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The Tatra company is one of the leading and famous automobile companies of Eastern Europe. Tatr's plant – one of not many plants which are engaged in production both automobile, and trucks. Now, being guided by the data dated on April 7, 2007 the company experiences financial crisis in this connection, release of cars was stopped.

The history of the company of Tatr originates in 1850 when the clever and enterprising person Ignaz Schustala based the small craft. It also was the beginning of prosperity of its business "doomed" to success. The first britskas created by Ignaz Schustal not without the aid of his two podmasteriya enjoyed huge popularity among landowners and dealers. Practical everyone dreamed to have at himself in economy such unit. Schustala's affairs quickly grew uphill. A bit later he mastered production of carriages that very strongly affected popularity of the activity.

In 1858 the new trademark under the name Sustala & Co was born. By this time almost all Europe used horse crews of Schustala. The Sustala & Co company at that time was almost only producer of carriages and had no competition. Already about ten plants of firm was at that time open. On happy combination of circumstances, then, when the company had great popularity, construction of railway tracks began, and far-sighted Ignaz Schustala couldn't miss the benefit. Then it started working on creation of cases for cars. In 1882 from the conveyor of the Sustala & Co company there were first cars which production for a while became the main in the case of Ignaz Schustala.

In the summer 1897 the first Prezident car, especially for the column Potting-Pershinga, heads of the Austrian autoclub was released. Karl Benz was the founder of the engine of it, for those times, of a miracle of equipment. He became the partner of the Czech.

Ignaz Schustala worked not so much for the sake of money and glory, how many for the sake of idea. He sought to create something new and to improve the old. Construction of the car became so new idea of Schustala. In a year after release of the first automobile car, also the first truck under the name of Sustala & Co, with a loading capacity of two and a half tons was released, and the motor was developed by Karl Benz.

Time went, need of people for modern equipment including cars, I grew, and the horse crew consigned to the past. There came the automotive industry era. Ignaz Schustala well understood it and completely retrained the company to this sphere. So in 1920 Schustala's firms I took the new name – Tatra.

In 1923 the company released the Tatra 11 car of the same name. The ingenious designer Hans Ledwinka became his founder. After long wanderings and search of the calling, in the early twenties the talented engineer returned to Tatr's company and began fruitful work on creation of the universal car. He wanted to create the car which doesn't have analogs, differing in simplicity and convenience in the address. It embodied all these ideas in the child of Tatra 11.

On the Parisian motor show the car forced to attract attention even experienced visitors. At construction of the unique, for those times, car, Hans Ledwinka didn't begin to use the traditional scheme of a design of a car. The scheme was simple and unique. The pipe passing on the center and the engine and a box of gear shifting attached to it became a framework of this car. Such scheme of a design of the car defined methods of automotive industry of the company of Tatr for eighty years ahead, and – the strengthened springs – we can still observe distinctive feature of cargo graduates of brand of Tatr. Tatra 11 became a prototype of many cars of brand of Tatr. On one of them in 1925 racers from the Czech Republic won the race "Targo Florio".

Meanwhile tireless designers developed new cars a cut above of the predecessors – T70 and T80 with the water cooling system. Later, in 1934, the company came to new level and let out the first limousine of T77. The son of the famous designer - Erich Ledwinka who achieved not less grandiose progress, than his father became the developer of this model. Designers achieved, apparently, the impossible: T77 with the weight in 2 tons and capacities of the V-shaped eight-cylinder engine in 60 horsepowers, was capable to disperse to 145 km/h. Improvements of T77 led to creation of the new T87 model. This car was even more unique and was in a mass production of 20 years until engineers thought up more perfect, the last in the family the rear motor of cars, the T700 model.

Despite all advantages of T700, demand of motorists I fell therefore the management of the company decided to stop production of cars and completely will switch to the primary activity – production of "trucks".

During production of trucks the Tatra company reached peak of the popularity? Is also in demand now. The model T 813 KOLOS was the first-born in a class of trucks of brand of Tatr. Later, in 1983, new cars – T815 and T815-2 were released. These models are made still. The advanced TERRNo1 and T163-3 models created on the basis of T815-2 generally are used as construction equipment. Actively also dump trucks, and also the complete sets equipped with cranes, tanks, freezers are issued.

Now the Tatra company adjusted release of family of special army all-wheel drive cross-country vehicles for work in adverse climatic conditions. The army Force and Armax models proved the reliability in military operations more than once.

Cars of brand of Tatr showed to one of bright examples of sure behavior on off road terrain in various racing marathons. So Karl Loplays is the six-time winner of rally "Paris-Dakar". In many respects to the victories he is obliged to Tatra brand cars which fully showed the superiority and excellent road performance in the conditions of the desert. Tomasz Tomechka not unsuccessfully participates in this well-known world automobile marathon also.

Now it is possible to tell safely that Tatr's company is one of the greatest car makers. The firm went the long way from production of britskas to high quality trucks, having proved the right for existence.

Tatra 111 Tatra 111
Tatra 111 Ckd Hsc Tatra 111 Ckd Hsc
Tatra 111 Vvn Tatra 111 Vvn
Tatra 12 Tatra 12
Tatra 128 Tatra 128
Tatra 138 Tatra 138
Tatra 138 Asc 32 Tatra 138 Asc 32
Tatra 138 Ntt 4x4 Tatra 138 Ntt 4x4
Tatra 138 Ntt 6x6 Tatra 138 Ntt 6x6
Tatra 138 S1 Tatra 138 S1
Tatra 138 S1 M Tatra 138 S1 M
Tatra 138 S3 Tatra 138 S3
Tatra 138 V Tatra 138 V
Tatra 138 Vn 6x6 Tatra 138 Vn 6x6
Tatra 141 Tatra 141
Tatra 148 Tatra 148
Tatra 148 Am 55 Tatra 148 Am 55
Tatra 148 Cas 32 Tatra 148 Cas 32
Tatra 148 Rft 6610 S Tatra 148 Rft 6610 S
Tatra 148 S1 Tatra 148 S1
Tatra 148 S1 Arktik Tatra 148 S1 Arktik
Tatra 148 S3 Tatra 148 S3
Tatra 148 Vlh 118 Tatra 148 Vlh 118
Tatra 15 52 Tatra 15 52
Tatra 162 Tatra 162
Tatra 27 Tatra 27
Tatra 30 Tatra 30
Tatra 52 Tatra 52
Tatra 57 Tatra 57
Tatra 57 A Tatra 57 A
Tatra 57 A Kabriolet Tatra 57 A Kabriolet
Tatra 57 B Tatra 57 B
Tatra 57 K Tatra 57 K
Tatra 57 Sport Roadster Tatra 57 Sport Roadster
Tatra 600 Sodomka Tatra 600 Sodomka
Tatra 600 Tatraplan Tatra 600 Tatraplan
Tatra 600 Tatraplan Sodomka Cabrio Tatra 600 Tatraplan Sodomka Cabrio
Tatra 603 Tatra 603
Tatra 603 2 Tatra 603 2
Tatra 603 2 B5 Tatra 603 2 B5
Tatra 603 A Tatra 603 A
Tatra 603 X Tatra 603 X
Tatra 605 Tatra 605
Tatra 607 Monopost Tatra 607 Monopost
Tatra 613 Tatra 613
Tatra 613 2 Tatra 613 2
Tatra 613 3 Tatra 613 3
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