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One of the largest auto makers around the world, the Tata Motors company, is division of the huge Indian Tata Group conglomerate which was based by the businessman Dzhamshetdzhi Tata in far 1868.

The history of the automobile enterprise began in 1945 with production of locomotives. However practically at once heads of the company understood that development of the motor transport can bring in considerably the bigger income. And in 1954 the first commercial Tata Motors car created in the territory of Germany together with the Daimler-Benz enterprise was presented to the public.

Having got the license at Germans, Hindus quickly intensified production of trucks, and already by the beginning of the XXI century the number of the cars made by the Tata Motors company exceeded an indicator in 4 million copies. However up to 1989 in the history of activity of the company there was nothing interesting: production and sales grew, but all production of the enterprise was based on model ranges of other producers of cars.

By then, as in 1989 started production of large passenger cars (SUVs and pickups), the Tata Motors company came to the advanced positions around the world on an indicator of rates of production of commercial cars. However the real success to the Indian producer came already in the nineties the last century. After the automobile division of a conglomerate in 1991 was headed by the grandson of the founder of Tata Group Ratan Tata, affairs of the company went up.

Registration of Tata Motors at stock exchange in New York became the beginning of growth of corporation. However it Ratan Tata didn't finish confident steps to success. On December 30, 1998 the company presented to the public the first car which is completely developed in India. The small hatchback of Tata Indica was equipped with the 1,4-liter petrol or diesel engine which is also made by the Tata Motors company. The car was worked not enough, and later half a year it was updated.

However even the first version of model became the real hit. Already in the first of January, 1999 the number of orders for this car exceeded an indicator in 100 000! And in 2003 import of the Tata Indica model to Great Britain began. There the car was issued under the name City Rover. The Indica model is made still, and the quantity of the sold copies of a car reached one million! It is considered one of secrets of success of this car its byudzhetnost. The cost of Tata Indica makes only 5000 US dollars.

In the same 1998 in the market I debuted one more car which is completely made in India. The speech about the first Indian SUV which received the name Tata Safari and initially completed with the 1,9-liter diesel engine. The volume of motors with which the car was completed began to let out a late car in other options, and, made from 2 to 3 liters. The first Tata Safari version was far from an ideal, but in 2007 debuted the second generation which considerably popularized model.

2004 was marked by the beginning of a new round in the history of the company. The management of Tata Motors made the decision on acquisition of cargo division of Daewoo firm. The essence of this project was reduced to coproduction of separate models of trucks, and also buses. So at the beginning of 2005 the Tata Novus truck equipped with a 12-staged transmission and more than the 300-strong engine was released. Soon I debuted one more Globus truck, and a little more in common developed Starbus bus was presented later.

In 2005 the Tata Motors enterprise acquired a controlling stake (21%) of one more carmaker. This time it is about the Hispano Carrocera company which occupies one of the leading positions in the European market of production and sale of buses and bus cabins. 4 years of Hispano Carrocera later I became Tata Motors subsidiary after the Indian company redeemed another 79% of shares of the Spanish producer of buses. It became possible after a tremendous debut of the updated Hispano Divo bus which took place in 2008 on a motor show in Madrid.

In the same 2008 there was one more sign event. On June 2 the agreement between Tata Motors and Ford Motor Company on acquisition by the Indian company of the British automobile producers of Jaguar and Land Rover was signed. Together with them Tata Motors took over the Lanchester and Daimler brands, two design centers and two plants in England. The cost of the transaction made more than 2 billion US dollars.

On March 23, 2009 the first Tata Nano car which at once became the cheapest four-wheel vehicle in the world descended from the factory conveyor in the city of Sanand. The cost of this model made 2000 US dollars, and it was developed especially for export to the least developed countries of the world. In 2010 the producer plans to submit to the world more expensive version of this car – Tata Nano Europe for now the new model wins the African market.

In the only budgetary complete set the car about which mass production spoke since the beginning of 2008, is equipped with the 2-cylinder 33-strong 0,6-liter engine and a 4-staged box of gear shifting that in a combination to the cost of the car does it really attractive. The European version has to be more powerful and heavy, less economical, but much more expensive: about 6000 US dollars.

Today the Tata Motors company is engaged in production of some cars in cooperation with other auto makers. From especially interesting joint ventures it should be noted the partner relations of Hindus with the Brazilian producer of Marcopolo buses, coproduction of engines with Fiat concern, and also development of new commercial cars together with the Iveco company.

Besides the European Nano version, 2009 was remembered by presentation of the updated conceptual Tata Xover 2009 car which represents the 7-seater crossover nearly 5 meters long. A magnificent choice for family rest, besides, very economical! However date of start-up of this model in a mass production is still not known.

Except the Xover car in "cushion" of Tata Motors there are some more interesting and enough perspective conceptual models. It means that the company doesn't stand still and actively develops. Existence of new plant in Sananda on which the Nano model is issued also testifies to the same. This plant – the real miracle of engineering thought occupying the territory of 4,5

Today the Tata Motors company is the undisputed leader of the Indian market of production and car sale and commercial vehicles. However this not main achievement of the enterprise for the last decades. According to data for 2007, the company is included into the twenty of the largest auto makers, being thus the producer of trucks, the second for volumes, in the world.

Tata 0909 Tata 0909
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Tata 1510 Bsi Tata 1510 Bsi
Tata 1510 Se Tata 1510 Se
Tata 1512 Tata 1512
Tata 1612 Tata 1612
Tata 1612 Lpt Tata 1612 Lpt
Tata 1613 Tata 1613
Tata 1613 Se Tata 1613 Se
Tata 1613 Tc Tata 1613 Tc
Tata 1615 Tata 1615
Tata 1615 Tc Tata 1615 Tc
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Tata 2516 Hyva Tata 2516 Hyva
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Tata 4923 Tata 4923
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Tata 609 Tata 609
Tata 613 Tata 613
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Tata 709 E Tata 709 E
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Tata 909 Tata 909
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Tata Ace Ht Tata Ace Ht
Tata Estate Tata Estate
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