 mm, the designer George Ryosh could achieve the frequency of rotation of the crankshaft in 4500 revolutions per minute that allowed to receive power in 45 horsepowers. Thus the speed which the car could develop, reached 100 km/h. Besides, the Talbot 14/45HP model became one of the first cars around the world which was completed with indexes of turns.

But in 1930 the chassis 14/45HP served for assembly of the Talbot-70 car or 18/70HP. Number "70" designated that the car can disperse to 70 miles/hour, but at once it became clear that the car is slightly more powerful, than it was supposed, and it was renamed into Talbot-75.

This model was modified over time, having increased extent of compression and the size of valves. The engine together with it received power in 74 "horses". On Talbot-75 cars established a forward suspension bracket in the form of not cutting axis on semielliptical springs, and as a back suspension bracket the integral beam on the springs was used. Both suspension brackets were supplied with frictional shock-absorbers. Two - or the four-seater sedan could disperse to 120 km/h, and average fuel consumption made about 16 liters on 100 km. In 7 years of production 3200 copies of the Talbot-75 car were let out.

Then there was a Talbot-90 model which, respectively, could disperse to 90 miles an hour, or 145 km/h. Engine capacity of 2,3 liters made 93 horsepowers. Speed which this car could develop, reached 160 km/h. The Talbot-90 car rather successfully spoke at various competitions of Ireland, England and France.

In 1931 Talbot-105 with the 3 liters 6-cylinder motor which power made 100 "horses" was let out. The 140 horsepowers car which celebrated a victory in races on the Grand Prix of Ireland, and then and in competitions in Le Mans and Tourist Trophy was also made. In 1934 by Talbot-105 car the Alpine rally was won.

The following model, Talbot-110 which is let out in 1935 received wider cylinders therefore engine displacement made 3,4 liters, and its power – 123 horsepowers. Besides, on the car established the production Wilson transmission supplied with a selector choice. But by this time the STD group of companies as a result of emergence of serious financial problems became part of the succeeded Rootes carmaker.

In 1936 the inexpensive car with a body Talbot Ten sedan was released. The chassis of this car was copied from the Hillman Minx model. Besides, the car was equipped with the 1,2 liters motor. Next year model 3L with the 3-liter engine was presented. It was the analog of the Hillman Hawk car. The machine which with huge work accelerated to 130 km/h, in 1938 was renamed into Sunbeam-Talbot, and became the last development of the company.

Within the next 40 years the automobile world practically didn't hear the name Talbot. During this time the Rootes firm was redeemed by Chrysler corporation, but also this concern in 1978 was compelled to sell all the European enterprises for the solution of financial problems. Quite so the Talbot company became property the association PSA which management returned the Talbot brand, having decorated with a characteristic emblem the former cars of SIMCA and Chrysler.

Among the released Talbot cars under the auspices of PSA the greatest popularity was won by the Solara model which was made at the French plants since 1980. This car was assembled by an example of the Chrysler SIMCA 1510 model, and in Great Britain the car carried the name Talbot Rapier and Minx.

In 1982 a series of Talbot Samba cars which volume of engines made from 1 to 1,3 liters was published, and in 1985 all cars of this trademark received the name Peugeot-Talbot. But after 1986 the brand completely disappeared from the automobile market.

Talbot 105 Talbot 105
Talbot 105 110 34 Litre Talbot 105 110 34 Litre
Talbot 105 Alpine Talbot 105 Alpine
Talbot 11 Cv Six Talbot 11 Cv Six
Talbot 110 Talbot 110
Talbot 1100 Talbot 1100
Talbot 1100 Vf3 Talbot 1100 Vf3
Talbot 14 16 Cv Talbot 14 16 Cv
Talbot 14 45 Talbot 14 45
Talbot 150 Talbot 150
Talbot 150 Ambulancia Talbot 150 Ambulancia
Talbot 1510 Talbot 1510
Talbot 16 Hp Talbot 16 Hp
Talbot 180 Talbot 180
Talbot 65 Talbot 65
Talbot 95105 Sports Replica Talbot 95105 Sports Replica
Talbot Alpine Talbot Alpine
Talbot Ao 90 Talbot Ao 90
Talbot Armoured Car Talbot Armoured Car
Talbot Avenger Talbot Avenger
Talbot Ay 35 Talbot Ay 35
Talbot Baby Junior 11cv Coach Talbot Baby Junior 11cv Coach
Talbot Coupe 25 Litres Talbot Coupe 25 Litres
Talbot Darracq 56 Talbot Darracq 56
Talbot Diesel Talbot Diesel
Talbot Express Talbot Express
Talbot Horizon Talbot Horizon
Talbot Horizon Ambulancia Talbot Horizon Ambulancia
Talbot Lago Talbot Lago
Talbot Lago 2500 Sport Europa Coupe Talbot Lago 2500 Sport Europa Coupe
Talbot Lago 26cv Limousine Saoutchik Talbot Lago 26cv Limousine Saoutchik
Talbot Lago Baby Talbot Lago Baby
Talbot Lago Grand Sport Saoutchik Coupe Talbot Lago Grand Sport Saoutchik Coupe
Talbot Lago Record Talbot Lago Record
Talbot Lago Record Cabriolet Talbot Lago Record Cabriolet
Talbot Lago T150 C Talbot Lago T150 C
Talbot Lago T150 C Ss Talbot Lago T150 C Ss
Talbot Lago T26 Talbot Lago T26
Talbot Lago T26 C Talbot Lago T26 C
Talbot Lago T26 Grand Sport Talbot Lago T26 Grand Sport
Talbot Lago T26 Gs Talbot Lago T26 Gs
Talbot Lago T26 Record Cabriolet Worblaufen Talbot Lago T26 Record Cabriolet Worblaufen
Talbot London 14 45 Brooklands Replica Talbot London 14 45 Brooklands Replica
Talbot Lotus Sunbeam Talbot Lotus Sunbeam
Talbot M67 11 Six Cabriolet Talbot M67 11 Six Cabriolet
Talbot Matra Murena Talbot Matra Murena
Talbot Matra Rancho Talbot Matra Rancho
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