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The American automobile company Tesla was founded in 2003 in Silicon valley, Martin Eberhard, who worked on the improvement of batteries. Investors in companies started by Elon Musk from PayPal, and Larry page with Sergey Brin from Google. From the beginning, Tesla has set itself the task to develop the electric car is not for a small group of customers and for all car lovers. The appearance of the electric car created by designers from company Lotus, so the similarity of its exterior with Lotus Elise is understandable. Further the Tesla collaboration and of the company Lotus has led to the natural decision to build electric vehicles at the facilities of Lotus Cars.

Employees in high-tech equipment Martin Eberhard was missing in Silicon valley, and engineers cars had to entice away from the company Lotus. The Lotus management has threatened to close the production electric vehicle at its plant, and Eberhard had to find automotive engineers in other places. By 2007 it was already collected several roadsters with the motor, and they were the star of the California public. The bride could only join the queue for the purchase of the Roadster, but to drive a few hundred meters was not allowed. Not given into the hands of the electric vehicle even the Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Indicative initial price of the Roadster was 100 thousand dollars. The dynamic characteristics of the Roadster, Tesla is not worse than those of a modern car that uses high octane gasoline. The engine electric power HP 250 outputs the Roadster to a speed of 100 km/h in 4 s, without the roar of the motor. Without recharging the Tesla Roadster drove about 400 km. the Body of the electric vehicle is made of carbon fiber. The company Tesla intends to take a leading position in the global market of electric vehicles. That the future belongs to electric cars due to the finite resources of hydrocarbons on the planet the company Tesla more than confident.

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